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Environmental control such as temperature medicine man dr dre quality 100mg epitol, nurse medicine vile epitol 100mg, but can be reduced in frequency as the humidity treatment 0f gout epitol 100mg otc, lighting and noise medicine 8162 order epitol 100 mg overnight delivery, patient stablizes. Management of thirst, hunger, constipation, full An increase in the sedation score must prompt the bladder, physician to make a diferential diagnosis between over sedation or neurological/biochemical disease. Score term description +4 Combative Overtly combative, violent, immediate danger to staf +3 Very agitated Pulls or removes tubes, catheters, aggressive +2 Agitated Frequent non-purposeful movement, fghts ventilator +1 Restless Anxious but movements not aggressive 0 Alert and calm -1 Drowsy Not fully alert, but has sustained awakening to voice (eye opening >10 seconds) -2 Light sedation Briefy awakens with eye contact to voice (<10 seconds) -3 Moderate sedation Movement or eye opening to voice but no eye contact -4 Deep sedation No response to voice, but movement or eye opening to physical stimulation -5 Unrousable No response to voice or physical stimulation this should be repeated regularly and a suggested aim should be for a score of 0 to -1. Deep sedation with or without life and can accumulate, particularly in the elderly and patients with paralysis is reserved for severe head injury, critical oxygenation (reduces hepatic impairment. It has three metabolites, one of which (1-hydroxymidazolam) can accumulate in The ideal sedative agent should possess the following qualities: the critically ill. Overdose or accumulation can be reversed by fumazenil, the benzodiazepine receptor antagonist. It should be given • Rapid onset/ofset of action in small aliquots as large doses can precipitate seizures. It has a half life • No accumulation in renal/hepatic dysfunction of only 1 hour so may need to be given as an infusion. Tere is wide • Inactive metabolites inter-patient variability in the potency, efcacy and pharmacokinetics of benzodiazepines, so the dose must be titrated to the level of sedation. It was frst developed as an intravenous anaesthetic agent and has a rapid onset of action yet, because it is benzodiazepines metabolised rapidly both hepatically and extra-hepatically, it is ideal Tese are particularly useful because they are anxiolytic, anticonvulsant, for continuous infusion. Recovery usually occurs within 10 minutes amnesic and provide some muscle relaxation in addition to their but it can accumulate with prolonged use, particularly in the obese hypnotic efect. Prolonged infusions can lead to increased triglyceride cardiorespiratory depressant efects and are also synergistic with and cholesterol levels and its use is not licensed in children because of opioids. However rapid bolus doses can cause both hypotension and associated deaths attributable to this fat load. It is often fatal, treatment is metabolites (especially nor-desmethyldiazepam), which has a long half supportive but early recognition reduces mortality. It also causes hallucinations but these can is incorporating the vaporiser into the ventilator. More appears not to accumulate and sometimes has a role in severe asthma recently desfurane has been shown to be efective in sedation with given its bronchodilatory properties. All other opioids are measured against Strictly these are classed as major tranquillizers but they remain useful morphine, although some newer agents have specifc advantages. Haloperidol Morphine is metabolised mostly in the liver to two main products, in particular causes minimal respiratory depression and has less alpha morphine-3-glucuronide and morphine-6-glucuronide (M-6-G). It can be used in renal failure as long as the dosing interval clonidine is increased or the infusion rate reduced. Normal duration of action this is the most well known of the alpha-2 agonists but also has alpha-1 after a single dose is about 2 hours. It is particularly useful in patients with sympathetic overactivity, such as alcohol withdrawal Fentanyl and tetanus, as it inhibits catecholamine release. It is presented as a short acting with opioids and acts at the spinal cord to inhibit nociceptive inputs, opioid, with a rapid onset. It is contraindicated in hypovolaemia and action approaches that of morphine, although it does not accumulate can cause hypotension, bradycardia and dry mouth. It does not cause histamine release and is suitable for analgesia in the haemodynamically unstable patient. Alfentanil is one of the newer synthetic opioids and has an onset of action about fve times faster than fentanyl, due to the small volume of chloral hydrate distribution, but is less lipid soluble so is not prone to accumulation. This is used in paediatric intensive care as an adjunct, usually to a The duration of action is about a third that of fentanyl and