“I was only a useless thing, I couldn’t cook or even help with the children. I was so depressed and didn’t know what to do. Now I have a life again”

Our Aid Work

MEAK primary function is to provide aid to those who need it in Kenya. This comes in the forms of both medical and educational aid. In Kenya thousands of people go without medical assistance due to poverty. MEAK continues to source and deliver to Kenya, badly needed medical equipment to upgrade the capabilities of local medics. This includes items such as heart and lung pumps, wheelchairs, blood heater/cooler units, image intensifiers and other medical consumables. MEAK expects to donate a large quantity of medical supplies each year for distribution to various hospitals and clinics.

Many children in Kenya cannot afford the basic supplies needed to attend school therefore to help educate the children of Kenya, MEAK provides a number of items to dozens of schools including pens, pencils, chalk, exercise books and drawing paper.