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By: Jingshen Wang PhD

  • Assistant Professor, Biostatistics


Pacal Votan lived in the tenth baktun cycle spasms vhs 500 mg mefenamic mastercard, between the Christian years 603-683 xanax muscle relaxant qualities buy mefenamic 500mg lowest price, on the opposite side of the world but at almost the same latitude as Mecca muscle relaxant hair loss quality 250 mg mefenamic, and just after the time of Muhammad muscle relaxant metaxalone side effects discount mefenamic 500mg line, 570-632. Today the religion that God commanded Muhammad to found, Islam, is at the center of the terrorist storm, while the prophecy of Pacal Votan and of the Mayan calendar in general has placed the end point of history at 2012, a mere eleven years after the Inevitable Event that placed Islam at dead center of the world mind. How could this be, the religion of the prophet Muhammad and the prophetic timing of the Maya so close at hand? Is this some revelation of the Nine Lords of Time, or of God speaking through them-and who are the Nine Lords of Time? Could it be that the Nine Lords of Time, like some higher dimensional Lords of the Ring, are a manifestation of time to be released, one by one, in an annual sequence during the last nine years of the Great Cycle, 2004-2013? These Nine Lords of Time are known in Mayan as the Bolontiku; their counter parts are the Oxlahuntiku-the nine lords and the thirteen lords, respectively. The nine lords govern the underworld, the time of the third dimension, which is why they are depicted in descent to the sarcophagus of Pacal Votan, while the thirteen lords govern the heavenly realms. The nine govern the nine vigesimal orders of number, while the thirteen govern the form of time. And the nine and the thirteen also governed the prophecy of Quetzalcoatl, of Thirteen Heavens of decreasing choice and Nine Hells of increasing doom. This prophecy refers to the sequence of twenty-two 52 year cycles that began in A. Six years later, in 1993, during the first year of the 260th and final katun cycle of history, I began to decode the prophecy ofPacal Votan, some forty-one years after the tomb had been opened. Telektonon, the Prophecy of Pacal Votan, was meant to be decoded precisely and only at the moment of its absolute usefulness, kin 144: Yellow Magnetic Seed, July 26, 1993. That is, the Telektonon Prophecy could only have been triggered when kin 144 occurred as the Year Bearer, Yellow Magnetic Seed, kin 144, correlated to the Gregorian date of July 26, 1993. This "count" provided the basis of the Mayan Factor and was woven into the conclu sion of the Prophecy of the Thirteen Heavens and Nine Hells, Harmonic Conver gence, August 16-17, 1987. And the precise number of kin 144, the revelation date of the prophecy of Pacal Votan was meant to accord with the Book of Revelations num ber of the elect, 144,000 (Revelations 7:4). In fact, that very day I discovered that the number 144 transliterated from the vigesimal count into Arabic numbers is written 7. In the noosphere everything is woven of number, and number is intrinsically synchronizing, which is why numerology has held such a fascination for the human mind throughout history. When I first began to decode this "final prophecy of the Maya," or Telektonon, a prophecy that commands the return to natural time through the Thirteen Moon! I had already taken many steps to remove myself from mainstream society and conventional life. The world is filled with enough madmen and lunatics spouting their par ticular visions. How could I ever make the world understand that this vision, this prophecy, was real, that it was the fulfillment of a Mayan who lived and died thirteen 182. The Advent of the Noosphere centuries ago, and that his tomb was the vehicle of this prophecy, a prophecy meant precisely for this moment in time-the biosphere-noosphere transition? I returned to the texts of the Chilam Balam, whose prophetic stream includes day prophecies, year prophecies, katun (twenty year), and ahau (260-year) cycle proph ecies, prophecies of Quetzalcoatl, and finally the special prophecies of the mysteri ous Antonio Martinez and the coming religion of the Hunab Ku, "One Giver of Movement and Measure. Chilam Balam, the jaguar priests, are the wizards of time, inspired by the guidance of the Bolontiku, the Nine Lords of Time, the Lords of Number. By com mand of the Supreme One (Hunab Ku), the wizards are directed to establish clear paths of rekindled knowledge. Therefore, within the prophecies of the Chilam Balam they laid the seeds of their reconstruction-but not simply as Maya. The reconstruction had to be planetary, for their destruction in the sixteenth century was also an act of planetary conse quence-the plunging of the entire world into the prison of