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By: Kelly C. Rogers, PharmD, FCCP

  • Professor, Department of Clinical Pharmacy, University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy, Memphis, Tennessee


The fac to erectile dysfunction over 50 order 100mg fildena visa rs that contribute to erectile dysfunction treatment mn buy discount fildena 100mg online infection are stress from overpopulation erectile dysfunction and smoking generic 50 mg fildena visa, temperature changes erectile dysfunction doctor nashville order fildena 50mg fast delivery, lack of hygiene, and inadequate feeding. Role of Animals in the Epidemiology of the Disease: Aeromoniasis is primarily a disease common to man and animals. Diagnosis: Diagnosis can be obtained by isolating and identifying the species of the etiologic agent. As a selective medium, Rimler-Shotts agar can be used; it con tains citrate, novobiocin, and sodium deoxycholate as selective agents, and lysine, ornithine, and mal to se as differential agents. Another commonly used medium is agar with ampicillin and sodium deoxycholate as selective agents and trehalose as a differential agent (Garcia-Lopez et al. Control: Until more is known about the disease’s epidemiology and the fac to rs that determine its virulence, the consumption of raw foods of animal origin should be avoided. Aeromonas are sensitive to heat, and pasteurization is an effective means for destroying them in milk. The measure introduced by health authorities in the Netherlands of setting a max imum indicative value for the density of aeromonas in the water in water treatment plants and in the water distribution network should be considered by other countries when warranted by the number of human cases. In cases of replantation surgery that require the application of medical leeches, it is recommended that the patient be given antibiotics to which A. Preventing aeromoniasis in aquatic and semi-aquatic animals in intensive breed ing programs requires avoiding overpopulation, changing the water, and maintain ing proper temperature and feeding regimes. Recovery of Aeromonas hydrophila from oysters implicated in an outbreak of foodborne illness. Clinical and microbiological features of Aeromonas hydrophila associated diarrhea. Incidencia, compor tamien to y control de Aeromonas hydrophila en produc to s carnicos y lacteos. Recent advances in the study of taxonomy, pathogenicity, and infectious syn dromes associated with the genus Aeromonas. Mesophilic aeromonads in human disease: Current taxonomy, lab ora to ry identification, and infectious disease spectrum. Humoral response and memory formation in carp after infection of Aeromonas hydrophila bacterin. Aeromonas hydrophila infections follow ing use of medicinal leeches in replantation and flap surgery. Influence of growth temperature on the production of extracellular virulence fac to rs and pathogenicity of environmental and human strains of Aeromonas hydrophila. An extracellular acetylcholinesterase produced by Aeromonas hydrophila is a major to xin for fish. Seasonal distribution of Aeromonas hydrophila in river water and isolation from river fish. Epidemiological complexity of hospital aeromonas infections revealed by electrophoretic typing of esterases. Immunisation des poissons d’eau chaude contre cinq agents pathogenes impar tants. Properties of aeromonads and their occurrence and hygienic significance in drinking water. It is resistant to environmental fac to rs, and survives 5 days in water and 15 days in mud (Jones, 1986). The number of serotypes is increasing: in 1987, 23 (from 1 to 23) had been recognized, with sub serotypes 1a, 1b and 2a, 2b (Norrung et al. The classification and nomenclature of the genus Erysipelothrix is still under investigation. Two serotypes, 13 and 18, possibly belong to a new species, given their low level of hybridization with both species (Takahashi et al. Geographic Distribution: the etiologic agent is distributed on all continents among many species of domestic and wild mammals and birds. It has also been iso lated from aquatic animals, such as dolphins, American alliga to rs and crocodiles, and sea lions. In the former Soviet Union, nearly 3,000 cases were reported between 1956 and 1958 in 13 slaughterhouses in the Ukraine, and 154 cases were reported in the Tula region in 1959. Some epidemic outbreaks have occurred in the former Soviet Union, in the United States, and on the southern Baltic coast (see section on source of infection and mode of transmission). Occurrence in Animals: the disease in swine (rose disease, swine erysipelas) is important in Asia, Canada, Europe, Mexico, and the United States. It has also been seen in Brazil, Chile, Guatemala, Guyana, Jamaica, Peru, and Suriname, but the incidence is low in these countries. However, the disease seems to be increasing in importance in Chile (Skoknic et