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By: Kelly C. Rogers, PharmD, FCCP

  • Professor, Department of Clinical Pharmacy, University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy, Memphis, Tennessee


Reassess based on relevant clinical data diabetes test apotheke zürich 0.5 mg repaglinide overnight delivery, microbiologic and/or radiographic information fifiAssess for de-escalation as appropriate based on available microbiology culture and susceptibility results 2 Antimicrobial Treatment Guidelines for Common Infections (Click arrow but to diabetic diet calculator buy discount repaglinide 1 mg online ns fi to diabetic cat food repaglinide 1mg on line navigate) Section 1: Ana to diabetes in older dogs trusted repaglinide 1 mg mical Page Foot Diabetic Foot Infectionsfi. Onset with severe symp to ms or signs of high fever (greater than or equal to 39 °C) and purulent nasal discharge or facial pain lasting for at least 3 to 4 consecutive days at the beginning of illness 3. Too loose an interpretation Cephalosporin (any) Amoxicillin + Clavulanic acid of “severe pneumonia” contributes to overprescribing second-third generation cephalosporins Levofloxacin + Ampicillin Levofloxacin alone ± Amoxicillin and respira to ry fluoroquinolones Please note, oral monotherapy vs combined therapy (atypicals) >>clinical judgement. High risk: his to ry of anaphylaxis, angioedema, bronchospasm, hypotension, urticaria, Stevens-Johnson or to xic epidermal necrolysis, early onset rashes. Low risk: Maculopapular, non pruritic rashes, rashes greater than 72 hours after administration, nausea, diarrhoea. The oral suspension dosage form of nevirapine is only available in Canada via Health Canada’s Special Access Programme. However, after immunization with pneumococcal 23-valent polysaccharide vaccine antibody levels begin 6 to decline after 5 to 10 years and the duration of immunity is unknown. If pneumococcal 23-valent polysaccharide vaccine has been previously received then wait 1 year 10 before giving pneumococcal 13-valent conjugate vaccine. In the case where only one vaccine can be given then it should be the pneumococcal 23-valent polysaccharide vaccine. A single life time booster of pneumococcal 23-valent polysaccharide vaccine is recommended 5 years 6 after the initial dose. A single dose of Haemophilus influenzae type b (HiB) conjugate vaccine is recommended in all patients who are functionally or ana to mically aslpenic and greater than 5 years of age 5,6 regardless of previous Hib immunization. This is despite limited efficacy data and a low overall risk of 6 Haemophilus influenzae sepsis in patients greater than 5 years of age. Booster doses are recommended every 3 5 years in individuals vaccinated at 6 years 6 of age or younger and every 5 years for individuals vaccinated at greater than 6 years of age. In addition, all routine immunizations and yearly influenza vaccination should be given as there are no contraindications to the use of any vaccine in patients with functional or ana to mical 6 hyposplenia. Asplenic patients are at increased risk of travel related infectious diseases, including malaria 9 and babesiosis. Overwhelming Postsplenec to my Infection Syndrome in Adults – A Clinically Preventable Disease. Spelman D, Buttery J, Daley A, Isaacs D, Jennens I, Kakakios A, Lawrence R, Roberts S, Torda A, Watson D, Woolley I, Anderson T, Street A. The following orders will be carried out by a nurse only on the authority of a physician/nurse practitioner. A bullet preceding an order indicates the order is standard and should always be implemented. Adapted with permission from Antimicrobial Handbook-2010 Capital Health, Nova Scotia Updated Jan 2014 17 Adult Splenec to my Vaccines Documentation for Primary Care Provider and Public Health Please complete and forward to patient’s primary care provider and local public health office on discharge. Vaccinations are recommended to reduce the risk of infection in this patient population. Adapted with permission from Antimicrobial Handbook-2010 Capital Health, Nova Scotia Updated Jan 2014 18 Splenec to my Information for Patients Role of the spleen: fi the spleen has many functions, including removal of damaged blood cells. Patients without a spleen are at increased risk of travel related infectious diseases, including severe malaria. When to seek medical attention: fi If you receive a tick or animal bites/scratches. You may be at risk of developing a serious infection fi If you notice any signs of infection, including fever, sore throat, chills, unexplained cough, vomiting or diarrhea. Adapted with permission from Antimicrobial Handbook-2010 Capital Health, Nova Scotia Updated Jan 2014 19 Wallet card for Asplenic Patients Please complete card and give to patient on hospital discharge. Medical attention required for: fi Signs of infection fever > 38fiC, sore throat, chills, unexplained cough. Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol 2010; 31(5):431-455 Antimicrobial Stewardship Treatment Guidelines for Common Infections. Breaking the Cycle: Treatment Strategies for 163 Cases of Recurrent Clostridium difficile Disease. Canadian Thoracic Society Recommendations for Management of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease – 2008 update – Highlights for primary care. Global Strategy for the Diagnosis Management and Prevention of Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease – Update 2014. Clinical practice guidelines by the infectious diseases society of America for the treatment of methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureas infections in adults and children. Practice guidelines for the diagnosis and management of skin and soft-tissue infections. White’s “Death of a Pig” (from “As my own spirits declined, along with the pig’s” to “the pig was not going to live”), in which White moves between ruminating on the deterioration of his pig and his own state of mind, and recounting a humorous conversation with and visit from the veterinarian. Students analyze how White’s ideas are developed in this section by particular sentences, paragraphs and structural choices, such as the order of events, use of dialogue, use of comparison and patterns of language including repetition of key words and phrases. Student learning is assessed via a Quick Write at the end of the lesson: How do White’s specific structural choices in this section develop ideas he introduced earlier in the textfi For homework, students look up the definition of tragedy in a literary context and consider the impact of this word on their understanding of E. Come to discussions prepared, having read and researched material under study; explicitly draw on that preparation by referring to evidence from texts and other research on the to pic or issue to stimulate a thoughtful, well-reasoned exchange of ideas. Propel conversations by posing and responding to questions that relate the current File: 10. This work is licensed under a 1 Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3. Respond thoughtfully to diverse perspectives, summarize points of agreement and disagreement, and, when warranted, qualify or justify their own views and understanding and make new connections in light of the evidence and reasoning presented. Seek to understand other perspectives and cultures and communicate effectively with audiences or individuals from varied backgrounds. Assessment Assessment(s) Student learning is assessed via a Quick Write at the end of the lesson. Students respond to the following prompt, citing textual evidence to support analysis and inferences drawn from the text. High Performance Response(s) A High Performance Response should: fi Identify an idea that was introduced earlier in the text. White’s choice to repeat key phrases, like the repetition of “deep hemorrhagic infarcts” which is humorous but also represents the connection that the author feels between himself and the pig. This connection makes the idea of imbalance or disorder seem even more central to the text, since something has gone seriously wrong with the pig and possibly also with the man. This work is licensed under a 2 Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3. Vocabulary to teach (may include direct word work and/or questions) fi stereotyped (adj. This work is licensed under a 3 Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3. This work is licensed under a 4 Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3. Instruct student pairs to share and discuss the vocabulary words they identified and defined in the previous lesson’s homework. Activity 3: Reading and Discussion 40% Instruct students to re-form their groups from 10. However, if necessary to support comprehension and fluency, consider using a masterful reading of the focus excerpt for the lesson. Instruct student groups to reread section 3, paragraphs 1 and 2, from “As my own spirits declined, along with the pig’s” through “was not as difficult as I anticipated,” And answer the following questions before sharing out with the class. Provide students with the following definitions: irrigation means “therapeutic flushing of a body part with a stream of liquid; enema”; potency means “the strength or effectiveness of something”; inextricably means “incapable of being disentangled or untied”; physicking means “treating with or administering medicine”; paraphernalia means “objects that are used to do a particular activity; objects of a particular kind”; rectal means “relating to the rectum (the last part of the large intestine)”; and embodiment means “someone or something that is a perfect example of a quality, idea, etc. This work is licensed under a 5 Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3. As the author grows more concerned about the condition of the pig, the dog is “delighted” (section 3, paragraph 1) and “happy” (section 3, paragraph 2). Fred and White and the pig are all connected, and the relationship between the man and the dog is a contrast to the relationship to the man and the pig. Instruct student groups to re-read section 3, paragraph 3 (from “I discovered, though, that once having given a pig an enema” through “the dark spots on the pig’s back, his voice changed its to ne”) and answer the following questions before sharing out with the class.

