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By: Kelly C. Rogers, PharmD, FCCP

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Regardless acne reviews buy 5g elocon amex, most must be changed regularly to acne 70 off elocon 5g otc prevent the embryologists still attempt to skin care options ultrasonic buy 5g elocon otc maintain a growth of unwanted microorganisms skin care qualifications generic elocon 5g mastercard. Electromagnetic fields is designed to allow air to flow over the All electrical appliances that use water and pick up moisture that will alternating current generate saturate the air within the incubator. In addition, Zusman and coworkers found that some levels of electrical current are more damaging than others. For Wamil and coworkers demonstrated that example, they reported that 70 Hz caused magnetic fields can alter sperm significantly higher teratogenic effects on performance. They also sperm penetration assay dishes to four discovered that 20 Hz was more magnets of alternating polarity and embryotoxic than 50 Hz for mouse observed reduced potential sperm embryos (Zusman et al. These married men (mean age was 45 years; variations may also indicate that there is a mean age at marriage was 26 years), who “window” in which embryos are most worked or lived in the vicinity of a high vulnerable to electrical current. They also proposed that this effect was the easiest way to do this is to keep cells greater on the Y-carrying sperm than the as far away from an electrical source as X-carrying sperm (Mubarak and Mubarak, possible. Zusman and coworkers exposed late morulae – early blastocyst stage In summary, it would appear from the mouse embryos to 1 Hz, 20 Hz, or 50 Hz above citations that electrical current has for 24 hours, 48 hours or 72 hours of the potential of affecting gametes, incubation. All tested laboratories pose a potential danger to levels of electrical current produced gametes and embryos. Until recently, however, significantly improve embryo quality, as incubators have received relatively little judged by implantation rate and clinical attention. For example, laboratory pregnancy rate, when compared to the personnel have used tissue-culture quality of embryos cultured in Forma 3336 incubators for decades to accomplish in incubators (Mortimer et al. Upon further incubator at such a rapid rate that it investigation, it was discovered that 18. When a plastic investigator, the various trials and the partition was added to the lower portion of Fyrite analyzer. In the In Vitro High Temperature Section under Temperature, we discussed the One has to remember that incubators issues of door openings and how they designed solely for in vitro culture of caused the temperature within the mammalian embryos have appeared on incubator to drop. To and coworkers suggested that even if an prevent the temperature from advancing incubator is new, if there is too much o beyond 36. After this provide stable culture conditions, the adjustment was made, our pregnancy incubator may have to be replaced rates per retrieval rose to 56. More than 2000 bovine From a historical perspective, gas oocytes in 11 replicates were used in this concentration was and still is, for the most experiment. Thus, the compared four incubators of the same ultimate measurement would be the make and model number, we found that internal pH (pH)i of a cell. However, one incubator demonstrated a significantly because this is not practical, the best higher fertilization rate (77%; P <. As one coworkers demonstrated that two-cell increases in elevation from sea level, the mouse embryos will develop to the atmospheric pressure decreases (Figure blastocyst stage within the range of 0. For example, a pH was confirmed by John and Kiessling who increase above an embryo’s physiological demonstrated that pronuclear mouse pH of 7. They reported that “fair” Physiological functions of embryos such quality cattle embryos developed as gluconeogenesis, urea synthesis significantly better at a pH of 7. The breakdown of glucose to pyruvate and lactic acid during glucose Table 2 demonstrates that, while there is metabolism may change media pH and much variation in pH within and among thus alter embryo development reproductive tracts of eutherian mammals, (Thompson, 1996). Pyruvate and lactate pH generally decreases as the embryo at high concentrations reduce the pH ofi advances towards the uterus. For embryos; therefore, media used for early example, in the ampullary region of the embryos should not contain elevated oviduct of the rat, the pH is 8. Hamster can also be a desirable media component oocytes fertilize best at a pH of due to its antioxidant properties. When Carney and Bavister simulated this in vivo environment via an in vitro There appears to be a wide range of pH in culture system, the pH of the culture which oocytes and embryos develop. We found a this is especially important because similar pattern when we performed in vitro changes in the quality of water used to fertilization and embryo culture with bovine prepare culture media (see the “Water oocytes. The above information implies that in vitro An incorrect pH is an indicator