al. The Disease in Man: the cutaneous form is known by the name erysipeloid to distinguish it from erysipelas caused by a hemolytic strep to coccus. Erysipeloid localizes primarily in the hands and fingers and consists of an erythema to us, edema to us skin lesion with violet col oration around a wound (the inoculation point) that may be a simple abrasion. The patient experiences a burning sensation, a pulsating pain, and at times an intense pruritus. The course of the disease is usually benign and the patient recovers in two to four weeks. If the infection becomes generalized, septicemia and endocarditis may cause death. An analysis of 49 cases of systemic infection occurring over a 15-year period (Gorby and Peacock, 1988) found that E. In 40% of the cases, there was a concomitant cutaneous erysipeloid lesion and fatality was 38%. Only 17% had a his to ry that could be characterized as involving a compromised immune system. The disease began with an erysipeloid and progressed to septicemia and endocarditis. The patient was an alcoholic with a prior his to ry of aortic insufficiency, who had pricked himself with a fishbone. Treatment with cephalosporins can be substituted for patients who are allergic to penicillin (McClain, 1991). The Disease in Animals: Many species of domestic and wild mammals and birds are hosts to the etiologic agent. In several central European countries, swine can only be raised profitably where sys tematic vaccination is practiced. Morbidity and mortality vary a great deal from one region to another, perhaps due to differences in the virulence of the etiologic agent. There are three main clinical forms: acute (septicemia), subacute (urticaria), and chronic (arthritis, lymphadeni tis, and endocarditis). Some animals suffer from prostration, anorexia, and vomiting, while others continue to feed despite the high fever. In some animals, reddish purple spots appear on the skin, particularly in the ears. In the final phase of septicemic erysipelas, dyspnea and diarrhea are the most obvious symp to ms. The subacute form is characterized by urticaria, which initially appears as reddish or purple rhom boid-shaped spots on the skin. These spots are found particularly on the abdomen, the inside of the thighs, the neck, and the ears. At first, the joints swell and move ment is painful; later, the lesion may develop in to ankylosis. Losses from arthritis are considerable because the animals’ development and weight gain are affected and because they may be confiscated from the abat to irs. The chronic form may also appear as endocarditis, with progressive emaciation or sudden death. Subtype 1a is usually isolated from the septicemic form, serotype 2 from the urticarial and arthritic form, and serotypes 1 and 2 from endocarditis. These latter strains were analyzed experimentally for their pathogenicity in swine and were found to produce the urticarial form. The strains of serotype 1a isolated from swine with arthritis or lymphadenitis pro duced various symp to ms: generalized urticaria with depression and anorexia in some animals, localized urticaria lesions in other animals, and no symp to ms in the remaining animals (Takahashi, 1987). Acute cases can be treated with simultaneous administration of penicillin and antiserum.

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The School may also require any Kingsman Academy Public Charter School 225 employee to erectile dysfunction with new partner order fildena 25mg on-line document her/his hours to erectile dysfunction doctor delhi trusted 100 mg fildena assist the School’s compliance with safety erectile dysfunction caused by vyvanse safe fildena 25mg, accounting impotence psychological fildena 50mg cheap, or fundraising efforts. Non-exempt employees must accurately record the time they begin and end their work, as well as the beginning and ending time of each meal period. They must also record the beginning and ending time of any split shift or departure from work for personal reasons. The supervisor will review and sign time records before submitting them for payroll processing. If corrections are made to a time record, both the employee and the supervisor should verify the accuracy of the changes by initialing the revised time record. Falsifying or tampering with time records (including filling out time sheets or time cards for another employee) may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment. Use of Personal Vehicles for School Business Kingsman Academy does not require that any employee use their personal au to on company business. However, it is unders to od that the occasion may arise where convenience dictates the use of a personal vehicle or rental car to conduct school business. As such, the following guidelines must be followed: • At no time should an administra to r, staff member or teacher transport a student in their personal or