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By: Kelly C. Rogers, PharmD, FCCP

  • Professor, Department of Clinical Pharmacy, University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy, Memphis, Tennessee


It is one of the simplest diabetic diet indian purchase 10mg glucotrol xl mastercard, most accurate and most valuable of all hematological investigations diabetes diet urdu glucotrol xl 10 mg line. It is of greater reliability and usefulness than the red cell count 169 Hematology that is performed manually diabetes i definition purchase 10 mg glucotrol xl free shipping. There are two methods of determination: microhematocrit method and macrohematocrit (Wintrobe) method diabetic vs hypertensive retinopathy generic glucotrol xl 10mg without prescription. Capillary tubes these need to be plain or heparinized capillaries, measuring 75mm in length with an internal diameter of 1mm and wall thickness of 0. The plain ones are used for 171 Hematology anticoagulated venous blood while the heparinized ones (inside coated with 2 I. Capillaries are best sealed using a plastic sealant, modeling clay, or plasticine. Test method 1 Allow the blood to enter the tube by capillarity (if anticoagulated venous blood, adequate mixing is 173 Hematology mandatory) leaving at least 15mm unfilled (or fill 3/4th of the capillary tube). Since it is difficult to measure the volume of plasma trapped between the packed red cells (?trapped plasma?), it is not customary in routine practice to correct for this trapped plasma. It is increased in hypochromic anemia, macrocytic anemia, sickle cell anemia, spherocytosis and thalassemia. It enables higher centrifugation speeds with consequent shorter centrifugation times and superior packing. When it contains an increased amount of bilirubin (as occurs in hemolytic anemia) it will appear abnormally yellow. If the plasma is pink-red this indicates a hemolyzed sample (less commonly hemoglobinemia). When white cell numbers are significantly increased, this will be reflected in an increase in the volume of buffy coat layer. The method uses a Wintrobe tube which can also be used to determine the erythrocyte sedimentation test. It has two graduation scales in millimeters and with the centimeters marked by numbers. One side is graduated from 0 to 10cm (0-100mm) from the bottom to the top, while the other side is graduated from 10 to 0cm (100-0mm) from bottom to top. The hematocrit is read from the scale on the right hand side of the tube taking the top of the black band of reduced erythrocytes immediately beneath the reddish gray leucocyte layer. District laboratories should check the reference ranges with their nearest Hematology 178 Hematology Reference Laboratory. Increased values are found in dengue hemorrhagic fever and in all forms of polycythemia. The first step in finding the cause is to determine what type of anemia the person has. These formulas were worked out and first applied to the classification of anemias by Maxwell Wintrobe in 1934. Abnormal 182 Hematology hemoglobins, such as in sickle cell anemia, can change the shape of red blood cells as well as cause them to hemolyze. Cells of normal size are called normocytic, smaller cells are microcytic, and larger cells are macrocytic. Cells with a normal concentration of hemoglobin are called normochromic; cells with a lower than normal concentration are called hypochromic. Because there is a physical limit to the amount of hemoglobin that can fit in a cell, there is no hyperchromic category. When examined under a microscope, normal red blood cells that contain a normal amount of hemoglobin stain pinkish red with a paler area in the center. Cells with too little hemoglobin are lighter in color with a larger pale area in the center. It is a measurement of the degree of anisocytosis present, or the degree of red cell size variability in a blood sample. Moderate elevations are common in active inflammatory disease such as rheumatoid arthritis, chronic infections, collagen disease, and neoplastic disease. An initial period of a few minutes (approximately 10 minutes) during which rouleaux formation takes place 2. A period of approximately 40 minutes during which settling or sedimentation occurs at a more or less constant rate. A slower rate of fall (last 10 minutes) during which 192 Hematology packing of the sedimented red cell column occurs. Westergren-Katz tube: an open glass tube with an overall length of 300mm and bore of 2. Venous blood is diluted accurately in the proportion of one volume of citrate to four volumes of blood. A clean dry Westergren-Katz tube is carefully filled and adjusted to the "0" mark on top. The tube is placed in a strictly vertical position in the Westergren stand under room temperature conditions not exposed to direct sunlight and away from vibrations and draughts. After 1 hour read to the nearest 1mm the height of the clear plasma above the upper limit of the column of sedimenting red cells. A poor delineation of the upper layer of red cells, the so-called stratified sedimentation, has been attributed to the presence of many reticulocytes. Advantages of the method