that the fertilization should be conducted at a medium was not prepared correctly. Dale and coworkers personnel thought phenol red had stated that the optimal extracellular pH estrogenic properties that would damage (pHe) for human oocyte insemination was gametes and embryos. Hydrogen ion concentration for gametes, embryos, and reproductive organs from various species. If and provide a protective coat for oocytes this is true, phenol red can be safely and early embryos. However, and protect the oocytes (Gardner and the amount of phenol red added to a Lane, 2003). For While it is believed that short-term buffers example, Media 199 has a phenol red are present in cytoplasm of cells, long concentration of 20 mg/L whereas Ham’s term buffers are required to drive protons F-10 Nutrient Mixture has a phenol red out of cells. It is the pH within the cell that buffer such as N-(2-hydroxyethyl) matters (Pool, 2004). These additives will help maintain the pH of culture media for more than 5 minutes. A buffer is most the pH of oocytes and embryos now hasi efficient when the pH and the pKa are been studied. Considering that the pH of early-i that human oocytes and zygotes had a pHi cell stage mammalian embryos is of 7. This pH didi It should be noted that other products, not alter significantly unless the zygote when added to media, help maintain pH. Lane and coworkers glutamine, with their zwitterions, bind determined that hamster zygotes protons and thus buffer the pH of embryosi demonstrated a pH of 7. Similar results were that can be converted to superoxide reported by Lane and Bavister, who stated radicals (Gardner, 2005). As O2 is that the pH for bovine oocytes through thei consumed in oxidative phosphorylation, eight-cell stage was 7. So, it would seem the stated that the pHi for human cleavage lower the O2 content in an in vitro stage embryos (two to eight-cells) did not environment, the less chance there is to vary significantly from 7. Because a 1993), hamster (Fischer and Bavister, negative membrane potential drives 1993) and rhesus monkey (Fischer and hydrogen ions into the cell and cellular Bavister, 1993) and an even lower O2 metabolism has a propensity to be acidic, level is found in the uteri of these animals there is some thought that the pHe should (Fischer and Bavister, 1993). However, others suggest a pHe oxygen (~ 5% or ~ 21%) is best for in vitro closer to the pH would not alter the pHi i fertilization and embryo culture. Gardner and associates In summary, while pH varies within the demonstrated that, in this lower O2 luminal environment of the reproductive environment, mouse embryos had tracts of eutherian mammals, it would significantly greater blastocyst appear that pHe becomes slightly more development, blastocyst cell number and acidic as the embryo traverses the oviduct implantation rate (Gardner et al. This observation is to match the in vitro environment to the in supported by others (Whitten, 1971; Quinn vivo environment, culture media are often and Harlow, 1978). Low O2 tension (5% to designed to shift pH downward as cellular 7%) in in vitro culture systems has divisions increase. Oxygen tension embryos were transferred in mice A large body of data is available on (Gardner, 1999; Karagenc et al. When one-cell mouse often studied are 5% and 20-21% (the embryos were exposed to either 5% O2 or amount of O2 in atmospheric air). With the use of human than that of the embryos exposed to a embryos, Dumoulin and associates 21% O2 environment (89% versus 50%, showed that pregnancy rate and respectively) (Herr and Wright, 1988b). Likewise, they found no has been reported in embryos exposed to difference in blastocyst development rates high levels (21%) of O2 (Rinaudo and for randomly bred mouse embryos Schultz, 2005; Anderson et al. Using in vitro fertilized Other evidence favors a low O2 Chinese hamster ova, Parkening and environment as well. For the mouse, the cause caused by an elevated O2 tension (20% may be strain dependent. The cell for the use of 20% to 21% O2 to culture stage at which embryos are first exposed embryos. Culture media that blastocysts with 21% O2 (de Castro e contain strong antioxidants such as Paula and Hansen, 2007). When exposed pyruvate and taurine may be able to to 20% and 5% O2, and cultured in control production of superoxide radicals Waymouth’s Medium plus growth factors, (Liu and Foote, 1995; O’Fallon and Wright, follicular cells demonstrated better 1995). Kea and associates indicated In summary, while there is some evidence that in their patient population, the two O2 that 20% O2 in an in vitro culture levels did not differ in terms of fertilization environment is similar to a 5% O2 rate, blastocyst formation, or pregnancy environment, data are heavily weighted in rates (Kea et al. It is hard there is some evidence that embryos to argue in favor of a 20% O2 levels when cultured in vitro may become hypoxic, 1) in vivo O2 levels are low; 2) elevated O2 especially at low levels (5%) of O2 (Byatt levels may be responsible for toxic, Smith et al. Osmolality left under the same conditions for 1 hour, Mammalian embryos can tolerate culture osmolality increased by 14% (Lane et al.