it too page 76 Update in Anaesthesia | It has minimal cardiovascular efects and is a Monitoring should ideally be performed using a nerve stimulator potent antitussive agent. Clinical monitoring such as cardiovascular refexes to noxious stimuli should also be observed. Remifentanil is an ultra short acting problems with relaxants opioid metabolised by non-specifc tissue and blood esterases. This a rapid onset of action and does not accumulate after infusion even in can be checked by withdrawing muscle relaxants for a time to allow organ dysfunction. It enables predictable recovery, facilitating patient recovery of muscular function and assessment of sedation levels. Cooperative consumption and optimise chest wall compliance patients may beneft from patient-controlled analgesia. Regional • Raised intracranial pressure stops coughing and patients resisting techniques in selected patients are ideal. Always use simple analgesics ventilation in combination, and consider other causes for pain. Sometimes the high costs of short acting agents can be It is vital to remember that relaxants have no efect on conscious level ofset against the higher hidden costs of delayed weaning/ prolonged or comfort and should be avoided if possible. Alternatively a benzodiazepine/morphine combination can clinical techniques to monitor conscious level in the paralysed patient be used. Suxamethonium is predominantly used during emergency mechanical ventilation and intensive care stay in the critically ill. Excessive potassium release also occurs after 48hrs in extensive burns and spinal cord injury. Morphine plus midazolam or propofol were the agents used and the daily wake up procedure helped prevent excessive administration of Pancuronium is long acting, but it may cause tachycardia and these agents. A policy of interruption of sedation should be considered accumulates in renal failure. Atracurium is a In some centres a newer technique of sedation is employed patient benzylisoquinolinium and is metabolised by ester hydrolysis and controlled sedation using increments of propofol, as opposed to Hofman (spontaneous) elimination. Its metabolites are inactive and it morphine/fentanyl that is usually used in patient controlled analgesia. Histamine release this is a very efective technique in the awake, orientated patient. It occasionally occurs with boluses, but recovery occurs predictably minimises nursing time, is inherently safe and gives control to the within one hour, regardless of duration of infusion. Intens Care Med drugs should be reviewed daily, just as we assess use of vasopressors 2004; 30 (Suppl 1): S409 and poster. Patient selection and anesthetic management for early requirements vary widely and sometimes analgesia alone may sufce. Daily interruption of sedative Efcacy and safety of a paired sedation and ventilator weaning infusions reduced duration of mechanical ventilation and intensive protocol for mechanically ventilated patients in intensive care care unit stay in critically ill patients. May result in -1 -1 very prolonged sedation, particularly in the elderly Paeds: 5mg. Tese are unreliable Nutrition is an intrinsic part of critical care and due to weight gain/loss, fuid shifts and oedema. The understanding of the molecular and biological effects of nutrients Tese have limitations: in maintaining homeostasis in sick patients has • Albumin falls as part of the acute phase response, Summary contributed signifcantly. As the name implies stay, delayed recovery, higher readmission rates, lower this is a subjective tool, however it is reproducible and Sophia Bratanow quality of life as well as increased hospital costs and 4 2 correlates with mortality in a variety of conditions. Assessment of nutritional status should also be used to Anaesthesia Sepsis, trauma and major surgery cause complex identify patients at risk of re-feeding syndrome, which Royal Devon and Exeter metabolic and infammatory reactions in the body. Skeletal muscle is used patients who are likely to beneft most are those who are Specialist Trainee in as an energy source. Subjective Global assessment History 1 Weight change Both chronic (over 6 months) and acute (over 2 weeks) 2 Changes in food intake 3 Gastrointestinal symptoms. The variability in resting energy expenditure makes it very difcult to predict caloric requirements. Both underfeeding and overfeeding Critically ill patients are not a homogenous population and no single can be harmful. Tere is now improved awareness about complications related which has now largely replaced the abbreviated Weir equation and the to the use of enteral and parenteral nutrition, and the importance Harris Benedict equation. Tere is The gut is vulnerable to injury, especially ischemia and reperfusion, little population data from China and Africa, so calculations cannot and also acts as an important immune organ due to its barrier function be validated for these populations.