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In order to diabetes diet with insulin trusted repaglinide 2 mg accomplish this diabetes 62 generic repaglinide 0.5mg amex, the committee continues managing diabetes in dogs naturally generic repaglinide 1mg with visa, “it is crucial that the company achieve competitive and praised ability diabetes in dogs food quality 0.5 mg repaglinide, technology, speed and flexibility, and vitality. The term everybody here implies all levels in the organization—from frontline opera to rs to middle management to executive management. All of the problem solving processes by all parties contribute to strengthen the organizational capacity and management of the company. It is “a strategy, a way of doing businesses, a way of managing, a way of looking at the organization and its activities” (Anschutz 1995, 13). It is crucial that management plays a key role in establishing the hierarchical objectives and directs the employees. A company can achieve its objectives and guide its employees to ward the mission and vision of management in its daily operations in the following ways. In the business context, creed—any organized system or statement of beliefs, principles, and so on—is a philosophy of business execution and strong ethical backbone. This is 34 2 Total Quality Management the level where management commits itself to firm discipline. Second, the creed is incorporated in to the mission—that is, a specific business or task that a person is assigned to carry out. For example, it could be a list of commitments for contributing to society or to cus to mers through particular products or services. This mission will be widely disseminated throughout the company as the mission statement, which identifies loyal cus to mers, the company’s competencies, and its major products, services, and market domains. The mission is the company’s commitment to determine the direction, specific needs, and roles of the company and how those needs are to be met. The vision will also include the kinds of rewards a company can expect from implementing that management. Bhote (1996, 57) has identified organizational and cultural change in a company as being crucial in order to achieve cus to mer confidence and loyalty, and says it should be achieved by shifting from an “internal focus” to an “external focus”. Managers who demonstrate high loyalty to the company do not necessarily mean that the company will then provide the best quality to it cus to mers. The managers need to be more accessible to their employees, less authoritarian, and more considerate of employee welfare; and opera to rs have to be “full time opera to rs” rather than “9–5 employees” (Anschutz 1995, 1). Identify what’s Business conscience Business good/bad As for more detailed Ethics Build for human-oriented Employee treatment objectives and policies, there workshop Employee obligations Disseminate what’s orderly are a number of elements Behavior in workshop and controlled in workshop that the company needs to Morals Employee obligations Disseminate what’s orderly in social life and controlled meet in line with its objective and vision. Yet, the responsibilities taken will Responsibility Top Senior Middle Super differ depending on Mgt Mgt Mgt visors individuals’ positions within Stakeholder satisfaction x x x the organization. From Cus to mer satisfaction x x x x figure 24 you can see that to p management plays a major Employee satisfaction x x x x role in stakeholder, cus to mer, Upgrading competitiveness x x x and employee satisfaction, whereas supervisors assume Market share expansion x x much responsibility in regard Profitability improvement x x to cus to mers, employees, Employee ability improvement competitiveness, and the x x x ability of employees. Supplier collaboration improvement x x x It is important to note that even though the illustration suggests who the major Mission statement x x holders of responsibility are, How to create x x it does not imply that others will not take any lead. How to sustain x x x There should always be How to improve x x x x horizontal collaborations How to assess x x x between the management levels in order to optimally New product development x x pursue the organizational New technology development x x objectives. New process development x x As for strategy, the Personnel development x x x development of new products, technology, and processes, as well as capacity building of employees, will take place to meet the above objectives. In the commitment, management is expected to answer questions such as n What is on the company’s horizon—that is, what is its dreamfi Total Quality concerns are basically announced by the management, which is committed to the company’s policy and established goals. They are then disseminated to all levels of departments and sections, with specific measurable policies and objectives. It is not difficult to find examples of established companies, with long-standing fame, being hit hard by scandal—seeing their favorable public reputation being lost quickly. Jack Welch, former president of General Electric, a company famous for good quality management, managers should lead people rather than manage people. Yet, it is important to note that there is an overall flow of the implementation process. Promotion Phase fiIntroduction of policy management and linking of improvement activities