It more reliably reflects the clinical state and is the most sensitive method for serial study of chronic diseases. Disadvantages of the method 194 Hematology It requires a large amount of blood and involves dilution which may be one source of error. Interpretation of results Reference value Men: 0-15mm/hr; Women: 0-20mm/hr There is a progressive increase with age because of the decline in plasma albumin concentration. Enough blood to fill the Wintrobe tube (approximately 1ml) is drawn into a Pasteur pipette having a long stem. The Wintrobe tube is then filled from the bottom up 195 Hematology (so as to exclude any air bubbles) to the "0" mark. The tube is placed in the Wintrobe rack in exactly vertical position and the time is noted. Red cells possess a net negative charge (zeta potential) and when suspended in normal plasma, rouleaux formation is minimal and sedimentation is slow. Alterations in proportions and concentrations of various hydrophilic protein fractions of the plasma following tissue injury or in response to inflammation reduce the zeta potential and increase the rate of rouleaux formation and the size of the aggregates thus increasing the rate of sedimentation. Albumin which tends to counteract rouleaux formation diminishes in concentration (hypoalbuminemia) further increasing the sedimentation rate. However, plasma viscosity may increase to the extent of masking the rouleaux forming property of the plasma proteins. Effect of red cell factors Efficient rouleaux formation depends on the red cells having normal shape and size. Anisocytosis and poikilocytosis will reduce the ability of the red cells to form large aggregates thus reducing the sedimentation rate. Anemia by altering the ratio of red cells to plasma encourages rouleaux formation and accelerates sedimentation. Thus in iron deficiency anemia a 198 Hematology reduction in the intrinsic ability of the red cells to sediment may compensate for the accelerating effect of an increased proportion of plasma. Perpendicularity of the sedimentation tube-slight deviations from the vertical will increase the rate of sedimentation. Effect of temperature Higher temperatures cause falsely elevated results due to a reduction in plasma viscosity. Nevertheless, variation in the ambient temperature of a laboratory is unlikely to be a significant problem unless the tubes are exposed to direct sunlight. When red cells are placed in a hypotonic solution they imbibe fluid and thereby swell. It follows then that there is a limit to the hypotonicity of a solution that normal red cells can stand. Although the osmotic fragility test depends upon osmosis, the actual rapture of the cell results from alteration of its shape and diminished 201 Hematology resistance to osmotic forces rather than a change in the composition of the cell or its osmolarity. Conversely, increased resistance against lysis in hypotonic solution is shown in red cells in thalassemia, sickle cell anemia and hypochromic (iron deficiency) anemia.

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Cribs diabetes mellitus foot ulcer generic glucotrol xl 10mg otc, cots diabete 93 purchase glucotrol xl 10 mg visa, sleeping bags diabetes mellitus research paper pdf cheap 10mg glucotrol xl overnight delivery, beds diabetes type 2 news generic 10mg glucotrol xl free shipping, mats, or pads in/on which From time to time, children drool, spit up, or spread other children are sleeping should be placed at least three feet body fuids on their sleeping surfaces. If the room used for sleeping cannot accommodate terproof, nonabsorbent rest equipment enables the staff to three feet of spacing between children, it is recommended wash and sanitize the sleeping surfaces. Plastic bags may for caregivers/teachers to space children as far as possible not be used to cover rest and sleep surfaces/equipment from one another and/or alternate children head to feet. If unoccupied sleep the end caps require constant replacement and the cots are equipment is used to separate sleeping children, the ara cutting/pinching hazard when end caps are not in place. In small family child care homes, the caregiver/teacher should consider the home to Caregivers/teachers should never use strings to hang any be a business during child care hours and is expected to object, such as a mobile, or a toy or a diaper bag, on or abide by regulatory expectations that may not apply outside near the crib where a child could become caught in it and of child care hours. Caregivers/teachers may ask parents/guardians to provide Crib mattresses should ft snugly and be made specifcally bedding that will be sent home for washing at least weekly for the size crib in which they are placed. Chapter 5: Facilities 252 Caring for Our Children: National Health and Safety Performance Standards rest periods. This positioning may be benefcial in reducing mattress to the top of the crib rail should be twenty inches transmission of infectious agents as well. The crib should not have corner post extensions (over the use of solid crib ends as barriers between sleeping chilone-sixteenth inch). The crib should have no cutout