It is not an easy place. But perhaps that is the attraction. It's rawness touches a nerve. Many who spend time in Africa are spiritually captivated by it.

Our Educational Work

Educational aid is a crucial part of Kenya's development. In today's society children are rarely provided with the tools for education and they are expected to provide writing materials and exercise books from their own resources. Accordingly, many children are unable to attend school because they cannot afford to buy these items. A further problem is that the education system is struggling to cope with the number of new children eligible for primary education.

MEAK provides pens, pencils, chalk, exercise books and drawing paper to dozens of schools all over Kenya. MEAK specifically ensures that all equipment reaches the appointed destinations without dilution and that the most deserving cases are supported.

Providing training and mentoring to the medical profession is an integral part of MEAK’s missions. We are always impressed by the professionalism and dedication of our Kenyan counterparts who are genuinely keen to further their knowledge and expertise. Accordingly MEAK has designed several training courses that can be attended as part of their CPD (Continual Professional Development). All our courses are certificated and when included in their CVs are accepted by most hospitals in Kenya as a measure of proficiency.

MEAK has provided support to the Ananda Marga Orphanage in Kiembeni, Mombasa, for the past fifteen years, supplying beds, cookers, fridge-freezers, TV’s and video and educational equipment to enhance the lives and comforts of the children living there. The Ananda Marga Children’s’ Home looks after 21 little girls who have either been orphaned or abandoned by their parents. The home is run by a dedicated Sister, who not only cares for the children’s physical welfare, but also offers pastoral support and guidance until they are able to look after themselves.

MEAK has generated support for this very worthwhile organisation amongst individuals and church groups in the UK, raising contributions for the continuance of their works.

When possible, MEAK has used influence to secure employment for the girls when they leave the home.

Each of the girls at the home will receive Primary and Secondary Education provided by the orphanage. It is vital, however, that these children have the opportunity to further their education by taking vocational training which will provide them with a skill thereby improving their chances of employment in a country with a 25% unemployment rate.