artificial, mechanized time. The fulfillment of the prophecies along with the new dispensation of time had to occur before the end of the cycle, 2012. For this reason, the master synchronic architect of the Mayan prophets, Pacal Votan, prepared the way with the discovery of his tomb in 1952. This phenomenal act of prophetic release meant that now the messenger of his prophecy of time had to be summoned to his task. This was to be my role and responsibility-one that I accepted, for I saw no other choice. The course of my life from the moment I had experienced an illumination atop the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan in 1953, to that moment forty years later, in 1993, when I first perceived that the meaning of the prophecy Telektonon was a single trajectory. After all, if the noosphere is the mind of time on Earth, prophecy is just another way of radializing time, of bringing it around from one point in a cyclic motion to an other. Once I had received knowledge of the prophecy of the Thirteen Heavens and Nine Hells from Tony Shearer back around 1970, I prepared myself by study and medita tion for the moment of the Harmonic Convergence. It may be asked: If the Harmonic Convergence concluded the cycle of the Nine Hells, then why are we experiencing the the Advent of the Noosphere. What was the actual meaning of the Harmonic Convergence, and what does it mean for us today? The conclusion of the Ninth Hell refers to the release of humanity into the 26-year time zone of free will, choice, and decision in preparation for the completion of the cycle, omega point 2012, and the Galactic Synchronization, 2013. The full and true Harmonic Convergence will not be complete until the Earth itself becomes the Galactic Seed, 2013. If the twenty-six years are the free will zone of choice and decision, what are we to choose and decide? In principle, the Harmonic Convergence refers to the converging of all aspects of reality in a great, all-unifying harmony. The initial moment of the Harmonic Convergence that witnessed hundreds of thousands of humans congregated at sa cred sites worldwide at the dawn of August 16, 1987, Blue Electric Eagle, was a pure prophetic enactment of humanity being harmonically converged with the natural order of time. This visionary moment demonstrated that, indeed, Harmonic Con vergence was possible. The wave of unconscious energy released through the collec tive psyche of the species as a result of this moment of prophetic purity reached a climax with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Cold War. Early 1990, the role of the Harmonic Convergence in this process was echoed in the mass media as the question, "Did the Harmonic Convergence bring the world closer to peace? Rather than determine how to make the choice to enter a genuine new age, the human race defaulted to an absolute materialism. It was this collective turn taken by the planetary leadership, now known as the G-7, that engendered the apoca lypse we are now witnessing. In this turn, the Harmonic Convergence was forgotten, deleted as it were from the official public texts of contemporary history. But ifby the year 2000 it can make the decision to reject the calendar of the false 184. The Advent of the Noosphere 12:60 time and adopt the perfect instrument of the natural 13:20 time, the Thirteen Moon! A new time can only come about by the rejection of the instrument that holds in place the hallucination of the old time, replacing it instead with an instru ment of such perfect harmony that it has no history, but is truly post-historical. For this, the messengers of time, myself and my wife, embarked on a course of being galactic gypsies, with no visible means of support, in order to warn the world of the meaning of the time and to offer to the world the opportunity of changing its course by changing its calendar. The Gregorian calendar, the Vatican, and the G-7 appeared to be as strong as ever. The prophecy did not fail, but humanity did fail to heed the mes sage regarding artificial and natural time. In this process, as "messengers" my wife and I were only playing out an archetypal role. The four-year cycle, 2000-2004, became known as the prophetic cycle of the Har rowing of Hell. Just as Jesus was crucified and then experienced the Harrowing of Hell before his resurrection, so too humanity has been crucified on the technospheric cross of false time, and is now in the Harrowing of Hell awaiting the resurrection in natural time. For having failed to take seriously all its messengers and all its prophets of all times, humanity was now to pass en masse through hell. Since the Galactic Storm year, 2000-2001, completed a Seed-Storm Year bundle begun in the fifth year of proph ecy (1997-1998), the 2000-2001 Blue Galactic Storm year was the year of evaluation.