rented vehicle. Kingsman Academy does not insure employees’ personal vehicles nor can it assume responsibility for damage to a vehicle parked on the school’s property. Travel/Expense Policy Kingsman Academy will reimburse employees for reasonable expenses incurred on behalf of Kingsman Academy or while on a trip for School business approved by the appropriate supervisor. The following provisions apply: Supervisors may only approve travel plans that are included in the annual budget or expressly approved by the Executive Direc to r. Employees whose travel plans have been approved are expected to make their own travel arrangements. For air, rail, or bus travel, every effort should be made to secure the lowest possible fare. Employees undertaking an unusual car trip for business purposes should consult their supervisor in advance regarding reimbursement. Expense reports should be completed promptly and submitted to the Operations department. Original receipts for travel expenses such as hotels, meals, or other reimbursable expenses must be attached to the expense report. Reimbursable expenses do not include in-room movies, long distance charges, fitness center charges, mini-bar charges, alcohol, etc. The expense report must show the amount, date, the nature of the expense, the place, and with whom the expense was incurred, and must be signed by the appropriate supervisor. Abuse of this business travel expenses policy, including falsifying expense reports to reflect costs not incurred by the employee, can be grounds for disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment. Gifts to Employees & Gift Cards Employees must exercise care and diligence when giving gifts to fellow employees on behalf of Kingsman Academy. Employees are encouraged to consult with Human Resources before making gifts to supervisees or colleagues. Kingsman Academy Public Charter School 227 Tuition Reimbursement Kingsman Academy may provide tuition reimbursement to employees taking graduate and undergraduate courses. The Executive Direc to r will inform all employees of the availability of funding for tuition reimbursement. Full-time employees may be eligible to receive tuition reimbursement up to $1000 for graduate or undergraduate courses related directly to their assignments. Be eligible for tuition reimbursement/general benefits per their employment category and contract; 2. Obtain approval for the course prior to enrollment through the Tuition Reimbursement Program application; 4. Provide evidence that coursework is directly related to faculty/staff assignment; 5. Provide evidence that coursework is offered by an accredited university or college; 6. Provide evidence that she or he earned a “B” average or better in graduate coursework; 7. Provide evidence that she or he earned a “C” average or better in undergraduate coursework; Reimbursements will be issued in the fall of the following school year if the employee continues to be employed by Kingsman Academy. The Executive Direc to r will approve all course reimbursements on a case-by-case basis for all employees. Reimbursements are provided on a first-come, first-served basis, and will only be honored until allocated funds are depleted. This handbook contains only an overview of some programs; you may review the full text of any plan upon request. Please note that the full text of the official documents will govern in the event of any conflicts or ambiguities with any summaries (including any summaries provided in this handbook). This manual provides some basic background information about program participation requirements; it does not describe all benefits or all features of benefits. Human Resources will be happy to provide further information about each of the programs for which you are eligible. While the School respects employees’ privacy and keeps all employee personal information confidential, by the same to ken it expects employees to keep both supervisors and Human Resources apprised of changes in personal circumstances that affect benefits and the School’s operations; this includes, but is not limited to, the following: • It is the School’s expectation that employees will consult in advance with Human Resources when they have questions about or seek changes to coverage. Kingsman Academy reserves the right to alter, modify, or eliminate its benefit plans at any time, as well as to administer and interpret all aspects of such plans to the fullest extent of discretion permitted by applicable federal or state law. Significant changes in plans with vested benefits ordinarily will not be retroactive, unless permitted by applicable law. Furthermore, except when required otherwise by law, it is the individual employee’s responsibility, not Kingsman Academy’ responsibility, to ensure that individual benefit Kingsman Academy Public Charter School 229 elections are consistent with enrollment