opendren can serve as a barrier if they are three feet away from ings in the head board or footboard structure in which a each other (2). Red book: 2009 report of the Committee on Infectious of his/her crib, the child should be moved to a bed. This crib should be used for Facilities should check each crib before its purchase and evacuation in the event of fre or other emergency. When it is determined that a crib is no facility meet these standards to protect children and prevent longer safe for use in the facility, it should be dismantled injuries or death (1-3). As of June 28, 2011 all cribs being manufactured, Staff should only use cribs for sleep purposes and should sold or leased must meet the new stringent requirements. No child Effective December 28, 2012 all cribs being used in early of any age should be placed in a crib for a time-out or for care and education facilities including family child care disciplinary reasons. For the most curor mobile enough to reach crib latches or potentially climb rent information about these new standards please go to out of a crib, they should be transitioned to a different sleep. More infants die every year in incidents involving cribs than Each crib should be identifed by brand, type, and/or prodwith any other nursery product (4). Children have become uct number and relevant product information should be kept trapped or have strangled because their head or neck on fle (with the same identifcation information) as long as became caught in a gap between slats that was too wide or the crib is used or stored in the facility. Staff should inspect each crib before each use to ensure An infant can suffocate if its head or body becomes wedged that hardware is tightened and that there are not any safety between the mattress and the crib sides (6). If a screw or bolt cannot be tightened securely, or there are missing or broken screws, bolts, or mattress supCorner posts present a potential for clothing entanglement port hangers, the crib should not be used. Asphyxial crib deaths from wedging the head or neck in parts of the crib and hanging by a Safety standards document that cribs used in facilities necklace or clothing over a corner post have been wellshould be made of wood, metal, or plastic. The minimum height from the top of the Turning a crib into a cage (covering over the crib) is not a 253 Chapter 5: Facilities Caring for Our Children: National Health and Safety Performance Standards safe solution for the problems caused by children climbing 6. Portable cribs are designed so they they should be three feet apart and staff placing or removing may be folded or collapsed, with or without disassembly. Infants more fexibility for programs that vary the number of infants who are able to sit, pull themselves up, etc. Consumers can who fall from several feet or more can have an intracranial call 1-800-506-4636 or visit the Window Covering Safety hemorrhage. In addition, requiring staff safety specifcation for non-full-size baby cribs/play yards. Safe that is suspected to be related to the use of stackable cribs and sound for baby: A guide to juvenile product safety, use, and should be reported to the U. Red book: 2009 report of the Committee on Infectious area within a room for the temporary or ongoing care of a Diseases, 153. This room or area may Child-sized futons should be used only if they meet the folbe used for other purposes when it is not needed for the lowing requirements: separation and care of a child or if the uses do not confict. It is d) Meet all other standards on sleep and rest areas best practice for toilet and lavatory facilities to be readily (Section 5. Supervision provide rapid access in the event of vomiting or diarrhea to is necessary to maintain adequate spacing of futons and avoid contaminating the environment. Handwashing sinks ensure that bedding is not shared, thereby reducing transshould be stationed in each room not only to provide the mission of infectious diseases and keeping children out of opportunity to maintain cleanliness but also to permit the traffc areas. For speech therapy, working with the child in a quiet articles such as combs, towels, clothing, and bedding (1). Providing separate storage areas reduces fre load dry when they are stored and not touching. Lice infestation, scabies, and Family Child Care Home ringworm are common infectious diseases in child care. Policy statement: Firearm-related injuries fres started by children playing with lighters. Outcomes in children and young playing with candles or near candles is one of the biggest adults who are hospitalized for frearms-related injuries. Gun storage closet or under a bed when faced with fre, leading to fatalipractices and risk of youth suicide and unintentional frearm injuries. When children leave the facility risk are printed on diaper-pail bags, dry-cleaning bags, and for a walk or to be transported, a designated staff member so forth. Contact the local poison center at 1-800h) Triangular bandages; 222-1222 for instructions if needed. Pediatric frst aid for with supervision, if hands are not visibly soiled or if caregivers and teachers. Department