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Our current strategy is to spasms hiatal hernia generic mefenamic 500 mg mastercard do the minimum on-the-body processing needed to muscle relaxant erowid buy mefenamic 250mg visa beam sensor data out to spasms rectum 250mg mefenamic sale fixed com Fig muscle relaxant easy on stomach safe 500mg mefenamic. This expressivity and tangibility in time-based visual, audio, platform allows us to piggy-back on the miniaturization and now fabric media. In the video domain, we use lat curve of the Smart Dust initiative [13], and preserves the tice methods as a powerful way to harness models that al possibility of relatively easily migrating some low level ready simulate tangible natural phenomena. Practi possess the shallow semantics we desire based on our cally this frees us to design augmented clothing where the heuristics for technologies of performance. This allows us to explore particular Harry Smoak, Ravi Varma and Kevin Stamper shifting the locus of computation in a graded and princi for assisting with the experimental construction, and pled way between the body, multiple bodies, and the Junko Tsumuji and Shridhar Reddy for documentation. Pegah Zamani contributed to the de transmit data from photocell, accelerometer, magnetome sign seminar. However, its sample fre Visualization and Usability Center for providing the ini quency is limited to about 30 Hz / channel. Electronic Fashion: the Future of Wear synthesis, and Jitter video graphics synthesis, communi able Technology. Personal and Ubiquitous Comput ing, 6, 5-6, (2002), 443-458, Springer-Verlag, 2002. We created in Macromedia Director a prototype members of three stakeholder groups: researchers, that supported automated capture and access of multiple teachers, and parents. Data must be collected, analyzed, data streams, addressing the information needs of and reported to meet the needs of all these groups. Video of natural crucial that proposed technological innovations support classroom behaviors is synchronized with researchers? established practices. We obtained user who follow this guideline, taking evolutionary path[s] to feedback on our prototype and on the resulting Java-based new methods,? may encounter less resistance to system, which we will deploy and evaluate. Our goal is to understand better these practices from the perspectives of the stakeholders, Keywords and to meet their needs by developing technological Ubiquitous and mobile computing, computer-supported solutions based on automated capture and access. At program of the Emory Autism Center, which is a the Walden Early Childhood Center at Emory University, component of the Department of Psychiatry and early intervention is administered in the context of typical Behavioral Sciences at the Emory University School of preschool education activities. For ten weeks, we spent six hours a week observing classrooms and interviewing stakeholders (two teachers, two researchers, and three sets of parents). The assistant director uses the tabulated data improved language development, social interactions and to prepare reports that indicate progress on each objective engagement, and independent-living and school-readiness and can easily be fifteen pages long. There is no artifact that combines capture data on video or on a paper spreadsheet known as visual evidence with expert assessment. The authors suggest that data collected by sensors in a classroom can help teachers identify and address the Video data are coded later but for the same variables, learning problems of individual children. Because of this similarity, we chose and later implemented in Java we transferred the Pla the Pla-Chek for our prototype. The interface reduced the the next line is filled and the process repeated until research assistants? cognitive load by providing a timer twenty intervals are done. Counting time complicates the that counted two ten-second intervals for each line of data: recording, which requires strict objectivity. Classroom coordinators two visualizations of the data: a macro? timeline of the ten sessions recorded quarterly for each child, and a Video Video capture capture window window (a) (b) (c) Figure 1: the paper Pla-Chek (a) was the template for our initial capture interface (b), in which we maintained, as much as possible, the look and feel of the original. Variable names record annotations and video; a storage module to hold were displayed on the Y-axis and grouped by dot colors: that information for later access; and an access module to red for proximity to and interaction from adults, gray for provide synchronous access to multiple integrated streams proximity to and interaction from typical children, green of information gathered from context-based queries. The video and handwritten timeline were the ten quarterly sessions; on the X-axis of annotations captured with metadata describing when, the micro timeline, numbers indicated the progression of what, and for which child information is being captured time, measured in minutes, through the video. The access module draws on this represented single positive recorded occurrences of database to compose the access interface (Figure 3(c)). In variables; dot sizes in the macro timeline varied to this interface, each marked behavior is an index into the indicate the percentage of positive results recorded in each video (Figure 3(d)). There were five sizes of dots, representing values the first capture interface used the Quill toolkit as a in 20-percent increments. We considered using more sizes gesture recognizer, with a few changes that allowed for for finer granularity, but we believed that constraints of automatic interpretation and tabulation of the observers? screen real estate would prevent clear distinctions in sizes. In both on a tablet was different from writing on paper in two timelines, the percentages