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The sequence identty of these regions to symptoms 9 dpo epitol 100 mg cheap homologous regions of other tropomyosins varies from 56% (rabbit) to chi royal treatment buy discount epitol 100 mg on-line 98% (lobster) medicine for stomach pain generic 100 mg epitol mastercard. The second type is sources in treatment 1-3 buy generic epitol 100 mg line, such as shrimp, lobster, crab, snail, abalone, composed of epitopes 2, 3 and 4 that represent all whelk, clam, mussels, octopus, house dust mites, arthropods but not mollusks. Epitope mapping of other tropomyosins such as described, some of them cloned and expressed as Pen j 1, Pen m 1 and Pan b 1 from shrimp, Tur c 1 recombinant proteins and tested for allergenicity. The amino acid sequence of 7 and Der p 10) have been included in commercial several tropomyosin epitopes is already known. The challenge of also binds tropomyosin of other shellfsh such as further studies is to analyze which tropomyosins greasy back shrimp, spiny lobster and Indo-Pacifc epitopes are species-specifc markers. Doted lines represent potental IgE-cross-reactvity based on high sequence identtes. A comprehensive phylogenetc tree of allergenic the only allergens of shellfsh; other cross-reactve tropomyosins from various taxonomic groups can be clinically relevant allergens have been reported (798). For comparing the protein sequences of allergenic Mite (group 10) and cockroach (group 7) tropomyosins tropomyosins, Leung M et al. The clinical impacts of these fnding are tropomyosins is 56 – 68% and between vertebrate currently under evaluaton. Table reactvity of Ascaris lumbricoides tropomyosin (Asc l 3) 3 displays two-by-two comparisons of amino acid has been thoroughly analyzed (11-13); further studies identtes between representatve tropomyosins. Sequence alignments are good countries, where helminthiases, together with primary predicton tools for cross-reactvity, but most perennial expositon to mite tropomyosins might importantly, the use of IgE-inhibiton studies with increase asthma symptoms (14, 15). Although cross-reactve tropomyosins are good candidates for explaining these observatons, Thermostable proteins, high allergenicity other allergens may be involved. In additon, other Considered panallergens authors have obtained opposite results afer immunotherapy, suggestng that the adverse side efects are not universal and could be infuenced probably because of perennial exposure to shellfsh by the type of immunotherapy and genetc factors and helminth infectons. Therefore, the clinical determining the susceptbility to get sensitzed by impact of non-food allergenic tropomyosins may be other allergens. In fact, it has been to defne this controversial efect of cross reactvity suggested that sensitzaton to tropomyosin from among arthropods on immunotherapy. The infuence of Ascaris tropomyosin sensitzaton on the outcome Tropomyosins from invertebrates are allergenic of immunotherapy for mite allergy has not been for genetcally susceptble individuals and due to evaluated. Recently the vertebrate tropomyosin, Ore the frequency of IgE sensitzaton to tropomyosins in m 4, was described as a major allergen of tlapia shellfsh allergic patents ranges from 50 to 100%. Sensitzaton can additon, Pen a 1 binds up to 75% of all shrimp specifc occur by ingeston (seafood), inhalaton (mites, IgE antbodies (2), which is supported by histamine cockroaches) or parasite infecton (ascariasis, release experiments (1). The prevalence Most allergenic tropomyosins are major shellfsh of shellfsh (crustacean and mollusks) allergy is 0. In some regions of high amounts of the ofending food and sometmes consumpton such as Singapore, the prevalence of by inhalaton. In this study, the frequency of is very important when evaluatng shellfsh allergy IgE to Der p 10 was low. It has been of sensitzaton to Der f 10 was found around 80% suggested that in vitro determinaton of IgE antbodies in Japan. This low specifcity, mainly due to difcult to defne the primary allergenic source using the high rate of false positves that in turn are a component resolved diagnosis. Then the added consequence of the high cross-reactvity between value using single allergens for distnguishing the shrimp and other Arthropods allergens, explains sensitzing source is stll limited because there are no why allergy to shellfsh should be ofen diagnosed species-specifc markers of sensitzaton. Only two shellfsh tropomyosins, Pen a a panel of tropomyosin plus other fve shrimp (C. The cooked shrimp during the challenge (and normal authors present a very interestng fow diagram for servings have been tolerated several tmes shrimp allergy diagnosis (20). However, the patent refused the oral food An important aspect of management is the detecton challenge