Welcome to MEAK

Many people go on holiday to Kenya and all they bring back are memories but for Surrey couple, Mike and Dee Belliere, their first and subsequent visits to Kenya had an immense impact on them. They were touched by the terrible health and education problems that the Kenyan people faced; many were blind, suffering from heart disease or lack of access to the most basic tools for education.

The Belliere's set up MEAK and nearly thirty years later it is a well-respected charity carrying out thousands of life-saving and life-changing operations. With no overheads in the UK, MEAK knows that all the monies raised go straight to benefit of those who need it most. They carry out around ten to twelve missions each year helped by medical teams from the UK who give up their time for free. Dee and Mike still go with them; but these days are more likely to be wearing medical scrubs than swimwear, as they get hands on with the people they care about so much.