to management policy fiStandardization activities fiOperation of cross-functional management fiIntroduction of management quality audit 4. Yet as Kanji states, the fundamental and common fac to rs that each organization has to go through during these processes are somewhat the same—the change will be “the change in management style (Kanji and Asher 1993, 104). They “identify and collect information about the organization in the prime areas where improvement will have most impact on performance” (ibid. As has been discussed, the commitment of management and its strong leadership are two of the most important elements in 39 2 Total Quality Management quality management. They try it in one part of the organization to see if it can be applied in other departments of responsibility. At the same time, specific training is provided and the activities are disseminated among the different levels of the company. Thus, linking the policy with improvement activity enables the activity to be implemented systematically across the whole company. Once the activities are seen to be effective, they are standardized and expanded company wide. As a cross-functional operation, after activities are well established, the company often tries to tackle problems that affect the company as a whole (ibid. Also a management audit takes place so as to see whether—and if so, how—the policy is implemented in the organization. Management is expected to examine not only the implementation of the activities but also the outcome of those activities and provide appropriate comments and guidance. Application for a quality award such as the Malcolm Baldrige Award or the Deming Prize can be one of the stimuli for the organization. In the final phase, the main issues will be in regard to how to maintain the improved company-wide quality management. It is important to make sure that the quality level does not deteriorate once it has been improved. This underscores the importance for the company to improve and enhance its activities in a systematic manner from time to time. Management in any company will be concerned with how much it will cost to start up the activity. But, in fact, it is quite difficult to generalize the issue, as company size varies and the need for capacity building differs. As you can see, a large part of the cost comes from training, since providing training for all different levels of people in a company, from management to frontline opera to rs, is indispensable in order for everyone to fully understand what is going to be introduced and why and how is it going to be introduced. Outside seminars provide opportunities for participants to learn lessons from other companies’ participants about their domestic and international experiences, whereas the internal training is effective in more company-focused learning. In the case of in-house lectures, organizers can mobilize international or domestic resource persons, depending on the accumulation of capacities in a country. The final category, policy management costs, is for the holding of company-wide management meetings, where the senior managers gather and discuss their annual policy and decide their annual goal for the following year. To interpret the cost implications and resolve possible problems for small companies, the following are to be carefully considered: the cost allocation over the years in an actual case will be somewhat flatter than assumed in the hypothetical example in figure 26. Therefore, the manner of mobilizing experienced experts is a major fac to r in the overall cost. However, it is true that such teaching (or coaching) by international experts needs to be repetitive to some extent at the early stage of introduction. Therefore, a central issue is the balancing of two modalities: the exploitation of international expertise and the creation of internal capacities. In fact, small companies can drastically economize expenditures for Circle activities, since they can implement them in a very simple and substantive manner. General Headquarters had identified that one of the causes for telephone line deficiency in Japan was due to quality deficiency in vacuum tubes. A research group was formed within the union and it opened its first seminar course for quality management in 1949. Deming explained quality management as a most effective, most productive method that creates the most wanted products by cus to mers in a most economical way. In order to manage systems in such way, it is important to make sure that design, production, research, and services are well circulated.

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The study was conducted over an than a single mechanism oral diabetes medications a1c reduction order 2mg repaglinide, a number of events are eleven-year period with 382 women and 312 men responsible for penile erections diabetes prevention program victoria cheap repaglinide 2mg otc. Masters and Johnson described a four hypothesized that the interplay of arterial inlow with phased cycle relating to diabetes 911 discount repaglinide 0.5mg overnight delivery male and female sexual the shunting of blood in to diabetes symptoms drinking alcohol generic repaglinide 1mg with amex the corpora cavernosal responses. To measure physiological changes, they spaces and the obstruction of venous outlow used electroencephalographs, electrocardiographs, resulted in the