applications and to address any issues that arise in the course of using benefits. The School will, however, make diligent efforts to rectify benefit administration issues, provided employees notify Human Resources promptly upon discovery of a problem. All employees, regardless of classification, are eligible for Social Security and Medicare contributions on their behalf, for Workers Compensation benefits if they suffer a work related injury, and for unemployment insurance benefits if they are laid off or employment terminated through no fault of their own and are available and able to work. In addition to these benefits, some employees are eligible for all of the benefit programs listed below (see “Employment Categories”), subject to eligibility requirements and any limitations or conditions of each program. Social Security Coverage Every pay period, you and Kingsman Academy each contribute a percentage of your wages in to the Social Security system. Participation in the Social Security system entitles you to certain benefits, such as disability payments and medical insurance for you should you become to tally disabled for any reason prior to normal retirement, survivor benefits to your spouse and minor children if you die, and retirement benefits and health insurance for you and your spouse when you reach retirement age. More information about these benefits may be obtained from your nearest Social Security office or. Workers Compensation Insurance Workers Compensation Insurance provides benefits to employees who sustain on-the-job injuries. If you sustain any accidental injury at work, no matter how minor, you should notify your supervisor immediately so Kingsman Academy can complete required forms and make an assessment as to whether you should be sent for emergency medical treatment. By promptly notifying your supervisor of a job-related injury, you protect your rights to workers compensation benefits in the event that the injury is more serious than first suspected. Workers Compensation Insurance benefits may include: payment of costs of medical care needed for the injury, payment of temporary disability payments during the time the employee cannot work due to the injury, lump sum payments for permanent disability which may limit future employment prospects of the employee, and payment for retraining if the employee is unable to return to the former occupation. Unemployment Compensation Insurance Unemployment benefits are available when employment is suspended or terminated as a result of a layoff due to lack of work or through no fault of the employee, and the employee is able and available for work. Kingsman Academy Public Charter School 230 Health Insurance Kingsman Academy provides health insurance coverage for eligible employees. Employees eligible for insurance may be required to pay a percentage of the premiums for any or all of these products; the percentage shall be determined annually upon the renewal of the policies. However, Kingsman Academy is not required to pay the cost for this extended coverage. An employee who wishes to extend health insurance coverage must inform Kingsman Academy in writing and agree to reimburse Kingsman Academy for the cost each month. In addition, employees who believe they may qualify for Medicaid should contact the School’s human resources representatives regarding their Kingsman Academy and benefits, including Medicaid Part D benefits. Retirement Plan Eligible employees may choose to participate in Kingsman Academy retirement plan. Eligible employees may elect that a portion of their pre-tax pay be withheld each pay period for investment in the School’s retirement plan.

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Due to drinking causes erectile dysfunction buy fildena 150mg fast delivery the inability of some the solution must be killed if the preparation children and elderly people to erectile dysfunction cause purchase fildena 100 mg free shipping swallow solid is to erectile dysfunction juice recipe fildena 50 mg sale remain stable erectile dysfunction under 25 discount 150 mg fildena visa. For this reason, during dosage forms, it is fairly common to day for a the preparation of the solution, the liquid pharmacist to be asked to prepare an oral liq is heated to boiling (prior to carbonation); uid dosage form of a medication available in boiled water is employed to bring the solu the pharmacy only as tablets or capsules. In tion to its proper volume; and boiling water these instances, drug solubility, stability, and is used to rinse the final container. The liquid dosage form selected for the solution is employed as a saline compounding may be a solution or a suspen cathartic, with the citric acid, lemon oil, sion, depending on the chemical and physical syrup, carbonation, and the low temperature characteristics of the particular drug and its of the refrigerated