with lobster. Purifed Management of shellfsh allergy is based on strictly tropomyosins from shrimp (Pen a 1, 0. Structural, immunological and functonal available for seafood allergy but experimental propertes of natural recombinant Pen a 1, the major approaches to obtain appropriate compounds for allergen of Brown Shrimp, Penaeus aztecus. Identfcaton of the major brown shrimp (Penaeus aztecus) allergen Met e 1, periodate treatment of crab tropomyosin as the muscle protein tropomyosin. Int Arch Allergy and simulated gastric digeston of the whole shrimp Immunol 1994;105:49-55. Isolaton and Case 1 (published (21)) characterizaton of heat-stable allergens from shrimp (Penaeus indicus). J Allergy Clin Immunol 1989;83:26 Clinical History: A 30-year-old man with a 10-year 36. Cloning, expression, and primary urtcaria, facial erythema, and pharyngeal pruritus structure of Metapenaeus ensis tropomyosin, the afer eatng shellfsh on 3 separate occasions during major heat-stable shrimp allergen. Identfcaton of some crustaceans, mollusks, and fsh, although he contnuous, allergenic regions of the major shrimp has avoided eatng shrimp and lobster. Int Arch Allergy food or drug allergies were reported, and he has Immunol 2002;127:27-37. Molecular basis of arthropod cross-reactvity: IgE Test with extracts: the patent had positve results for binding cross-reactve epitopes of shrimp, house dust D pteronyssinus (21. The IgE response to Ascaris molecular components perspectves on seafood allergy: a comprehensive is associated with clinical indicators of asthma review. Immunoglobulin E antbody reactvity to allergen in crustacea and mollusca: evidence for the major shrimp allergen, tropomyosin, in unexposed tropomyosin as the common allergen. J Allergy Clin Immunol 2008;121:1040 Immunological aspects of the immune response 1046. Molecular Diagnosis of Shrimp Allergy: tropomyosin and IgE sensitzaton among asthmatc Efciency of Several Allergens to Predict Clinical patents in a tropical environment. But the most representatve pollen polcalcin (1) is Phl p 7 from Phleum pratense (Timothy grass). Extensive IgE cross-reactvity among pollen Phl p 7 was detected only in pollen but not in root and polcalcins leaf extracts. It seems that is completely eluted out of the pollen grains afer a few minutes of hydraton. It Specifc IgE to polcalcins can be performed contains 78 amino acids with a molecular weight of with any member of the family 8,677 Da. Can be considered a marker of polysensitsaton with unknown clinical the physiological role of Phl p 7 is likely related to the relevance for respiratory symptoms importance of regulatng the calcium levels for pollen germinaton and pollen tube growth, as other calcium binding proteins contained in pollen. Phl p 7 has high stability (thermal and proteolysis) (1) and refolding capacity, a characteristc related to potent allergens. Chain A is colored Length protein in blue, chain B is shown in red and the calcium ions are highlighted in yellow. To date, 40 members of this allergen family have been identfed in grasses, trees, bushes, weeds, and other fowering plants (Table 2). Although they do not present a complete immunological equivalence the diagnosis of patents Calcium binding actvity sensitzed to polcalcins can be performed with any High sequence identty (average 77%) member of the family (809, 810). The IgE binding Small molecules of 8 kDa capacity to polcalcins depends on conformatonal Conformatonal IgE epitopes (calcium epitopes (2-6) (Fig. In orange, highly variable region; red, calcium-binding site; and blue, calcium ion. However, it is considered a minor Clinical relevance allergen in all populatons studied, since the reported Polcalcins are minor allergens in patents allergenic prevalence of this family of proteins varies sensitsed to grass, tree or weed pollen between 5 and 46%. Che a 3, a polcalcin from Are markers for cross-reactvity between Chenopodium album, common in semi-desert areas, pollen, but not present in plant foods. The high prevalence of this panallergen in these patents might have a relatonship with their Isolated polcalcins have extensive cross characteristc polysensitzaton. It is considered as a panallergen and therefore could be a confounding simultaneously sensitzed to polcalcins and proflins, factor in the diagnosis of polysensitzed pollen there was a duplicaton both in the number of allergic patents and may lead to a diagnosis of sensitzatons to major allergens and in the years of “allergy mirages” (12) (Fig. Similar fndings were obtained a marker of a longer duraton of sensitsaton and of by Orovitg et al. Mas S, Garrido-Arandia M, Batanero, Westritschnig K, Valenta R, Rodriguez R et al. Proflin (Che a 2) and polcalcin (Che a 3) are relevant complaint of adverse reacton to food.