and number of occurrences of important ways: calibration and resolution. The boxes in the electronic form that were the same size as user selected a session for review by clicking on its those on a paper version proved to be noticeably difficult, column in the macro timeline. A vertical line moved significant amount of time and effort being spent along the micro timeline to help viewers relate variables correcting the data. We replaced the cells for writing the names of concerns and facilitate application development. The micro timeline at the top right shows the results of the selected session, and the video for that session appears at the top left. The storage module (b) saves the data for use by the access module (c) in composing the access interface (d). Preface notepad was also added, allowing the research assistants to Behavioral Intervention for Young Children with to associate handwritten notes with each recorded interval. This service can help people with disabilities Cost of sensors and sensor acceptance are pivotal issues, or the elderly live independently by providing day-to-day especially in the home. Laser scanning uses information generated by a tracker to generate devices are anonymous, but costly and have limited range. These sensors are cheap, computationally Knowledge of the identity and position of occupants in an inexpensive, and do not have to be continuously worn or instrumented environment is a basic element of automatic carried. Automatically generated summaries of daily not provide the higher spatial resolution of other types of activities for people with cognitive disabilities can be used tracking systems. Our tracking problem is similar to object alone are an important indicator of cognitive function, identification. The goal is to determine if a newly observed depression, and social involvement among people with object is the same as a previously observed object. In a machine that parses movement information provided by a recent experiment [13], laser range finders and infrared tracker and generates a concise, readable summary. Our badges were used to track six people simultaneously in an tracker consists of a discrete state Bayes filter and office environment for 10 minutes. The range finders associated models that use information gathered from provide anonymous x,y coordinates while the badge system binary sensors to provide low-cost automatic tracking in a identified occupants. We demonstrate results from an off sensor with many anonymous sensors to provide room line smoothing algorithm, although online filtering level tracking. We instrumented a permanently an ever-improving model of the unique motion patterns of occupied home and conducted a series of experiments to each occupant. This summary represents important daily events in a compact, readable format, although the tracker provides??Daniel walked to the kitchen and stayed for 10 minutes. On the most basic level, the Narrator could produce an Sensor Granularity English account of the second by second location the tracker can predict location at the granularity of predictions. In our instrumented environment there were an individual sensors, although the current implementation average of 2000 readings per day. The Narrator allows the user to scale produce volumes of not very useful information. Instead, the granularity from room level to floor level and to the we make a few simplifying assumptions and provide user entire house. He walked downstairs occupants simultaneously, we choose to create summaries to the kitchen and stayed for 10 minutes. We also report only movement passed through the foyer to the front porch and left the house. He went to the first floor occupant spends more than four hours in the bedroom, that and stayed for 10 minutes. Each of these predictions has an associated posterior Algorithm probability, which we ignore for now. In future work we the Narrator algorithm is a conceptually simple plan to incorporate this confidence measure into the deterministic finite state machine. First, we use duration of time spent in a location represent English words and phrases, while the input to scale the amount of information reported on that alphabet is composed of sensor readings and times. Second, we use sensor granularity to scale some variety to the language, some states have more than reporting from room level up to house level. A lookup table maps the Transient Locations room and occupant ids reported by the tracker to room and Some locations are less interesting than others, because occupant names.

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Behind the week is the mystery of the whole number seven muscle relaxant antidote 250 mg mefenamic fast delivery, recalled in the Epic of Gilgamesh as the seven wise men ofU ruk spasms catheter purchase mefenamic 250mg line. But the Babylonians clothed the seven-day cycle in the raiment of the sun back spasms 5 weeks pregnant purchase 500mg mefenamic, moon spasms kidney stones 500 mg mefenamic with visa, and five principle plan ets-Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn-to which the days of the week have no actual relation. Seen in this way, the seven-day week was intended to be a means on Earth for reenacting some remote mythic reality related to these seven heavenly bodies. What was that mythic reality, on what hidden knowledge is the count of the seven-day week presumed? Borrowing from Babylon, the ancient Hebrews incorpo rated the seven-day week into their purely lunar calendar. And it was thus from the Hebrews that the seven-day week entered the Julian and then the Gregorian calen dars. It was not, however, the Romans who adopted the week, but the Christian successor to the Roman empire, the Church of Rome. Colson, a Christian scholar writing as late as 1926, the seven-day cycle is described as "that intruder the week, consisting indeed of