  • Cryptococcosis
  • Pseudoachondroplastic dysplasia 1
  • Van Bogaert Hozay syndrome
  • Young Mc keever Squier syndrome
  • Rift Valley fever
  • Crow Fukase syndrome
  • Papular mucinosis
  • Michels syndrome
  • Benign astrocytoma
  • Leukoplakia

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A small por tronic mortar and pestle acne 40 years generic 5g elocon overnight delivery, or a device called tion of the powder is mixed with a portion an “Unguator skin care advice generic elocon 5g with visa, ” which allows a pharmacist of the base until uniform skin care associates generic elocon 5g on-line. Geometric dilution to acne upper lip buy 5g elocon with mastercard place the ingredients in a plastic ointment is continued until all portions of the powder jar with a special lid that allows for a mixing and base are combined and thoroughly and blade to be used to mix the ingredients in uniformly blended. These devices can It often is desirable to reduce the par be controlled manually or via computer soft ticle size of a powder or crystalline material ware. This ing an ointment by spatulation, the phar may be done by levigating, or mixing the solid macist works the ointment with a stainless material in a vehicle in which it is insoluble steel spatula having a long, broad blade and to make a smooth dispersion. The mor tar and pestle method is preferred when large volumes of liquid are added, because the liq uid is more captive than on an ointment slab. For incorporating a gummy material, such as camphor, pulverization by intervention can be used. The solvent is allowed to evaporate, leaving a thin film of the material onto which the other ingredient or ingredients are spread. This allows both reduction of particle size and dispersion of the substance in the vehicle. After levigation, the disper sion is incorporated into the ointment base by spatulation or with the mortar and pestle until the product is uniform. The mixing actually occurs within the container that is also used as the dis will affect neither the stability of the drug nor pensing container. They have a “push-up” bottom, and the efficacy of the product may first be dis the cap is removed to allow the material to be delivered. When it is necessary to add an aqueous preparation to a hydrophobic base, the solution first may be incorporated into a minimum amount of a hydrophilic base and then that mixture added to the hydrophobic base. However, all bases, even if hydrophilic, have their limits to retain liquids, beyond which they become too soft or semiliquid. Alcoholic solutions of small volume may be added easily to oleaginous vehicles or emulsion bases. Natural balsams, such as Peru balsam, are usually mixed with an equal portion of castor oil before incorporation into a base. This reduces the surface tension of the balsam and allows even distribution of the balsam throughout the base. Ointment or roller mills can be used to force coarsely formed ointments through FigUre 10. Standards of stainless steel or ceramic rollers to produce fineness and smoothness require that no grains of mate ointments uniform in composition and rial be visible under a 10-power microscope after pas smooth in texture (Fig. Components not materials with the highest melting points are melted are added to the congealing mixture heated to the lowest required temperature to as it is being cooled and stirred. The additional materials are heat-labile substances and any volatile com added with constant stirring during cooling ponents are added last, when the tempera of the melt until the mixture is congealed. In ture of the mixture is low enough not to this way, not all of the components are sub cause decomposition or volatilization of the jected to the highest temperature. Substances may be added to methods entail melting the component with the congealing mixture as solutions or as in the lowest melting point first and adding soluble powders levigated with a portion of the remaining components in order of their the base. On a small scale, fusion may be con melting points or simply melting all of the ducted in a porcelain dish or glass beaker. On components together under slowly increas a large scale, it is carried out in large steam ing temperature. Once congealed, the oint temperature is usually sufficient to achieve ment may be passed through an ointment fusion because of the solvent action exerted mill (in large-scale manufacture) or rubbed by the first melted components on the others. The water-immiscible components such being treated for a skin condition, is already as the oil and waxes are melted together in a compromised. Then the aqueous solution is application of good manufacturing practices slowly added, with mechanical stirring, to to minimize both the type and the number the melted oleaginous mixture. The tempera of microorganisms in unsterilized pharma ture is maintained for 5 to 10 minutes, and ceutical products (2). This involves the test the mixture is slowly cooled and stirred until ing of raw materials, use of acceptable water, congealed. If the aqueous solution is not at in-process controls, and final product test the same temperature as the oleaginous melt, ing. As