Evidence of daily review of computer maintained blood components medicines 604 billion memory miracle buy generic epitol 100mg on-line, to symptoms 6 days past ovulation epitol 100mg fast delivery assure that: error correction records by the blood bank director or 1 medications ok for pregnancy order epitol 100 mg free shipping. Evidence of appropriate and timely corrective for which no donations are available are accounted for; action; and 2 treatment zygomycetes cheap epitol 100 mg on-line. For appropriateness of licensed activities; and granulocytes, the specimen may be drawn up to 10 days 10. Documented evidence of monitoring of the prior to collection; transfusion which shall include: 3. The pre-transfusion, 15-minute and post that shall be deferred are not released for allogeneic transfusion vital signs; transfusion or for further manufacture; iv. The identities of the transfusionist and the the testing is performed correctly and properly interpreted reviewing staff; and as determined by at least the following criteria: vi. Equipment is correctly set-up for test method (c) the requirements of (b)10iii and iv above shall not specific adjustments; apply to blood and blood component transfusions performed in the operating room under emergency situations as that term iii. Review of the interpretation of all final test (b) Each procedure shall have a current pertinent results to assure that the interpretation complies with literature reference. To determine if software consistently performs which is not suitable for transfusion, fractionation, reagent as required and within pre-established limits; and production, research or other use, immediate effort shall be ii. To include review of confidentiality of donor made to locate and destroy all components. When corrections to (a) Suitable legible records prepared with indelible verified results are made, both the original and corrected material shall be maintained for a period of not less than five entries shall show the date, time and identity of the person years. The blood bank shall have a policy addressing the confidentiality of donor and recipient records. Include all data secured and developed by blood banks concerning donor and/or recipient testing, donor 1. Not conceal the original entry; identification, medical qualifications, registration as well 2. Make it possible to trace a unit of any blood or blood component by a sequential numeric or (c) Worklists or loadlists that list the sequence of alphanumeric identifier from source (donor collection specimens tested shall be prepared prior to testing. An alphabetical file of the recipient and all recorded immediately, and the final interpretation units administered; recorded upon completion of testing. Patients known to have significant instructions including the identity of all involved unexpected antibodies, adverse reactions to individuals. Test results, interpretations and release or issue date for compatibility testing; 2. Past records of all patients known to have significant unexpected antibodies; severe adverse vi. Blood and component labelling, including preparation of the component and the safety of the donor. Storage temperatures of components, including, but not limited to: periodic evaluation of including dated and initialled temperature recording personnel, blood and blood components, reagents, charts; equipment, including dates of performance; tests vi. Results of visual inspection of blood; performed; observed results; interpretations; identification of personnel performing the tests; any appropriate vii. Documentation of separation and pooling of investigations of suspected transfusion reactions; recovered plasma; 10. Shipping records from the blood distributor with written documentation that indicates that, at the time of xii. These documents are available at which the case is brought to the attention of the blood bank. Have available an information circular with each other blood and blood components. This (e) the blood or blood components shall not be used for testing shall comply with all applicable requirements of this therapeutic purposes unless results of test(s) are clearly chapter. The Rh type of each container of donor blood shall (a) Blood banks wishing to employ the techniques set be determined with Anti-D reagent. Only reagents meeting the Code of Federal employed upon receipt of written approval from the Regulations minimum requirements for the products shall Department. Each container of blood shall be tested for when a physician or donor emergency care personnel are unexpected antibodies using a screening cell suspension available on the premises. Blood in which antibodies are found shall be used prior to making that determination the blood bank has made a in a manner not detrimental to the recipient. Alternative emergency care