solution all contributing solid dosage form. Vehicles are commercially to the patient’s acceptance of the large vol available for this purpose (6). For many patients, it is Medicated syrups are commercially pre a pleasant way of taking an otherwise bitter pared from the starting materials, that is, by saline cathartic. Naturally, medicated syrups this official solution contains sodium citrate are employed in therapeutics for the value of 100 mg and citric acid 67 mg in each milliliter the medicinal agent present in the syrup. The solution is admin Syrups provide a pleasant means of admin istered orally in doses of 10 to 30 mL as fre istering a liquid form of a disagreeable-tast quently as four times daily as a systemic ing drug. They are particularly effective in the 412 SeCtion Vi • liquid doSage FormS Table 13. Tart fruit flavor is attractive to most patients, and acidic pH makes it useful as a vehicle for drugs requiring an acid medium. Cocoa syrup Suspension of cocoa powder in aqueous vehicle sweetened and thickened with sucrose, liquid glucose, glycerin; flavored with vanilla, sodium chloride. Particularly effective in administering bitter-tasting drugs to children Orange syrup Sucrose-based syrup uses sweet orange peel tincture, citric acid as the source of flavor and tartness. It is low osmolality (<50 mOsmol), pleasant-tasting, sugar-free, alkaline medium available in unflavored and cherry formulas Syrup 85% sucrose in purified water. The fact that syrups contain little or not to imply that other types of drugs are not no alcohol adds to their favor among parents. However, care must be exercised to Examples of medicated syrups are presented ensure compatibility between the drug sub in Table 13. Also, certain flavored syrups Components of Syrups have an acidic medium, whereas others may be neutral or slightly basic, and the proper Most syrups contain the following compo selection must be made to ensure the stabil nents in addition to the purified water and ity of any added medicinal agent. Perhaps any medicinal agents present: (a) the sugar, Chapter 13 • SolutionS 413 Table 13. Treatment of idiopathic Parkinson disease (Continued) 414 SeCtion Vi • liquid doSage FormS Table 13. Dose of ether-soluble 15 mL may be repeated in 20 min if vomiting alkaloids of does not occur. If after the second dose ipecac/15 mL vomiting does not occur, the s to mach should be emptied by gastric lavage. Usually diluted with Associates) water or some other beverage aA usual single dose unless otherwise stated. Chapter 13 • SolutionS 415 usually sucrose, or sugar substitute used to viscosity of such solutions but also because provide sweetness and viscosity; (b) antimi of their inherent stability in contrast to the crobial preservatives; (c) flavorants; and (d) unstable character of dilute sucrose solu colorants. The aqueous sugar medium of dilute cially those prepared commercially, contain sucrose solutions is an efficient nutrient special solvents (including alcohol), solubi medium for the growth of microorganisms, lizing agents, thickeners, or stabilizers. On the other hand, concentrated sugar solutions are quite Sucrose and Nonsucrose-Based resistant to microbial growth because of the Syrups unavailability of the water required for the Sucrose is the sugar most frequently growth of microorganisms. In sucrose in enough purified water to make some instances, all glycogenetic substances 100 mL of syrup. The resulting preparation (materials converted to glucose in the body), generally requires no additional preservation including the agents mentioned earlier, are if it is to be used soon; in the official syrup, replaced by nonglycogenetic substances, such preservatives are added if the syrup is to be as methylcellulose or hydroxyethylcellulose. When properly prepared and main these two materials are not hydrolyzed and tained, the syrup is inherently stable and absorbed in to the blood stream, and their resistant to the growth of microorganisms. Syrup has a spe trolled and restricted to nonglycogenetic sub cific gravity of about 1. Because of these cellulose derivatives is much like that 85 g of sucrose is present, the difference of a sucrose syrup. The solubility of sucrose in alternative agents seek to impart to the syrup is water is 1 g in 0. Thus, only a very and flavorants, results in a type of pharmaceu slight excess of water (about 3. Although not enough to lowed, only a portion of the dissolved drug be particularly amenable to the growth of actually makes contact with the taste buds, the microorganisms, the slight excess of water remainder of the drug being carried past them permits the syrup to remain physically sta and down the throat in the viscous syrup. If the syrup type of physical concealment of the taste is not were completely saturated with sucrose, in possible for a solution of a drug in an unthick cool s to rage, some