MEAK also carries out essential orthopaedic work on Kenyan people. With the increase in the number of motorised vehicles and especially motor bikes on Kenyan roads, the rate of people being injured is rising exponentially. Broken limbs, from any kind of accident, if not corrected, can result in life altering situations, leaving the patients permanently crippled or unable to properly use their arms or hands. Orthopedic surgery is expensive with special orthopaedic implants beyond the financial ability of most of the Kenyan population.

During 2009 MEAK provided two Image intensifiers for use in orthopaedic surgery to The Coast Provincial General Hospital Mombasa and The Nanyuki District Hospital.

To date, MEAK/EGHO (Exploring Global Health Opportunities) will have carried out thirteen missions – and operated on over 400 patients, in addition to the training of countless hospital staff – medical and non medical in numerous courses in recognising and treating seriously ill patients through their highly successful Global Recognition and Assessment of the sick patient and initial treatment (GRASPIT) courses.