engorgement of the penis [61]. They estimated that they had observed «10,000 complete James Semans: cycles of sexual response». Semans (1910-2005), a Duke University of vaginal lubrication and orgasm and proved that surgeon and urologist combined a career as a leading some women were capable of being multiorgasmic. He was a pioneer in In 1966 Masters and Johnson published “Human rehabilitative and urinary surgery. Sexual Response” and in 1970 “Human Sexual Inadequacy”, where they discussed sexual problems the cultural climate of the southern United States such as impotence [14]. Deeply religious and very homogeneous the south was not progressive in any Around 1970 many physicians were dealing with sense, particularly when it comes to sexual matters. He was the irst to describe a direct, chapter on terminology of this article (see above). A key event for the formation of another important this article is one the irst major open discussion of society was the “First International Conference on the behavioral issues surrounding sexual dysfunction Corpus Cavernosum Revascularization” in New York to appear in the literature. Zorgniotti, a visionary out that premature ejaculation could lead to erectile urologist from the Cabrini Medical Center in New dysfunction. The paper consists of an observational York, identiied and invited experts on vasculogenic series of cases, each discussed individually which impotence from all over the world for this meeting. First gynecologists, general practitioners to be renamed European exposure to syphilis: the Dominican Republic at the time of Columbian contact. Clin Infect Dis 2000;31:936 as the “International Society for Sexual Medicine” 941. The birth and development of Sexual Medicine: 30) Schultheiss D, Denil J, Jonas U. The birth of sexual medicine: Paolo Mantegazza Present Day as pioneer of sexual medicine in the 19th century. Woman’s Body, Woman’s Right: A Social R, Rosen R, Giuliano F, Khoury S, Mon to rsi F, edi to rs. New York: Penguin Sexual medicine: Sexual dysfunctions in men and women, Books; 1976. The per se and sexual distress are classed as having a two components of epidemiology, descriptive sexual dysfunction. Those reading the to increase prospects for prevention) are the main literature might erroneously conclude that the higher components for this chapter, in addition to deining prevalence is due to population differences when in the sexual disorders in women and men. Incidence fact a large part of the difference in prevalence may is deined as the number of new cases with a certain simply be due to the inconsistent use of deinitions. Prevalence Thus, a uniform nomenclature including categorizations characterizes the proportion of a given population as well as quantiications is necessary in order to pave that at a given time has the condition. Therefore, it is the road for valid and reliable: 1) comparative studies important that epidemiological studies are reasonably between nations and regions 2) identiication of risk valid, and particularly that they cover representative fac to rs/co-morbidities 3) primary and secondary samples. In case of sexual dysfunctions, incidence preventions and 4) evidence based interventions. Lack of consensus in deinition of the was to use evidence based medicine standards for condition and in scaling does, however, lead to inclusion of material analysed and cited. Different methodological validity described by Prins et al [7], who identiied 15 rationales, such as the time period studied (1 month, dicho to mizable (yes/no) points for being recognized 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, life-time), different age as valid from the prevalence or incidence point of strata included and (self-) selection biases are other view (see Table 1). Some reports regionally representative studies published in peer included only one particular sexual dysfunction, reviewed journal or in books, and judged to be al most prominently for studies of erectile dysfunction, least reasonably valid, i. This heterogeneity are mainly scored 10 or higher using the evidence in the literature means that we are often unable to based criteria. Criteria for the methodolical quality assessment of prevalence studies one point for yes to lower case External validity Source population (a) Does the method to select and invite participants result in a study population that covers the complete population or a random samplefi Participants and nonresponders (d) Is the response rate > 70%, or is the information on nonresponders suficient to make inference on the representativeness of the study populationfi Description of the study population (f) Are important population characteristicsa speciiedfi Measurement instrument (questionnaire, interview, additional) (h) Is the measurement instrument validatedfi It is underlined that the clinical evalua- function per se is deined as the various ways in tion should include etiological fac to rs. They suggest that many not include delayed ejaculation as a category by cases of impaired sexual response or interest are itself, presumably regarding retarded ejaculation as not dysfunctions per se, but are adaptive reactions equivalent to lack of orgasm. It is explicitly pointed out that each disorder found that, for women and men alike, all sexual dys- must be separated from a dysfunction exclusively functions are generally signiicantly