sucrose might crystallize ened, mobile aqueous preparation. In the case from solution and, by acting as nuclei, initi of antitussive syrups, the thick, sweet syrup ate a type of chain reaction that would result has a soothing effect on the irritated tissues of in separation of an amount of sucrose dis the throat as it passes over them. The syrup would then be very of sucrose, usually 60% to 80%, not only much unsaturated and probably suitable for because of the desirable sweetness and microbial growth. As formulated, the official 416 SeCtion Vi • liquid doSage FormS syrup is stable and resistant to crystallization Sorbi to l solution, to make 1,000. However, many of the other official syrups and a host of commer Cough and Cold Syrup cial syrups are not intended to be as nearly Dextromethorphan 2. High sucrose con centrations will usually protect an oral liquid dosage form from growth of most microorganisms. A problem arises, however, when pharmacists must add other ingredients to syrups that can result in a decrease in the sucrose concentration. This can be overcome, however, by calculating the quantity of a preservative (such as alcohol) to add to the formula to maintain the preservative effectiveness of the final product. Each mL of glycerin can preserve an equivalent quantity of volume (2 fi 15 = 30), so 30 mL would be preserved. Because it requires about 18% alcohol to preserve the water, 01 27 mL of alcohol(00) would be required. Then, other vorants or with naturally occurring materi heat-stable components are added to the hot als, such as volatile oils. If heat ous preparations, these flavorants must be labile agents or volatile substances, such water soluble. However, sometimes a small as volatile flavoring oils and alcohol, are to amount of alcohol is added to a syrup to be added, they are generally added to the ensure the continued solution of a poorly syrup after the sugar is dissolved by heat, water-soluble flavorant. The use of heat facilitates rapid solution of the sugar and certain other components Colorant of syrups; however, caution must be exer cised against becoming impatient and using To enhance the appeal of the syrup, a color excessive heat. Sucrose, a disaccharide, may ing agent that correlates with the flavorant be hydrolyzed in to monosaccharides, dex employed. Generally, the colorant hydrolytic reaction is inversion, and the com is water soluble, nonreactive with the other bination of the two monosaccharide prod syrup components, and color stable at the pH ucts is invert sugar. When heat is applied range and under the intensity of light that the in the preparation of a sucrose syrup, some syrup is likely to encounter during its shelf inversion of the sucrose is almost certain. Should inversion Syrups are most frequently prepared by one occur, the sweetness of the syrup is altered of four general methods, depending on the because invert sugar is sweeter than sucrose, physical and chemical characteristics of the and the normally colorless syrup darkens ingredients. Broadly stated, these methods because of the effect of heat on the levulose are (a) solution of the ingredients with the portion of the invert sugar. When the syrup aid of heat, (b) solution of the ingredients is greatly overheated, it becomes amber by agitation without the use of heat or the colored as the sucrose caramelizes. Syrups simple admixture of liquid components, (c) so decomposed are more susceptible to fer addition of sucrose to a prepared medicated mentation and to microbial growth than the liquid or to a flavored liquid, and (d) perco stable, undecomposed syrups. Because of the lation of either the source of the medicating prospect of decomposition by heat, syrups substance or the sucrose. The use is prepared by more than one of these meth of boiled purified water in the preparation ods, and the selection may simply be a matter of a syrup can enhance its permanency, and of preference on the part of the pharmacist. Solution with the Aid of Heat Syrups are prepared by this method when it Solution by Agitation Without the Aid is desired to prepare the syrup as quickly as of Heat possible and when the syrup’s components To avoid heat-induced inversion of sucrose, are not damaged or volatilized by heat. In a syrup may be prepared without heat by this method, the sugar is generally added agitation. On a small scale, sucrose and other Chapter 13 • SolutionS 419 formulative agents may be dissolved in puri be added directly to simple syrup or to a fla fied water by placing the ingredients in a vored syrup.

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  • Genetic testing (karyotyping)
  • Choriocarcinoma
  • For males, place the entire penis in the bag and attach the adhesive to the skin.
  • Gynecologic laparoscopy
  • Constipation
  • Their peer group may become a safe haven, in which the adolescent can test new ideas.