a fixed number of days, but paying no regard to months or years. To those whose minds are set on the synodic lunation cycle as the absolute standard, as does the Gregorian calendar, the week is what ensures the greatest disorder in the calendar and yet it is defended to the death. The week gains its power from the whole number 7, and not from the jumble of names in which the week is clothed. The seven-day cycle is the closest whole number that corresponds to the four phases of the moon, which, as whole numbers, are also seven days each. In fact, the fixed 7-day cycle only makes sense within the context of the Thirteen Moon calendar with its 28-day cycles divisible by four and seven, creating the annual cycle of fifty-two perfect weeks-plus the Day Out of Time, ensuring a perpetual harmony. Was the Babylonian naming of these days-with only one name a reference to the moon-meant to be a cover-up of some earlier knowledge, a knowledge both more purely lunar and harmonic, such as the Thirteen Moon calendar? What would really happen if there were a Day Out of Time, no day of the week or month at all? Since 1993, sixty years after the failure of the League of Nations to enact calendar reform, the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement has made certain that the the Adventof the Noosphere. All the while, the Gregorian world has arrogantly plunged blindly forward, locked into its mechanistically chaotic timing sensibility, only to receive the mortal wound of the Inevitable Event, causing it to fall through the seams of its own making, the technosphere. A Day Out of Time, it seems, might be a relief to a world now consumed by chaos, barbarism, and war. He sends down from the sky water for your drink and to grow trees for your benefit. With it He grows for you crops, olives, date palms, grapes, and all kinds of fruits. And He commits, in your service, the night and the day, as well as the sun and the moon. Who will take the message of the advent of the noosphere to the statesmen and the politicians that they may take heed and note that what is occurring is not really in their control at all, but is the climax of a phenom enal process known as biogeochemical combustion? And who will declare that this climax will inevitably shake all the towers to their foundations and level the moun tains of industry to a flat plain from which the noosphere will manifest as the equal ity of telepathy for all? This book, and this ninth chapter in particular, is like a long meditation, a vision, inspired by the dark tragedy of the Inevitable Event. As a vision, these thoughts are both those of one solitary individual, albeit a noospheric chip, and the continuation of the vision of that ancient seer, Pacal Votan. Could it be that Pacal Votan in his time knowledge rehearsed all these words, these thoughts, this entire vision itself? On the sarcophagus lid of Pacal Votan is a cross, not the cross of death as in Chris tianity, but the cross oflife, a tree, a cosmic tree. The head at each end represents the galactic vision that sees equally into the past and the future. This is what is meant by the advent of the noosphere, the mind of time on Earth, the mental envelope of planetary con 188. The Advent of the Noosphere sciousness arising from the grave crisis of the biosphere through which we are now passing at this very moment. Because we are now defining the noosphere does not mean that the noosphere was not known to those ancient Mayan time scientists like Pacal Votan, especially if the noosphere is defined as the mind of time on Earth. How many such rehearsals would be necessary before some thing was finally learned? Knowing the nature of the synchronic order of time, someone like Pacal Votan, obviously one of the most singular of all personalities of the Mayan world, would have possessed a consciousness like the two-headed galactic band, the consciousness of ga lactic memory. In the zuvuya of galactic consciousness, peering into the deep past is peering at the present from the future. This is possible in the radial time of the fourth dimension freed from the strict linear construct of past-and-future-time. From some higher state of mind, from a mind and consciousness identified completely with the galaxy, this has all been foreseen, this has all been written in a book. Now we who are in this present state of end-time consciousness are being asked to self-reflect. We are being asked if we can manage to hold the noospheric lens steady enough to see that the technosphere had to end, and that the technosphere could only end by the means by which it maintained all of the biosphere in its control, by terror itself. Yes, we are all a bit like the frog at the bottom of the well whose vision and perception of the universe is circumscribed by what the opening of the well allows it to see. The well is the technosphere, both as a planetary apparatus and as a belief system. And what do they think of their lost star children, many of whom now believe it is childish to think that we came from the stars? This being so, we could receive telepathic messages from the star people-if we were ready for it and knew precisely why, when, and how such communication occurs. In fact, as we have said earlier, the noosphere is the region on Earth for the receipt and transmission of messages of cosmic consciousness. This being so, the future of human evolution, of Homo noosphericus, would be nothing less than to become a medium of cosmic con sciousness, adapting to the expanded measure of Noospheric Earth Time, traveling back to the stars but through the superior knowledge of the actual laws of time. In writing this book, I have only a sense of duty, of responsibility to expand the vision of my fellow earthlings from the technosphere to the noosphere. In the Law of Time there are no arbitrary distinctions between reason and art, science and proph ecy. This