Blindness is 10 times more common in Kenya than in the Western World. Since 2003, MEAK has helped over 11,000 people see again and has treated tens of thousands of eye infections with drops and antibiotics.

Being blind means that the usual day to day struggle for subsistence and survival becomes ever more difficult; rendering individuals a burden on their families and unable to contribute to normal daily tasks, such as minding children or tending to animals.

Local tribal scouts have been trained to diagnose and treat eye problems. They spread the news that MEAK are in the area and offering solutions for eye problems (as well as other medical needs) so MEAK can reach people previously unseen.

Remote Northern Kenya is where many MEAK eye missions are carried out. Flies are abundant which can cause Trachoma, a disease spread by eye-seeking flies and exacerbated by dusty environments. After years of infection and re-infection, scarring occurs on the inner eyelid causing it to turn inwards, making the eyelashes rub the eyeball with each blink, which is extremely painful. MEAK is treating this through surgery, antibiotics and stressing the importance of facial cleanliness; as well as encouraging environmental changes to diminish the exposure to flies.