discussed later in this chapter, oph of the net weight or volume of the contents thalmic ointments must also meet tests for of filled containers to ensure proper contents sterility and metal particles content. Semisolid ceptable standards for microbial content, preparations must be stored in well-closed and preparations prone to microbial growth containers to protect against contamination must contain antimicrobial preservatives. When required, light port microbial growth to a greater extent sensitive preparations are packaged in than water-free preparations. These par facturers often examine semisolid prepara ticular microbes have special importance in tions for viscosity and for in vitro drug release dermatologic preparations because of their to ensure within-lot and lot-to-lot uniformity Chapter 10 • Ointments, Creams, and Gels 323 (3, 4). In vitro drug release tests include dif nonionic surfactants, detergents, and soaps. The lipid portion contains agents dissolved or dispersed in either a all water-insoluble components and the aque water-in-oil (W/O) emulsion or an oil-in ous portion the water-soluble components. The so-called vanish the melting point of the highest melting com ing creams are oil-in-water emulsions con ponent. The phases then are mixed, and the taining large percentages of water and stearic mixture is stirred until reaching ambient tem acid or other oleaginous components. Mixing application of the cream, the water evapo generally is continued during the cooling pro rates, leaving behind a thin residue film of cess to promote uniformity. Traditionally, the the stearic acid or other oleaginous compo aqueous phase is added to the lipid phase, but nent. Chapter 14 discusses the types of emul comparable results have been obtained with sions, their physical characteristics, and the the reverse procedure. Pharmaceutical it can be added after the cream is prepared by manufacturers frequently manufacture topi a suitable dispersion process such as leviga cal preparations of a drug in both cream and tion or milling with a roller mill. Creams usu ointment bases to satisfy the preference of ally require the addition of a preservative(s) the patient and physician. Creams are Gels generally described as either nonwashable or washable, reflecting that an emulsion Gels (sometimes called jellies) are semisolid with an aqueous external continuous phase systems consisting of dispersions of small (O/W) is more easily removed than one with or large molecules in an aqueous liquid a nonaqueous external phase (W/O emul vehicle rendered jellylike by the addition sion). Among the gelling agents out further qualification, a water-washable used are synthetic macromolecules, such as formulation is generally inferred. Carbomers are high molecular Creams may be formulated from a variety of weight water-soluble polymers of acrylic acid oils, both mineral and vegetable, and from cross-linked with allyl ethers of sucrose and/ fatty alcohols, fatty acids, and fatty esters. Their viscosity depends the solid excipients are melted at the time on their polymeric composition. Gels number of topical ointments, creams, and may thicken on standing, forming a thixo gels designed to deliver a drug systemically. This gel vehicle aids in rapid penetra contains Carbopol 980, ethyl alcohol, isopro tion of many active drugs through the skin. Pastes are semisolid preparations intended Gels can be administered by the topical for application to the skin. Antibiotic-containing gels contain a larger proportion of solid material can be administered by teat infusion in vet (such as 25%) than ointments and therefore erinary medicine to treat mastitis. Pastes can be prepared in the same man ner as ointments, by direct mixing or the use Preparation of Gels of heat to soften the base prior to incorporat Gels formed with large organic molecules ing the solids, which have been comminuted may be formed by dispersing the molecule in and sieved. Following application, the remain in place after application and are glycerogelatin hardens, is usually covered effectively employed to absorb serous secre with a bandage, and is allowed to remain in tions. The most recent official glyc trability, pastes are not suited for application erogelatin was zinc gelatin, used in the treat to hairy parts of the body. The prod Packaging semisolid Preparations uct is very firm and is better able to protect the skin and absorb secretions than is zinc Topical dermatologic products are packaged oxide ointment. Plasters are solid or semisolid adhesive Ointment jars are made of clear or opaque masses spread on a backing of paper, fabric, glass or plastic. Plasters are sensitive products, are porcelain white, dark applied to the skin to provide prolonged con green, or amber. Unmedicated plasters provide empty ointment jars vary in size from about protection or mechanical support at the site 0. Adhesive tape used to be of In commercial manufacture and packag ficial under the title adhesive plaster, the use ing of topical products, the jars and tubes are of this material being well known. They may be cut to size to testing of filled containers at room tempera conform to the surface to be covered.