book is as much an exposi tion of matters generally not thought about, as it is a personal testament and vision. In that regard this text is a portion of a broadcast transduced and received by me functioning as a noospheric chip, on behalf of the biosphere-noosphere transition. In the tomb lid ofPacal Votan are impressed all the frequencies of this broadcast transmission called Time and the Technosphere. He left his body in that tomb, a jade mask being the actual impression of his face. According to Chinese and ancient Mexican tradition, jade is the stone of immortality. Where did his conscious ness and spirit go once his body was placed in the sarcophagus? Why did he leave the Telektonon, the Earth Spirit Speaking Tube, running from the tomb to the temple floor at the top of the Pyramid of the Inscriptions? Knowing the frequency of the synchronic order governing the psi bank of the mental envelope of the Earth, did he place his thoughts in the noosphere to be released at the precise moments of the opening of his tomb and the decoding of his prophecy? Beginning in 1980 I became conscious that, from time to time, I had been re ceiving telepathic transmissions. In Earth Ascending, originally written in 1983, the nature and pro gram of the psi bank, the control panel and regulating mechanism of the noosphere, became known to me. This was followed by the Mayan Factor, and then the decod ing of the Law of Time. At the moment when I had just finished writing the Mayan Factor in 1986, I received the inspiration for what is called the planet holon, the twenty-part structure accommodating the program of the twenty solar seals. When I received this image it was known to me as the program of the Arcturus Protector ate. As I understood it, the Arcturus Protectorate was established by the "star people" as a kind of protective time shield around the Earth. The Advent of the Noosphere this time shield, the star people would know that some of the earthlings were waking up to time and beginning the conscious activation of the noosphere. The Dreamspell is such a radical break from the past, and such a pure statement of the history-less fourth-dimensional future, that in order to comprehend it, in 1992 I wrote two other books, one called the Arcturus Probe: Talesand Reports of an Ongoing Investigation and the other the Call ofPacal Votan:Time is the Fourth Dimen sion. Some people will say that the Arcturus Probe is an exaggerated fantasy, yet I cannot deny what a purely telepathic process it was to write that book, which fills in many points of the psychomythic cosmology of Dreamspell: the Journey of Timeship Earth 2013.

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Promote Teamwork People have difficulty seeing their own errors muscle relaxant tramadol quality 500 mg mefenamic, especially when they are working alone muscle relaxant drugs for neck pain mefenamic 500mg otc. Teamwork may improve the ability of individual team members to muscle relaxant elderly discount 500mg mefenamic otc collectively prevent human performance problems kidney spasms no pain purchase mefenamic 250mg with mastercard. Because people are fallible, teamwork should make individual thinking and reasoning visible to the other members of the team. Dialogue between members of a team gives each one the opportunity to challenge assumptions and to detect team errors. Accident research conducted in the aviation industry in the late 1970s showed repeatedly that failures in the cockpit to work as a team had devastating consequences. Sixty-six percent of air carrier, 79 percent of commuter, and 88 percent of general aviation accidents involved flight crew failures in interpersonal communications, decision-making, and leadership. In fact, more 4-13 Department of Energy Human Performance Handbook Chapter 4 Culture & Leadership 17 accidents were caused by these failures than by lack of technical flying skills. These findings led the airlines to create training programs to improve teamwork in the cockpit. If people are to make a habit of applying human performance tools, then positive consequences must be associated with their behaviors. Managers and leaders need to positively reinforce individuals who obtain value-added results through safe behaviors. Individuals who cut corners to get jobs done on schedule and under budget at the expense of quality and safety should be corrected, coached, or, perhaps, counseled. Leaders should take time to understand and learn how to use reinforcement to promote targeted behaviors. All behavior that is occurring in the facility now is the result of consequences that are also occurring now. Similarly, the organization is perfectly attuned to get the performance it is 4-14 Department of Energy Human Performance Handbook Chapter 4 Culture & Leadership getting, right now. If at-risk behavior is common, it is because management has not made a difference with appropriate negative consequences. The following consequences can be used to get the desired performance by targeting specific behaviors. Training, procedure direction, incentives, reminders from supervisors or peers, administrative policies, and expectations precede and set the stage for individual performance. These preexisting elements have more strength when they (a) specify the behavior, (b) specify whom, 21 (c) occur at the right moment (just in time), and (d) imply the consequences. The consequences in terms of reinforcers and incentives need to be determined for desired behavior. Expectations need positive reinforcers, while unacceptable behaviors need penalties?disincentives?or the elimination of positive reinforcers that motivate unsafe or at-risk practices. Any punishments or penalties existent in the system also need to be eliminated for expected practices. Positive reinforcers are more effective if they are positive for the individual, immediate with respect to 4-15 