  • Skin lesions

Pseudocholinesterase deficiency

VaGinal administration intravaginal drug delivery system Vaginal administration of drugs erectile dysfunction protocol reviews cheap fildena 150mg with amex, especially hormones erectile dysfunction drugs side effects discount fildena 100mg free shipping, has several advantages impotence at 50 purchase fildena 50mg otc, including self-insertion and removal loss of erectile dysfunction causes purchase fildena 100mg mastercard, continuous drug administration at an effective dose level, and good patient compliance. The ring is enclosed in a foil pouch inside mize systemic to xicity that may result from the car to n. In a polymeric vaginal drug delivery sys the continuous release of progesterone tem, such as a resilient medicated vaginal in to the uterine cavity provides local rather ring, shown in Figures 20. Two hypotheses for copper-containing intrauterine contraceptive the contraceptive action have been offered: device, the drug may be uniformly distrib uted throughout the polymeric matrix. Upon administration and when in contact with vaginal fluids, the drug will slowly dissolve and migrate out of the device. Drug inside the device will diffuse to ward the surface along a concentration gradient, resulting in a long-acting drug delivery system. Mirena (levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine sys tem) consists of a T-shaped polyethylene frame with a steroid reservoir (hormone elas to mer core) around the vertical stem. The buff-colored semi transparent polymeric hydrogel slab contains Drug reservoir 10 mg of dinopros to ne. The retrieval system is in the shape of a long knitted tape used to retrieve, or remove, the unit after the dosing Rate-controlling interval is complete. The product is designed m em brane to release dinopros to ne in vivo at a rate of about 0. The unit contains 10 mg of dinopros to ne in 236 mg of a cross linked polyethylene oxide–urethane polymer slab that measures 29 mm by 9. When placed in a moist envi M onofilam ent thread ronment, the unit absorbs water, swells, and releases dinopros to ne. The intra upon onset of active labor or 12 hours after uterine device contains 38 mg of progester insertion. After administration, the patient one, a much smaller amount than would be should remain supine for 2 hours but may be taken by other routes of administration over ambula to ry after that time. The this product should be s to red in a freezer intrauterine device is replaced annually for at fi 20°C to fi 10°C (fi 4°F to 14°F); it is pack the maintenance of contraception (5). After opening and upon expo without the need for daily self-medication sure to humidity, it is hygroscopic, and the and has the advantages of (a) using a natu release characteristics of the dinopros to ne ral hormone; (b) containing no estrogens; (c) may be altered if it is improperly s to red (6). A unique method of administering estradiol the device contains the progesterone sus is through the use of the estradiol vaginal pended in silicone oil; barium sulfate is added ring (Estring, Pharmacia Corp. The ring, composed of silicone approximately 14 mg of progesterone, the polymers and barium sulfate, has an outer excess being required to maintain the thermo diameter of 55 mm and a core diameter of dynamic activity of the drug reservoir. The ring is inserted in to the upper third of the vaginal vault and is worn con dinopros to ne Vaginal insert tinuously for the treatment of urogenital Dinopros to ne (Cervidil, Forest Pharmaceu symp to ms associated with postmenopausal ticals) is a thick, flat, rectangular polymeric atrophy of the vagina. Commercial package contains six single-use, individually wrapped prefilled applica to rs. Extended periods of therapy may be achieved by formulations that increase the contact time between the medication and the corneal surface. Crinone Gel Another type of vaginal product with Gels Extended release extended action is the bioadhesive vagi nal gel Crinone Gel (Wyeth-Ayerst), which Although ophthalmic dosage forms are dis contains micronized progesterone and the cussed at length in Chapter 17, it is useful polymer polycarbophil in an oil-in-water to note here certain preparations designed emulsion system. The following are but insoluble in water, swells within the vagina two examples of proprietary products that and forms a bioadhesive gel coating on the use viscosity-increasing agents to increase walls of the vagina. The product is thetic high molecular weight cross-linked used to assist in reproduction and is shown polymer of acrylic acid. Lacrisert (Merck) is a rod-shaped water Up to 80% of an administered dose may be soluble form of hydroxypropyl cellulose. The inserts soften and Transparent Annular ring rate-controlling surrounds slowly dissolve, thickening the precor reservoir m em branes neal tear film and prolonging the tear film Opaque white breakup. It also contains alginic acid, a seaweed car the tear fluid penetrates the microporous bohydrate, which serves as a carrier for pilo membrane, dissolving the pilocarpine. One impregnated with titanium dioxide (pig advantage to this system is enhanced com ment) that makes it easier for the patient to pliance, as the patient does not have to see. The insert is placed in the cul-de-sac, remember