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La mutacion se encuentra en el cromosoma 7 e El diagnostico en la mayoria de los pacientes es por hallazgos interfere con el mecanismo de inactivacion de la tripsina acne while breastfeeding buy elocon 5g lowest price, lo radiologicos en donde encontramos calcifcaciones radiolo que provoca la autodigestion de la glandula acne 5 skin jeans generic elocon 5g on line. Otros tipos de pancreatitis es la obstructiva acne images purchase elocon 5g, causada por la La patologia se caracteriza por dilatacion marcada de los con oclusion del conducto de Wirsung skin care videos elocon 5g low cost, calculos, un tumor o por ductos pancreaticos y por calculos intraductales con atrofa la cicatriz secundaria a un traumatismo pancreatico. La pancreatitis tropical, es debida a malnutricion y/o al con El jugo pancreatico presenta lesiones histologicas y anorma sumo de tapioca; presenta una alta prevalencia en el estado lidades bioquimicas similares a las observadas en la pancrea de Kerala en la India; aunque se han reportado casos en titis alcoholica. Su etiologia se desconoce pero se atribuyen ciertos factores: como el rol de los micronutrientes El tratamiento es similar como la de cualquier pancreatitis antioxidantes como el acido ascorbico y el selenio, los cuales cronica incluyendo: Litotripsia extracorporea y extraccion en se han encontrado niveles bajos en pacientes con este sin doscopica de los calculos de los conductos pancreaticos. El hiperparatiroidismo como causa de pancreatitis cronica es muy poco frecuente, pues son diagnosticados en fases muy La presentacion clinica es similar a la pancreatitis cronica ex tempranas, lo que no da tiempo a la precipitacion calcica en cepto por: el pancreas. Macroscopicamente el pancreas puede aparecer atrofco o aumentado de tamano, pero en ambos casos esta indurado Condicion socio-economica baja. Medicine 2000; 8(8):393-403 17 importante desorganizacion de la arquitectura glandular, tentes de pancreatitis aguda, a veces relacionados con co destacando la atrofa del tejido exocrino y su sustitucion por lecistitis aguda o colangitis ocasionados por calculos en el amplias areas de fbrosis. Tambien ocurren ataques recurrentes en pa crino queda englobado dentro de este magma cicatrizal, es cientes con estenosis ductal grave debida a traumatismo destruido y se desarrolla diabetes. A veces el cuadro clinico de pancrea irregulares, con tramos dilatados y otros estenosados, mu titis familiar es similar al que se observa en la pancreatitis chas veces con tapones proteicos o calculos en su interior. Manifestaciones Clinicas Estudios de Laboratorio Es tipico que la pancreatitis cronica se encuentre en los ulti A muchos psiconeuroticos con dolores abdominales se les mos anos del tercer decenio o al principio del cuarto y que diagnostica pancreatitis cronica sin la fundamentacion ade tengan un antecedente prolongado de alcoholismo y ataques cuada de este diagnostico serio. La comprobacion es dificil, repetidos de pancreatitis aguda, a menudo con delirium tre pero en estos casos son indispensables los examenes radio mens. Aproximadamente despues de 10 anos, el dolor que grafcos exhaustivos de las vias biliares y de la parte alta del era intermitente se vuelve persistente y continuo. Son comunes la anorexia y la perdida de peso, anormalidades en el sistema de conductos. No siempre es y se presenta nausea y vomito cuando una exacerbacion es fructifera la determinacion de la amilasa serica o urinaria o de desencadenada por un acceso agudo de alcoholismo. Las calcifcaciones pancreaticas practicamente establecen el Son comunes la diabetes y esteatorrea con evacuaciones gra diagnostico. Tecnicas de Imagen Contrasta mucho con el de los enfermos que tienen pan La radiografia simple de abdomen es de gran utilidad pues creatitis recurrente asociada con enfermedad de las vias permite identifcar calcifcaciones en el area pancreatica, ha biliares, quienes por lo general presentan ataques intermi 18 llazgo que se observa en alrededor del 50% de los pacientes. El transito baritado alto es efcaz para evidenciar la