of Health and Human Services, Offce of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and s) Individually wrapped sanitary pads to contain Evaluation. The shared use of a towel should ing each child and ensuring that the staff members are able be prohibited. Cracks in the skin and excessive dryness from the vehicle is used to take a child to or from a center, or frequent handwashing discourage the staff from complying for outings. Maps are required in case transporting staff with necessary hygiene and may lead to increased bacteneed to fnd an alternate way back to the facility or another rial accumulation on hands. The availability of hand lotion route to emergency services when roads are closed and/or to prevent dryness encourages staff members to wash their communication and power systems are inaccessible. Disshould not be included in frst aid kits or available at a child posable towels prevent this problem, but once used, must Chapter 5: Facilities 258 Caring for Our Children: National Health and Safety Performance Standards be discarded. Liquid soap is widely available, economical, and easily Family Child Care Home used by staff and children. Sustainable Hospitals Project, University of Massachusetts this special need should be used. Sustainable Hospitals Project, University of Massachusetts out having to touch the container or the fresh towel supply Lowell. If clean reusable rags are used, they paint can be ingested in suffcient quantities to cause lead should be laundered separately between each one-time use poisoning (1,2,3). The lead-safe traditional loop mop method, yet there is a reduction in the certifed guide to renovate right. The system leaves only a light Outdoor Areas flm of water on the foor that dries quickly, thus lessening the potential for worker injury for slips and falls on a wet All outdoor activity areas should be maintained in a clean foor. Materials used for cleaning become contaminated in and safe condition by removing: the process and must be handled so they do not spread a) Debris; potentially infectious material (3). Delegated staff s) Cisterns; members should actively look for faking or peeling paint t) Cesspools; while cleaning the exterior areas. If faking/peeling paint is u) Unprotected utility equipment; found, it should be tested for lead. Each Lead paint chips may be ingested by young children and playground is unique and requires a routine maintenance lead to neurological and behavioral problems. Low level lead exposure harms children: A renewed call for Outdoor areas should be kept free of excessive dust, primary prevention. Spilled dry foods could attract rodent to children by barriers, or removed until rendered safe or and insects. The physical structure where children spend each involve water should be cleaned and disinfected according day can present caregivers/teachers with special safety to manufacturers instructions.

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Our invited faculty includes nearly 150 investigators in our feld diabetes pills weight loss 10 mg glucotrol xl amex, presenting cutting edge research in the 23 Scientifc Symposia and overviews of important concepts and technologies in the seven Education Sessions blood sugar questionnaire discount glucotrol xl 10mg without a prescription. Michel Sadelain diabetes insipidus with hyponatremia purchase glucotrol xl 10mg mastercard, who will present the George Stamatoyannopoulos Lecture on Tuesday diabetic diet quick recipes buy glucotrol xl 10 mg low price. On Wednesday morning, the presentation of the Outstanding Achievement Award to Dr. We are also thrilled to share 1,000 abstracts featuring groundbreaking scientifc and clinical advances across the breadth of our feld that will be presented as oral presentations or at poster sessions. I look forward to the Annual Meeting program with an immense sense of excitement and pride in our feld. Be sure to visit our Exhibit Hall to fnd out about the products and services offered by more than 100 partner companies, via conversations at their booths and more formal presentations in the Tools & Technologies Forum. Finally, I would like to thank everyone involved in the planning and execution of our Annual Meeting, especially the Program Committee, Scientifc and Education Committees, abstract reviewers, staff and all of our volunteers. Their sustained support, dedication and hard work throughout the year now comes to fruition in what is sure to be a spectacular meeting. I sincerely hope you enjoy the science, technology, networking, and camaraderie that we have built together! Attendees are able to access a copy of the supplement online at the Molecular Therapy website, or have access to the abstracts through the Mobile App. Name badges should be worn at all times inside the Hilton, as badges will be used to control access to sessions and activities. It is open Monday Friday from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm and on Saturday from 9:00 am 3:00 pm. A Concierge Desk is located in the Main Lobby of the Washington Hilton, with Hilton staff who can help you with your city needs and