personnel shall be on site at the time of the blood collection drive. The blood bank shall maintain accurate records documenting all occurrences when the blood bank (i) If home transfusions are performed, a second director has authorized an exemption under (b) responsible person shall be available on the premises to help above, including the date and location of the blood with emergency situations. This number shall for the volume of blood collected, and prepared according to identify all material related to the particular blood donation. Donor qualifications for autologous transfusion (c) All requirements of this chapter related to allogeneic may vary from standard donor criteria but this entire donations shall be followed. If the patient-donor and/or donated unit do not followed by written confirmation within seven calendar days. Volume of blood shall comply with the Code of Banks related to perioperative procedures, as amended or Federal Regulations. Phlebotomy concurrent with transfusion of (c) There shall be a written procedure describing the previously collected autologous units shall not be technique used. It shall be performed at no expense to the donor; consistent with the current Code of Federal Regulations. A plasmapheresis donor may donate a unit of hemochromatosis; and whole blood if 48 hours have lapsed since the last 4. Plasmapheresis donors shall, on each occasion of (a) Facilities that perform plasmapheresis procedures plasmapheresis satisfy all requirements of whole blood shall obtain a blood bank license before offering the service. Within one week prior to the first plasmapheresis, (a) Facilities that perform cytapheresis procedures shall the donor shall be examined and certified to be in good obtain a blood bank license before offering the service. A licensed physician on the premises shall receive written approval prior to initiation of the service. A contingency plan to assure that a physician is available for emergency purposes during the procedure available for emergency purposes during the procedure shall be in use. Quality control records of the total protein volume of the apheresis machine does not exceed 100 ml. If more than one identification number is needed to cells permitted for whole blood collections. Such drugs shall not be used for donors whose medical history suggests that they may exacerbate (e) the intended recipient and the blood sample shall be previous intercurrent disease. The blood bank director is responsible for setting considered the method of preference. Identified by a label firmly attached to the sample volume predicted to result in donor hematocrit of less than 30 before leaving the side of the recipient; percent or hemoglobin of less than 10 grams per deciliter 2. Obtained within three days of the scheduled transfusion when the recipient has been transfused or 8:8-8. In the case of a discrepancy or doubt, another specimen shall be obtained and used for (b) Any material used for immunization shall be either a these procedures; and product licensed under Section 351 of the Public Health Service Act for such purpose or one specifically approved by 5 Labeled so that if it is necessary for the blood bank the Director, Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research. The test for weak D is unnecessary when and forms accompanying recipient blood samples shall have testing recipient red cells. The blood bank shall have a policy regarding concurrently with, the performance of compatibility transfusion of cellular components selected or processed testing. Compatibility testing: (a) Each blood bank and transfusion service shall have a i. All instructions for the incompatibility, the following requirements shall be evaluation of the suspected reaction shall be documented; met: and (1) On-site validation of the computer to 2. Retype the post transfusion reaction sample for or comparison with previous records. This identification check shall involve active participation by both individuals in a review of the identifying (b) If this blood is needed before compatibility testing is information on the blood bag and the requisition slip. The record shall contain a statement of the procedure for the positive identification of the recipient requesting physician indicating that the clinical situation and the blood container. The tag or label shall indicate in a conspicuous director) shall simultaneously check and match all fashion that required testing had not been completed at information identifying the container with the identifying the time of issue. All identification attached to the container shall remain attached at least until the transfusion has been (b) A blood transfusion request form indicating the completed. The recipient shall be observed periodically during other disruption of refrigeration.