posible multisistemico en la fase inicial del proceso. El hemoperitoneo y la hemo irregularidades del conducto de Wirsung y el estado de la via rragia digestiva, cuando se producen, contribuyen de forma biliar. Esta exploracion debe practicarse puede ser causado por una sepsis, en cuyo caso es de apari siempre que el paciente sea candidato a un tratamiento qui cion mas tardia. Con frecuencia colangiopancreatografia por resonancia magnetica permite aparece una hipoxemia moderada durante las primeras 24h visualizar el conducto pancreatico en aquellas situaciones en 48 h, sin que se detecten anomalias desde el punto de vista las que no es posible acceder a la papila por via endoscopica. Por ello es importante un control gasometrico durante los primeros dias del proceso. Estudio de la reserva funcional de la glandula, debe recor darse que la consecuencia fnal del deterioro funcional del 3. La sepsis es una de las causas de muerte mas frecuentes en pancreas es la presencia de esteatorrea, y que esta aparece las pancreatitis graves, en especial, despues del septimo dia cuando el 90% de la glandula esta destruida. Tam bien puede estar causada por un desgarro esofagico (Ma Diagnostico Diferencial llory-Weiss) o excepcionalmente, cuando la masa pancrea Cuando predomina el dolor, el diferencial debe realizarse tica infamatoria, erosiona una arteria importante y da lugar con la ulcera peptica, la litiasis biliar, los tumores retroperi a la formacion de un pseudoaneurisma, el cual al romperse toneales en especial el carcinoma de pancreas. Tambien la la sangre es drenada hacia el intestino a traves del conducto porfria, el saturnismo y la febre mediterranea familiar. Las complicaciones renales estan causadas por necrosis tu descartarse la celiaquia o distintas enteropatias menos comu bular aguda secundaria a hipotension mantenida y liberacion nes, asi como otras pancreatopatias (lipomatosis pancreatica, de sustancias vasoactivas. Las complicaciones hepatobiliares suelen manifestarse por la aparicion de ictericia y pueden deberse a la obstruccion Complicaciones de la via biliar por coledocolitiasis o por edema, exudados o pseudoquistes desarrollados en la cabeza pancreatica. Deben diferenciarse dos tipos de complicaciones, unas sis Cuando existe el antecedente de alcoholismo no olvidar temicas que aparecen dentro de las primeras dos semanas la hepatitis alcoholica, esteatosis o incluso de cirrosis aso y otras locales que se desarrollan algunas en la fase inicial y ciada. La complicacion cardiaca mas frecuente es la insufciencia Entre las Complicaciones sistemicas deben considerarse las ventricular izquierda con edema pulmonar, se deben tener siguientes: presentes los trastornos del ritmo cardiaco secundarios a hi pocalcemia e hipopotasemia y en determinados pacientes la 1. El shock se presenta con frecuencia en las pancreatitis gra miocardiopatia alcoholica. La principal causa es la liberacion de sustancias vaso activas del foco necrotico, lo que provoca el llamado fallo 19 8. Otras complicaciones son la necrosis grasa del tejido ce Generalmente evoluciona a partir de una necrosis esteril. Al lular subcutaneo, de la medula osea o de las articulaciones, rededor del 25% de las pancreatitis desarrollan esta compli signos de coagulacion vascular diseminada e infarto, hemo cacion. Los exudados son colecciones mas o menos fuidas que cion de una zona de tejido necrosada. La necrosis consiste en la presencia de tejido solido no via inicio de la enfermedad. El hemocultivo es positivo en el 50% ble en la zona pancreatica y peripancreatica con una elevada de los casos. Clinicamente La observacion de burbujas de aire de situacion retrogastrica suele provocar febre y leucocitosis. Los cultivos del material halla en discusion entre la actitud conservadora con proflaxis obtenido son positivos a Escherichia coli, Enterobacter, Pro antibiotica y la necrosectomia. El pseudoquiste es una coleccion de liquido rico en en dad con que se realiza el drenaje terapeutico. La ascitis pancreatica representa el 5% de todas las causas sangre, limitada por las estructuras adyacentes a partir de las de