reservations. Better instruct their students in medical school and other health venues using the stateof-the-art basic science and clinical trials data presented at the meeting. Use the latest advances in gene and cell therapy to enhance their research mission, as physician scientists conducting basic and clinical research. Oligonucleotide Therapies, Novel Vector Development, Host-Vector Interactions and Vaccine Therapies will be discussed as well as many other scientifc topics. This meeting will provide an educational forum for scientists and clinicians to expand their knowledge about the broad developments in these felds. If you have open positions, bring a printed copy of your job posting to the meeting. If you would like more information about this service, please contact Samantha Kay at skay@asgct. All participants are urged to allow adequate time daily to visit the exhibits, as they are an integral part of the success of the meeting. Exhibitors may ask to scan attendee name badges with a hand held scanner in order to obtain attendee contact information. Registration will be located at the Registration Desk on the Terrace Level of the Washington Hilton Hotel. Interview space, computers and internet services are available for the convenience of media representatives covering the meeting. Assistance will be provided to members of the media that would like to schedule interviews. To schedule a time to use the press room, contact Alex Wendland at awendland@asgct. All speakers, including oral abstract presenters, must deliver their presentations to the Speaker Ready Desk the day before their session or at least four hours prior to their presentations. Equipment is available at the Speaker Ready Desk for faculty to review their materials. Please mark your materials (your name, session and speaker order) so the materials can be returned to you. The Society strongly encourages faculty to pre-load presentations at the Speaker Ready Desk; those faculty who load presentations in the meeting rooms during the sessions will have that time deducted from their presentation time by the Chair. Schaffer, PhD University of California Berkeley Shen Shen, PhD Editas Medicine Arun Srivastava, PhD University of Florida College of Medicine Junghae Suh, PhD Rice University Jude J. Rossi, PhD Beckman Research Institute City of Hope Bruce Sullenger, PhD Duke University Medical Center Paul N. Sinai School of Medicine Alessio Cantore, PhD San Raffaele Telethon Institute for Gene Therapy Conrad Russell Y. To get involved in this important initatve, contact Alison Kujawski at akujawski@asgct. Shuttle buses will leave from the T-Street Entrance (Terrace Level) of the Washington Hilton Hotel. In 2019, 6 recipients will receive grants of $50,000, with grant funds totaling $300,000. In 2018, we launched our separation and fuid handling solutions for deAlbumin product line with patented foreffcient, cost effective purifcation, fractionmulation technology. It is a chemical-defned ation and concentration of viral vectors, viversion of recombinant human serum alburus-like particles, viruses, viral and bacterial min, which will deliver good consistency and vaccines, macromolecules and cellular organrobust performance to our customers. Our systems are linear scalable for upstream/downstream bioprocess applications Alcami from research to production scale. Fresh Whole Bone Marrow and Leukopak products serve as biological starting material for further manufacturing of allogeneic cell therapies. We sign, optimization and synthesis, technology offer a comprehensive portfolio of optimized platforms for protein and strain engineering cell culture media and custom media serand protein expression. AveXis is a clinitories has been a trusted partner and global cal-stage gene therapy company relentlessly leader of Mycoplasma Testing Services for focused on bringing gene therapy out of the the life science industry. For large scale production, with quick and high effciency cell packaging and producer cell lines are availmanufacturing. This dedication to medical prove their research and drug development progress goes hand-in-hand with our indusefforts to expedite the discovery, early-stage try-leading patient support and access development and safe manufacture of new programs. Pick up free journal copies, creating high-quality, single-use products including Molecular Therapy, Cell, Cell Stem and serves the bioprocessing, cell therapy Cell, and other titles. Delphi Genetics has developed FinVector Oy an innovative antibiotic-free technology Microkatu 1 S (Staby?) for bioproduction. Kuopio 70210 Finland Eurofns BioPharma Product Testing Phone: 35817240875 2425 New Holland Pike E-mail: kassim. For over 25 years our focus has been on supporting our customers with the development and manufacture of recombinant proteins, viral vaccines and gene therapies. Morpholinos are Vector Manufacturing and Testing capabiliused in cell cultures, embryos or, as Vities to commercial clients. Morpholito support our clients clinical trial efforts nos are effective, specifc, stable and through cell transduction and expansion to non-toxic. We help our