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  • Use an infant swing at the park if the baby has head control
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Abdominal CT scan
  • Serum ACTH
  • Tell your doctor or nurse what drugs or herbs you are taking and if you have been drinking a lot of alcohol.
  • Lip swelling
  • Certain pain relievers that contain caffeine
  • Lactose-free milk and milk products

Ectocystectomy the cyst is removed by dissecting between the ectocyst and the pericyst (plane B in Figure 28 medicine rap song order epitol 100 mg otc. Endocystectomy the plane for dissection is created between the endocyst and the ectocyst (plane A in Figure 28 symptoms white tongue epitol 100mg on line. Planes Normal A 4 medications at target order 100 mg epitol with mastercard, B and C are the three key body tissue planes which form the basis of C surgical intervention medicine rheumatoid arthritis discount 100 mg epitol. Before injecting the scolicidal agent, it is important to make sure that no bile-stained uid is aspirated (this indicates communication with the biliary system). Anatomy of the hydatid cyst and surgical treatment 385 Liver resection this procedure is adopted for cysts located on the borders of the liver and for lesions involving the left lobe of the liver. Liver transplantation this procedure is required in extreme cases where the hydatid cyst involves the entire liver. Securing the area around the cyst It is imperative to secure the area around the cyst during cystopericystectomy, ectocystectomy and endocystectomy. This is to ensure that there is no spillage into the peritoneal cavity if the cyst ruptures during removal. The area can be secured using one of the following methods: Packing the area around the cyst with packs soaked in scolicidal agents such as silver nitrate, hypertonic saline, povidone–iodine or any of the scolicidal agents listed in the section Scolicidal agents (see below). This ensures that, in the event of a spillage, the hydatid uid containing daughter cysts does not come into contact with the peritoneal cavity. This was an effective means for the purpose but had some drawbacks: (i) the risk of damage to other structures, such as bowel, coming into contact with the freezing ring; (ii) the need to excise the part of the cyst damaged by freezing; and (iii) if the cyst uid at body temperature owed into the cone, the frozen seal thawed and the protection was frequently lost (Kune, 1985). An area of the cyst wall slightly larger than the base of the cone is exposed, the cone is placed in position, and suction is applied. Once the cone is rmly adherent to the cyst wall, the operation of removal of the hydatid cysts can proceed (Kune, 1985). Incisions for surgical approach the choice of incision depends on the following factors: Organ involved Location of the cysts within the involved organ Presence of any additional complicating factors. Hepatic hydatid disease Since the liver is the site of involvement in over 75 per cent cases, we will consider hepatic hydatid disease here: Right paramedian incision: used to deal with a cyst involving the right anterior lobe of the liver. However, midline incision with full mobilisation of the liver ligaments can approach most hydatid cysts, even in difcult locations. Intraoperative ultrasound scanning, if available, is a useful tool to ensure that no further cyst has been missed (which is a common cause for recurrent hydatid cyst). Abdominal hydatid disease this requires suitably placed incisions, depending on the location of the disease within the abdomen. The intercostal space used for approach depends on the location of the cyst within the lung. While going through an intercostals space, it is safe to remain close to the upper border of the rib, since the intercostal vessels are located close to the lower border of the rib. Having dealt with the cyst, the thoracotomy incision is closed with an intercostal drain. Splenic hydatid disease the spleen is involved in approximately 2 per cent of cases of hydatid disease (Taori et al. Splenectomy is resorted to only in cases where the spleen is massively enlarged and there is a danger of rupture of the spleen due to trauma. The incision used is the same as that used for splenectomy for any other indication. However, for a very large spleen due to mul tiple cysts, a left thoracoabdominal approach is required. Polar hydatid cysts can be managed in the same way as endocystectomy of the liver, unless the spleen is involved with multiple hydatids or is massively enlarged. The following scolicidal agents can be used: Hypertonic