ascitis. Se trata de una ascitis exudativa (proteinas supe cuales se origina una pared de tejido fbroso de granulacion riores a 3 g/dL), con un contenido de amilasas superior a (fg. Suele estar causada por la fstulacion de un pseu sospechar en toda pancreatitis que no mejora en el plazo de doquiste (80%) y con mucha menor frecuencia por la rotura una semana. Las oclusiones intestinales precoces secundarias a pan creatitis suelen ser funcionales y solo requieren someter al paciente a aspiracion digestiva y restablecer el equilibrio elec trolitico. Las oclusiones tardias se deben a focos de necrosis o supuracion cuyo tratamiento restablece el transito. Tratamiento El tratamiento de la pancreatitis cronica debe ser inicialmente Figura 5. Otra medida para el tratamiento del dolor es la realizacion de una esplacnicectomia que consigue la in El unico tratamiento logico y efcaz es la abstinencia com terrupcion de las vias nerviosas eferentes pancreaticas. En pleta de alcohol antes que se llegue a la etapa de fbrosis, los pacientes con difcultad de vaciado gastrico por esteno calcifcacion, esteatorrea y diabetes, pero esto raras veces se sis duodenal o con ictericia o colestasis persistente debido a logra. Ya desarrolladas las complicaciones graves de la pan obstruccion de la via biliar debera indicarse la practica de una creatitis cronica, se considerara una cirugia. Los pseudoquistes seran drenados al estomago o al intestino Tratamiento Quirurgico bajo los mismos criterios que en las pancreatitis agudas. En raras ocasiones la persistencia del pseudoquiste o la propia Cuando fallan las medidas terapeuticas de tipo medico. Se reaccion infamatoria de la pancreatitis puede favorecer la consideran indicaciones para el tratamiento quirurgico: el aparicion de aneurismas arteriales a nivel de las arterias es dolor no controlable mediante tratamiento medico en un pa plenica, hepatica, gastroduodenal o pancreaticoduodenal, lo ciente con abstinencia alcoholica, la obstruccion biliar o duo que puede originar hemorragias intraperitoneales, retroperi denal, la hipertension portal segmentaria, el pseudoquiste, la toneales o que pueden exteriorizarse a traves de la via biliar ascitis pancreatica y la sospecha de carcinoma pancreatico. Si el punto de fuga se halla situado caudalmente a lesiones estenosantes Se practicaran cuando exista dilatacion del conducto de del conducto pancreatico es posible que el tratamiento me Wirsung, generalmente en pacientes con dolor persistente e dico no resulte util. Se realizara una Pancreatoyeyunostomia latero a tratamiento con dieta, nutricion parenteral, evacuacion lateral de Puestow y Gillesby con una asa desfuncionalizada. Asi se ha demos diante estas tecnicas, al conseguir una buena descompresion trado util en el drenaje transgastrico de pseudoquistes, en la de la glandula, aunque a largo plazo algunos pacientes pue colocacion de protesis en los casos de pancreas divisum, en den presentar de nuevo sintomatologia. Reseccion pancreatica Las operaciones correctoras de las vias biliares casi siempre Esta indicada cuando el conducto de Wirsung es irregular curan la pancreatitis biliar. En estos casos se realiza generalmente dos durante la intervencion determinan una colecistectomia una pancreatectomia del 90%-95% preservando un pequeno simple o una exploracion del coledoco con o sin esfntero munon cefalico. En estos casos los enfermos requeriran tratamiento de la insu fciencia pancreatica iatrogenica dependiendo de la amplitud 21 Quistes y Pseudoquistes b. Cistadenocarcinoma Los quistes verdaderos del pancreas estan llenos de liquido Schwartz. Manifestaciones Clinicas Los datos clinicos de pseudoquistes son dolor persistente, fe Quistes verdaderos bre e ileo, que aparecen dos a tres semanas despues de un Se muestra una clasifcacion simple de los quistes verdaderos ataque de pancreatitis y traumatismo del pancreas. Los quis en el epigastrio o en el cuadrante superior izquierdo con ra tes de retencion son dilataciones quisticas de los conductos diacion ocasional hacia el dorso es el sintoma mas comun.

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