Department of Energy Human Performance Handbook Chapter 4 Culture & Leadership when the behavior occurs, and certain. Penalties are stronger if the consequence is negative, 22 immediate, and certain for the individual concerned. Eliminate Latent Organizational Weaknesses Organizational weaknesses show up as vulnerabilities, flaws, and defects in controls and controls (engineered, administrative, cultural, and oversight controls). Methodically searching for and eliminating latent organizational weaknesses eliminates factors that contribute to significant events. Chapter 3 describes several methods of finding latent organizational weaknesses, which are listed here below for reference:??self assessments??performance indicators??trending??benchmarking??operating experience??independent oversight??behavior observations??problem reporting??problem (causal) analysis??management oversight, involvement and reinforcement??surveys and questionnaires??event investigation??corrective action program the use of a systematic diagnostic approach for discovering recurring individual or work group performance problems provides another means of identifying organizational weaknesses. Managers and supervisors need a tool that helps them develop a clear understanding of a performance discrepancy and why it is happening. Once valid reasons for the performance gap are understood, the manager or supervisor can develop more effective and efficient corrective actions. A sample Performance Gap Analysis form is provided in Appendix A to help in the analysis and solution to human performance problems. Starting with a known performance problem, the user(s) searches for answers to a series of questions that help in determining the performance discrepancy and selecting potential corrective actions. If error-free performance (avoiding active errors) is not held up as an important value or is not expected for daily work; then people may adopt unsafe practices to get their work done; possibly placing themselves, others, or the facility at risk of an event. Consistently maintaining high standards communicates the value of error prevention. By clinging to high standards regardless of the perceived risk, adherence to expectations will become the norm. Positive attitudes about error prevention depend greatly on what is rewarded and which behaviors are reinforced. Positive values and attitudes follow behaviors that consistently result in success for the individual. It is not necessary for values and attitudes to precede behavior, but it is preferable. The most effective way to communicate values is to act in accordance with them while 23 reinforcing people when they apply them. The following leader behaviors convey the values of 24 the organization, in order of influence:? If those in positions of responsibility and influence react appropriately, with integrity, and consistent with stated values, people will adopt safe behaviors. As previously stated, job-site conditions that affect behavior can be categorized into two types of variables: (1) the environment and (2) the individual. However, some aspects of human nature, such as stress, instinctive reflexes, and mental biases, are not always controllable. Job-site conditions that set the occasion for behavior? 4-17 Department of Energy Human Performance Handbook Chapter 4 Culture & Leadership opportunity to act?include those factors that make action achievable or realizable. These categories 25 attempt to describe the stimulus-response? components of human behavior. Strategically, environmental factors provide the greatest leverage in terms of potential for improving human performance, shown below. Leverage and cost are important factors to consider when determining corrective actions. It is estimated that 85 percent or more of the causes of facility events have their origins in the processes and culture of the organization. Changes in environmental factors offer greater impact 26 at less expense on performance improvement than changes at the individual level. For example, if the causes of a performance problem point to individual factors (motives, capacity/readiness, and knowledge and skills), implementation of corrective actions would have less immediate influence and the cost in generating the desired improvement will likely be 27 greater. Deficiencies with the numbered items can create error-likely situations for the individual during the task at hand. Financial and non results, roles and furniture, facilities, financial rewards and responsibilities, and systems, and equipment disincentives are criteria for success are accommodate human contingent on clearly identified. Other individuals or for poor performance steps, if any, have been organizations are are eliminated. Adequate time is allotted, success and career standards for the conduct and other work advancement, meets of work exist and have conditions that could employee needs, and been communicated. Relevant feedback on the workplace support position in the previous job or task safe practices. Work group standards development, has been are consistent with the given to the individual (if above. Individual cares about the job or task and intelligence, sociability, performing the job or possesses the aptitude, size, strength, task well. Individual possesses a experience, and the job or task healthy work ethic and proficiency necessary to successfully. Individual feels that the the job or task job or task is meaningful objective(s), critical and attainable, progress steps, and potential is recognizable, and the consequences if task generates a performed improperly. In each case, one or more aspects of the organization that establish a job-site condition or error precursor can be identified. In reality, no matter how motivated an individual is, active errors will continue to occur, occasionally.

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