saline (20% saline) (normal saline – 0. Formalin 2% or 5% is contraindicated as a scolicidal agent because of the danger of causing irreversible sclerosing cholangitis. Over 50 per cent of the infections are caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae, Haemophilus inuenzae and Neisseria meningitides. Other pathogens include Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Capnocytophagia canimorsus, group B streptococci, and protozoa such as plasmodium, leading to malaria (Lipman, 2005). Patients who develop infection despite vaccination and antibacterial prophylaxis should go into hospital for treatment with broad-spectrum systemic antibiotics (Lipman, 2005). The advantages of amoxicillin over penicillin in adults include better absorption, broader spectrum and longer shelf-life. Vaccination should be done immediately postoperatively for emergency cases and then repeated every 5–10 years. Now an increasing number of articles have reported its effectiveness and safety in treating liver echinococcal cysts (Filice et al. In a compilation of series, 4209 cysts had been punctured for diagnostic or therapeutic pur poses (Brunetti and Filice, 2008). From a diagnostic point of view, cyst puncture is the only method that provides a direct his tological diagnosis of the parasitic cysts in hydatid disease. The procedure shortens the time of treatment and recovery and, therefore, is a valuable alternative to surgery in terms of reduction in costs and hospital stay. An anaesthetist should be present during the procedure in case of allergic manifestations or anaphylactic shock. Usually, a small quantity of uid is aspirated rst and examined by light microscope to look for the presence of scolices. A scolici dal agent, usually hypertonic saline solution or ethanol, is injected and left for a variable period of time (usually 5–30 min) and then re-aspirated. The destruction of proto-scolices can be observed in the uid sample aspirated after the injection of a scolicidal agent. Contrast medium can be injected into the cyst at this point to exclude the possible connec tion of the cyst with the biliary tree. The cause of jaundice in association with hepatic hydatid cysts is almost always rupture into the biliary tree. Care must be taken to identify and suture the communication that caused the hydatid elements to enter the biliary tree. At an appropri ate juncture during surgical management, an operative cholangiogram should be performed to identify the communication. A Fogarty catheter can be passed proximally into the duct system to ensure the removal of the hydatid tissue from the proximal reaches of the biliary tree. After surgery, the cavity of the hydatid cyst is obliterated with omentoplasty; a drain is always left in, or very close to, the cavity. A persistent biliary stula after surgery is diagnosed by the persistence of bile drainage from the tube left in or near the cyst. This situation can be resolved by adding an endoscopic sphinc terotomy if one has not already been done. If this fails to stop the bile drainage, internal drainage by cystoenterostomy can be done, which ensures the drainage of bile into the small intestine. Infection is a sequel to a complica tion such as rupture of the cyst into the biliary tree. Often the infection develops following sur gical intervention when the communication with the biliary tree is not recognised or not dealt with effectively. If the infection is recognised preoperatively due to rupture of the cyst, then appropriate steps can be taken to obliterate the communication during surgery. The cavity of the cyst should be treated with omentoplasty after the contents of the cyst have been removed. Once the omen tum is packed into the cyst cavity, the omentum is stitched to the margins of the cavity by a few interrupted stitches using absorbable suture material. The infection is acquired in humans following the consumption of vegetables contaminated by faeces of dogs or foxes. There are numerous cysts, usually small in size and containing gelatinous material. Patients present with an enlarged liver with a localised swelling, which may resemble pri mary carcinoma of the liver. Diagnosis can be made by immunological tests such as complement xation, indirect haemagglutination and enzyme immunoassay (Kune, 1985). Untreated cases have a high chance of death due to jaundice, cholangitis and, sometimes, metastatic spread of the worm (Wilson and Rausch, 1980). In advanced cases with jaundice, drainage of the biliary tree is required in addition to surgical treatment of the cyst.


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