Our Medical Work

There is no NHS in Kenya.

Thousands of people go without medical assistance due to poverty. The cause of many illnesses in Kenya is due to poor diet, poor hygiene, ignorance and neglect. Similarly, many distressing accident victims are left untreated due to a lack of funds to pay for simple corrective surgery.

Heart disease is very common in Kenya and treatment is only available to the wealthy.

Blindness is 10 times more common in Kenya than in the Western world.

An increase in the use of motorised transport on poorly maintained roads means more casualties of RTA’s resulting in increased numbers of people in need of orthopaedic help.

MEAK will often barter medical equipment and consumables with hospitals, in exchange for operations for those unable to pay. MEAK also tries to ensure that all goods are donated, transported and delivered to Kenya totally free of charge so that any monies donated can be spent helping impoverished Kenyans.

MEAK works towards improving Kenya's health service by working alongside the medical staff in local communities. In order to perform the first open heart surgery in Kenya outside the capital, MEAK donated a heart and lung machine to The Mombasa Hospital in Mombasa, as well as another to Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi.

In the last ten years, MEAK has exported some 800 wheelchairs, which have been distributed to various hospitals, clinics and needy individuals.

In May 2009 MEAK organised and funded Kenya’s first arterial switch operation on a 6 month old baby.(The arterial switch is arguably the most difficult and dangerous paediatric surgical procedure)

MEAK expects to donate a large quantity of medical supplies each year for distribution to various hospitals and clinics.