clients through their drug supplier of precision equipment to clinical development process by caring out the labolaboratories, life science customers, blood ratory assays of their innovative products collection and cellular therapy organizations. GenoSafe has been involved in consistency in a world of ever-changing reimmunogenicity studies, biodistribution-bioquirements for collection, processing, safe dissemination studies and manufactured storage and transport. Our goal is to assist our clients in main a reliable research partner for scientists moving towards safer therapies. With comprehensive techproteomics platform at the forefront of the nologies and integrated platforms, LakePharrevolution in immuno-oncology. Our platma enables and supports the discovery and form allows researchers from Yale, Caltech, development of the biologics of tomorrow. High content productivity, developing better quality prodimage acquisition and analysis is simplifed ucts and getting them to market faster. Automated cell counters provide cell and services which deliver tangible economic concentration and viability data with speed, impact through chemical, biophysical and accuracy, and reliability. Sertein-based life sciences company helping to vices include animal models of disease, advance unmet medical needs. We have partnerships with Novartis, Bioverativ, Immune Design, Orchard Therapeutics & other companies providing access to our intellectual property & state-of-the-art production facilities. PeproTech sociated with the discovery, development manufactures Recombinant Cytokines, Aniand production of biologics, gene therapies, mal-Free Recombinant Cytokines, Monoclocell therapies and vaccines. Phacilitate Leaders World, Phacilitate transfer/Vaccine studies at the preclinical and Leaders Asia and Phacilitate Leaders Europe basic research level.

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  • Bone fractures
  • Acute unilateral obstructive uropathy
  • Right-sided heart failure (cor pulmonale)
  • Make sure your running shoes are made well, fit well, and have good cushioning.
  • Breathing tube
  • Birth defects of the uterus


In a low-pressure version diabetes glaucoma symptoms cheap glucotrol xl 10 mg fast delivery, the defendant was would lead someone to diabetes diet paleo glucotrol xl 10mg online do so (Henkel diabetes type 1 menu ideas buy discount glucotrol xl 10 mg on line, Coffman diabetic vegetarian meal plan purchase 10mg glucotrol xl amex, & Dailey, said to have confessed to police immediately upon ques2008). In a high-pressure version, participants read that A second reason is that people are typically not adept at the suspect was in pain and interrogated aggressively by a deception detection. We saw earlier that neither lay people detective who waved his gun in a menacing manner. A nor professionals distinguish truths from lies at high levels control version contained no confession in evidence. This problem extends to judgments of true and sented with the high-pressure confession, participants false confessions. To demonstrate, Kassin, Meissner, and appeared to respond in the legally prescribed manner. They Norwick (2005) videotaped male prison inmates providing judged the statement to be involuntary and said it did not true confessions to the crimes for which they were incarin? Yet when it came to the allcerated and concocting false confessions to crimes selected important verdict measure, this confession signi? This increase occurred even lege students and police investigators later judged these in a condition in which subjects were speci? This latter result is not surprising, as although laypeople understand that certain interrogation many of the behavioral cues that typically form part of the tactics are psychologically coercive, they do not believe basis for training. Professionals from varying documented false confessions, the statements ultimately perspectives may differ in their perceptions of both the presented in court contained not only an admission of guilt problems and the proposed solutions. Hence, it is our hope but vivid details about the crime, the scene, and the victim that the recommendations to follow will inspire a true that became known to the innocent suspect through leading collaborative effort among law enforcement professionals, questions, photographs, visits to the crime scene, and other district attorneys, defense lawyers, judges, social scientists, secondhand sources invisible to the na? To and policy makers to scrutinize the systemic factors that further complicate matters, many false confessors state not put innocent people at risk and devise effective safeguards. Some of these statements even contain Without equivocation, our most essential recommendation apologies and expressions of remorse. Uninformed, custodial interviews and interrogations of felony suspects however, this spectator mistakes illusion for reality, not should be videotaped in their entirety and with a camera realizing that the taped confession is scripted by the police angle that focuses equally on the suspect and interrogator. Over the years, the need for taping