associated. Here, a set of subtypes and differential diagnostic point of view are neces- is introduced. The latter set of deinitions is valid only sary, it appears unsound to assume that one sexual if the dysfunction is fully explained by the medical disorder per se can, a priori, be expected to be a condition or the physical effects of a substance/drug, solitary phenomenon for any given individual. While it is important to recognise distress dimension: the disturbance causes marked that sexual problems can stem from a wide range distress or interpersonal dificulty”. These A and B of causes, this approach of including – or excluding sets of deinitions enable distinguishing a dysfunction – possible etiology in the deinition of sexual per se from its emotional impact (but only if marked) dysfunction may undermine research aimed at – intra as well as interpersonally. The B category improving our understanding of women’s and men’s does not leave a possibility for inclusion of mild or sexuality. This makes it dificult to undertake a been suggested that criteria specifying severity and valid analysis of risk fac to rs or demonstrate causal duration be added in order to distinguish sexual relationships between these risk fac to rs and sexual disorders requiring medical intervention fromtransient responses. For example there is evidence that alterations in sexual function related to life stress relationship fac to rs play a very important role in or relationship dificulties. Subjective sexual fac to rs that are important in western societies may arousal dysfunction is the absence of or markedly be very different to those in other cultures. Epidemiology studies may subjective arousal is typically but not invariably ask the incidence or prevalence of a disorder in unpleasant. The arousal is unrelieved by one or a community but for clinical deinitions further more orgasms and the feeling or arousal persists for expansion such as duration and severity may need hours or days. The latter in epidemiological studies go d) Orgasmic dysfunction in women is lack of beyond the per se deinition of the disorder itself. Vaginismus is the persistent or recurrent dificulties of the woman to allow vaginal on the basis of these deliberations, this committee entry of a penis, a inger and/or any object, despite has selected the following deinitions. There is often not generally separate organic from psychological (phobic) avoidance and anticipation/fear of pain. They include degree of distress scales, life came primarily from deliberations by the work by long or acquired status, situational or generalized Basson et al [22] and the members of chapter 16 of occurrence, and other relevant conditional states. This as reasons/incentives), for attempting to become committee suggests a deinition identical to the one sexually aroused are scarce or absent. A 3-months minimum duration is accepted scale has been tricho to mized: No dysfunction (nev- for establishment of the diagnosis. Problems can arise when single questions are e) Orgasmic dysfunction is inability to achieve an used in epidemiological studies. For example in a orgasm, markedly diminished intensity of orgasmic number of studies respondents are simply asked sensations or marked delay of orgasm during any to report problems (or dificulties) with sexual kind of sexual stimulation. There is a self-report of desire that occurred for one month or more in (high) sexual arousal/excitement in this disorder previous 12 months. Moreover, we cannot be sure to what extent distress has been taken in to To make studies comparable, it seems to be of im- account in participant responses or whether some portance not only to have uniform deinitions but also participants have incorporated distress in their to use uniform scales. Although several epidemiological studies Hardly ever / Rather rarely / Rather / often Never have used single items to assess sexual function in / hardly ever / Rather rarely/rather often / often/Al- different domains, currently there is a lack of empirical ways, Nearly always) has been used applying single evidence for the discriminant validity of single-item questions both for characterization of dysfunction measures of sexual dysfunction in women. In recent study prevalence estimates from the Netherlands [50], and one from Finland produced by simple non-validated questions were [51, 52] (See Tables 2 and 3. The most month) were examined side by side, simple questions important conclusion that can be drawn from these produced signiicantly different prevalence estimates studies is that incidence is strongly associated with for desire, arousal, orgasm and pain disorders age. Based on an analysis which simultaneously and quantitatively evaluates of baseline characteristics of men in the study, the them can provide an interesting option to overview authors conclude that the analysis sample was them. Inasmuch as this study in men consisted of a baseline measurement and 2 follow There are few epidemiological surveys addressing up measurements after an average of 2. Change in erectile function was signiicantly the annual incidence rate increased with each correlated with change in all other sexual function decade of age (table 2). Correlations among changes in erectile function, sexual drive, and ejacula to ry function were In this study, an attempt was made to determine consistent across age groups.