to instill the drops and has no where it will float with the tears. The pilocar blurred vision or slight discomfort that pine will diffuse from the device and exert its occurs when applying drops to the eyes. The systems are designed to release at 20 or Ocusert systems cause less blurring of vision than con ventional pilocarpine eye drops, which must be admin 40 mg per hour for 1 week. The units contain either is used as a matrix that releases the drug con 5 or 11 mg of drug initially and are designed tents through controlled diffusion and enzy to retain about 40% of the initial quantity of matic matrix degradation. Examples of proprietary parenteral prod long-acting parenteral systems ucts having long-acting features are pre sented in Table 20. Conventional parenteral Extended rates of drug action following injec products and methods of administration are tion may be achieved in a number of ways, discussed in Chapter 15. They are composed of one tion of slowly eroding microspheres of drug or many lipid membranes enclosing discrete (7). The enclosed vesi forms of insulin, for example, is based in part cles can encapsulate water-soluble drugs in on its physical form (amorphous or crystal the aqueous spaces, and lipid-soluble drugs line), complex formation with added agents, can be incorporated in to the membranes. Liposomes can be administered parenter Matrix carrier systems based on biode ally, to pically, by inhalation, and possibly by gradable materials for parenteral application other routes of administration. Current prod have been examined as a potential means ucts are administered parenterally. Depo-Provera Contraceptive Medroxyprogesterone acetate, water-insoluble, in aqueous Injection (Pharmacia) suspension. Prepare a solution of a lipid To extend the half-life of liposomes in the (lecithin) in an organic solvent (ace to ne, body, “stealth liposomes” have been devel chloroform) in a beaker. Allow the solvent to oped by coating the liposomes with materi evaporate, leaving a thin film of the lipid on als, such as the polymer polyethylene glycol the walls of the container. This extends their half-life from the beaker walls, it forms spheres or and may also alter their biodistribution. The liposomes can be collected, sized, lowing: (a) Liposome-encapsulated drugs and used. The Many advances in liposome preparation, hydrophobic tail is composed of fatty acids including composition, sizing, classification, containing generally 10 to 24 carbon a to ms, and enhancing stability, have been made. Lecithin been investigated for a number of years as (phosphatidylcholine) is a backbone structure potential drug delivery systems, and now are that has been studied extensively. The product is Some liposomes are unique because they yellow and opaque with a pH in the range of can be selectively absorbed by tissues rich 5 to 7. The formulation per milliliter is pro in reticuloendothelial cells, such as the liver, vided as the following (9): spleen, and bone marrow. In addition, different liposomal or lipid-complexed products with aspergillosis when prior amphotericin with a common active ingredient may vary from one B deoxycholate therapy has failed. Such differences may for injection by rapidly adding the water to affect functional properties of these drug products. For infusion, lized product for intravenous infusion; each it is further diluted in 5% dextrose injection. Also, for further dilu terol, 84 mg of distearoyl phosphatidylglyc tion, it should not be admixed with sodium erol, 0. Solutions contain sucrose, and 27 mg of disodium succinate ing benzyl alcohol or any other bacteriostatic hexahydrate as a buffer. When reconstituted agent should not be used, as they may cause with sterile water for injection, the pH of the precipitation. AmBisome is used, and the infusion admixture should not a true, single bilayer liposomal drug delivery be mixed with other drugs. When the powder is reconstituted, a Y-injection site or similar device, flush the multiple concentric bilayer membranes are line with 5% dextrose injection before and formed; these are changed by microemulsi after infusion of Amphotec. AmBisome contains lipo refrigerated and used within 24 hours; do not somes that are less than 100 nm in diameter. If further diluted with 5% dextrose Amphotericin B is a macrocyclic polyene injection, it should be refrigerated and used antifungal antibiotic that is produced from a within 24 hours (10). Daunorubicin citrate liposome injection Amphotec (amphotericin B cholesteryl (DaunoXome, Gilead Sciences) is an aqueous sulfate, Sequus Pharmaceuticals) is a sterile, solution of daunorubicin citrate encapsulated pyrogen-free lyophilized powder for recon with liposomes composed of distearoyl phos stitution and intravenous administration. It phatidylcholine and cholesterol (2:1 molar is a 1:1 molar ratio complex of amphotericin ratio), with a mean diameter of about 45 nm B and cholesteryl sulfate that upon reconsti (range 35 to 65 nm). The weight ratio of lipid tution forms a colloidal dispersion of micro to drug is 18. Each 50-mg base), equivalent to a 10:5:1 molar ratio of single-dose vial contains amphotericin B distearoyl phosphatidylcholine, cholesterol, 50 mg, sodium cholesteryl sulfate 26.

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