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The Gingivitis and Mouth Breathing gingivitis may be localized or widespread and fre quently is accompanied by itching and burning diabetes diet and nutrition trusted repaglinide 2mg. Habitual mouth breathing favors the development Similar lesions have been described on the to diabetes prevention websites purchase repaglinide 0.5mg without prescription ngue of gingivitis with some special clinical features diabete fifa 15 effective repaglinide 1 mg. Desquamative gingivitis may specific disease entity diabetic diet in chinese cheap repaglinide 2 mg line, but is a descriptive term be the only oral manifestation or may be associ used to name a rather nonspecific gingival man ated with other oral manifestations of a chronic ifestation of several disease processes. In the presence of desquama findings suggest that the great majority of cases of tive gingivitis the identification of the underlying desquamative gingivitis represents a manifestation disease is based on the following criteria: careful of chronic bullous derma to ses, such as cicatricial clinical observation of all intraoral and extraoral pemphigoid, pemphigus vulgaris, bullous pem lesions, his to pathologic examination of gingival phigoid, and lichen planus. The lesions vary in size to ngue immediately anterior to the circumvallate from several millimeters to several centimeters papillae. Two clinical varieties are recognized: a and are due to desquamation of the filiform papil smooth, well-circumscribed red plaque that is lae, whereas the fungiform papillae remain intact devoid of normal papillae, slightly below the level and prominent. However, similar lesions have also been described in other areas of the differential diagnosis includes interstitial the oral mucosa (such as lips, buccal mucosa, syphilitic glossitis, erythema to us candidosis, geo palate, gingiva) and have been described as geo graphic to ngue, thyroglossal duct cyst, lymphan graphic s to matitis or migra to ry s to matitis (Fig. The differential diagnosis includes oral lesions of Treatment is generally not required. Fissured Tongue Hairy Tongue Fissured or scrotal to ngue is a common develop Hairy to ngue is a relatively common disorder that mental malformation of unknown cause and is due to hypertrophy and elongation of the fili pathogenesis. The fissures may hypertrophy and elongation of the filiform papil vary in depth, size, and number and usually have a lae of the dorsum of the to ngue, which take on a symmetrical distribution. The disorder is usually asymp to matic although Fissured to ngue may coexist with geographic the excessive length of the papillae may cause an to ngue and is one of the clinical diagnostic criteria unpleasant feeling in the mouth, resulting in gag of Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome. In cases of extreme papillary elon gation, to pical use of kera to lytic agents (such as salicylic acid in alcohol, podophyllin in alcohol, trichloroacetic acid) may be helpful. Dehydration ity glossodynia represents a manifestation of an and soft diet are also predisposing fac to rs. In glossodynia of psychologic origin, sents as a white or whitish-yellow thick coating on the to ngue is usually normal, although slight the dorsal surface of the to ngue (Fig. The patient complains of a burning sensation or itching, usually at the tip and the the differential diagnosis includes hairy to ngue, lateral borders of the to ngue. Treatment of underlying illnesses and cerophobia, shows remissions and exacerbations, good oral hygiene. The cause of the disease is unknown, although several predisposing fac to rs, such as allergic reac tions, endocrine disorders, and C. Plasma cell glossitis may persist for a prolonged period and may be accompanied by a burning sensation. Similar lesions may appear on the gingiva, lips, and other areas of the oral mucosa. The differential diagnosis includes geographic to ngue, allergic reactions, and candidosis. Glossodynia, slight erythema and mild elongation of fungiform papillae at the tip of the to ngue. Hypertrophy of the circumvallate papil red if there is intense friction or pressure against lae results in red, well-circumscribed raised the teeth. They may become inflamed and enlarged in response to local chronic irritation or infection (Fig. Diseases of the Tongue Hypertrophy of the Fungiform Papillae Sublingual Varices the fungiform papillae appear as multiple small In persons more than 60 years of age varicosities round red nodules along the anterior portion of of the sublingual veins are common. Sublingual varices are benign and they are usually Excessive smoking, alcohol consumption, hot discovered accidentally by the patient. A burning sen Median lip fissure is a relatively rare disorder that sation and feeling of dryness may occur. Recently, a hereditary predisposi Actinic cheilitis may occur as an acute or chronic tion has been proposed. Chronic actinic cheilitis is observed in sents as a deep inflamma to ry, persistent vertical older persons as a result of long-standing exposure fissure at the middle of the lip, usually infected by to sunlight (such as farmers, seamen) and charac bacteria and Candida albicans (Fig. In persis sively, the epithelium becomes thin, atrophic with tent severe cases, surgical excision with plastic small whitish-gray areas intermingled with red reconstruction is recommended. Diseases of the Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis Cheilitis Glandularis Exfoliative cheilitis is a chronic inflamma to ry dis Cheilitis glandularis is an uncommon chronic order of the vermilion border of the lips, which is inflamma to ry disorder involving chiefly the lower characterized by the persistent formation of scales lip. Clinically, it consists of enlargement may become aggravated by cold or very hot of the lip due to minor salivary gland hyperplasia weather. This pattern is repetitive, resulting in thick openings from which mucus or mucopustular fluid ening, scaling, and crusting of one or both lips may be expressed on pressure. Topical moistening agents (such as the differential diagnosis includes cheilitis cocoa butter) and to pical steroids may be helpful. His to pathologic examination is Contact Cheilitis essential in establishing the diagnosis. Treatment consists of discontinuing all contact with the offending substance and use of to pical steroids. Clinically, it is characterized by diffuse red believed to be a monosymp to matic form of the ness with slight swelling of the vermilion border of Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome. Small vesicles, erosions, and cheilitis, allergic reactions, actinic cheilitis, ery scaling may occasionally appear. The disease usu throplakia, candidosis, lichen planus, and lupus ally has a sudden onset and a chronic course, with erythema to sus. Topical steroid ointments, intrale sional injection of triamcinolone, or systemic steroids may be useful in some cases. Two types ducts of the submandibular gland, sublingual are recognized: extravasation mucoceles are most gland, or the accessory salivary glands of the floor common (more than 80%) and their pathogenesis of the mouth, and its pathogenesis is similar to is related to duct rupture from trauma due to that of mucoceles. His to pathologic examination bicuspids, less commonly on the buccal mucosa, floor of the mouth, palate, to ngue, and very sel establishes the diagnosis. Usually, they appear suddenly, rapidly reaching their final size, and may persist for several weeks to several months. Sometimes they empty partially and then reform due to accumulation of fresh fluid. Soft-Tissue Cysts Eruption Cyst Gingival Cyst of the Adult Eruption cyst is a variety of dentigerous cyst that Gingival cyst is rare in adult patients and may be is associated with an erupting deciduous or perma located either in the free or attached gingiva. It is commonly located at the site of originates from epithelial rests (such as dental eruption of the canines and molars. It is more frequent in eruption cyst appears as well-demarcated, fluc patients more than 40 years of age and is located tuant, and soft swelling directly overlying the most often to the mandibular vestibule between alveolus at the site of the erupting to oth. Clinically, it often, the color is blue, or dark red when the cyst appears as a small well-circumscribed nodule of cavity is filled with blood (Fig. The differential diagnosis includes hemangioma, the differential diagnosis includes mucocele, hema to ma, amalgam tat to o, oral pigmented nevi, periodontal abscess, peripheral ossifying fibroma, and malignant melanoma. His to pathologic examination is soft swelling of the palatine papilla, covered with necessary to establish the diagnosis. When it is localized in the oral cavity, it is usually found on the dorsum of the to ngue close to the foramen Nasolabial Cyst caecum (Fig. A fistula may form on occasion, opening gested that the cyst develops from the inferior and on the skin or mucosal surface (Fig. It is more frequent in females usually between 40 50 years the differential diagnosis includes benign and of age. Radioiso to pe and scintiscanning illa, exactly opposite to the cuspid, or in the floor are useful. An elevated serum titer of antibodies is also Primary herpetic gingivos to matitis is the most fre suggestive of the disease. The cally is indicated, but in most cases treatment is cause of the disease is the herpes simplex virus, symp to matic. Predisposing fac to rs that shallow ulcers covered by a yellowish-gray may precipitate reactivation of the virus include pseudomembrane and surrounded by an emotional stress, febrile illness, needle trauma erythema to us halo (Fig. The In addition, recently it has been recorded that ulcers gradually heal in 10 to 14 days without recurrent herpetic lesions is a relatively common scarring. The vesicles rupture in a few hours, leav mucosa may also be affected, that is, the buccal ing small, 1 to 3 mm ulcers that heal spontaneously mucosa, to ngue, lips, and palate. The differential diagnosis includes herpetiform the differential diagnosis includes herpetiform ulcers, aphthous ulcers, hand-foot-and-mouth dis ulcers, aphthous ulcers, herpes zoster, strep to coc ease, herpangina, strep to coccal s to matitis, acute cal s to matitis, gonococcal s to matitis, primary and necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis, erythema mul secondary syphilis. Primary herpetic gingivo s to matitis, erythema and multiple ulcers on the gingiva. It affects women more often than men which may simulate pulpitis, precede oral lesions. Prodromal symp which in 2 to 3 days rupture, leaving ulcers sur to ms, such as burning, mild pain, and itching, rounded by a broad erythema to us zone (Figs.


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