has of interrogation, situational factors such as a lengthy cuspressed for action within the U. In Convicting the tody and isolation, possibly accompanied by a deprivation Innocent, a classic study of wrongful convictions, Edwin of sleep and other need states; presentations of false eviBorchard (1932) expressed concern that police abuses dence, a form of trickery that is designed to link the suspect during interrogations led to involuntary and unreliable to the crime and lead him or her to feel trapped by the confessions. His solution, utilizing the technology of the evidence; and minimization tactics that lead the suspect time, was to make [phonographic records [of interand others to infer leniency even in the absence of an rogations] which shall alone be introducible in court explicit promise. State, 1985) and Minnesota tactics?and deter frivolous defense claims of coercion (State v. Second, a videotaped record provides to electronically record suspect interrogations. The pace of trial judges (ruling on voluntariness) and juries (deterreform in this area, however, is picking up and once again a mining guilt) an objective and accurate record of the concern about false confessions seems to be the impetus. In a study that demfessions has continued to climb, concerns about the onstrates the problem, Lamb, Orbach, Sternberg, reliability of confession evidence have led to a renewed Hershkowitz, and Horowitz (2000) compared interviewers push for recording requirements (Drizin & Reich, 2004). Results showed that Wisconsin, North Carolina, and the District of Columbia more than half of the interviewers utterances and one have joined Minnesota and Alaska, in requiring recordings quarter of the details that the children provided did not of custodial interrogations in some circumstances appear in their verbatim notes. In several other states, that interviewers made frequent and serious source attrisupreme courts have stopped short of requiring recording bution errors?for example, often citing the children, not but either have issued strongly worded opinions endorsing their own prompting questions, as the source of details. Hajtic, 2007)?or, in the case of Detective James Trainum (2007) who?in an article entiMassachusetts, held that where law enforcement of? Over the past 70 years, the idea has that she was able to parrot back to us at a later time. Associates, which used to vigorously oppose the practice of Similarly, Police Commander Neil Nelson, of St. Yet there are now signs that police tried to encourage him and he just regurgitated it back opposition is thawing. Several (Wills, 2005; quoted online by Neil Nelson & Associates; years ago, a National Institute of Justice study found that. In a study that illustrates the risk to accurate recent survey of more than 465 law enforcement agencies retrieval, Morgan et al. Twenty-four hours Without any legislative or judicial compulsion, police later, he found that those in the high-stress condition had 123 Law Hum Behav (2010) 34:3?38 27 dif? In jurors to underestimate the amount of pressure actually real criminal cases, questions constantly arise about wheexerted by the hidden detective (Lassiter & Irvine, 1986; ther rights were administered and waived, whether the Lassiter, Slaw, Briggs, & Scanlan, 1992). Additional suspect was cooperative or evasive, whether detectives studies have con? Under these more as well, taping virtually eliminated the concern that police balanced circumstances, juries make more informed attriof? All amount of time detectives spent in court defending their parties would agree that the surgical objective of interrointerrogation practices, and increased public trust in law gation is to secure confessions from perpetrators but not enforcement. Hence, the process of interrogation the respondents in these interview studies reported that should be structured in theory and in practice to produce videotaping interrogations did not prove costly or inhibit outcomes that are accurate, as measured by the observed suspects from talking to police or incriminating themratio of true to false confessions. Typical of this uniformly positive reaction, brutality or deprivation, threats of harm or punishment, Detective Trainum (2007) notes: When videotaping was promises of leniency or immunity, and? One is matter of policy, however, research does suggest that it is to completely reconceptualize this model at a macro level important not only that entire sessions be recorded, trigand propose that the process be converted from congered by custodial detention, but that the camera adopt a frontational to investigative. In 20-plus years of in this direction, transitioning police from a classic interresearch on illusory causation effects in attribution, Lassrogation to a process of investigative interviewing. The vast majority of Account, Closure, and Evaluate?), the purpose of interrogations last from 30 minutes up to 2 hours (Baldwhich is fact? In one series of minimum, police departments should consider placing experiments, interviewers more effectively exposed internal time limits on the process that can be exceeded deceptive mock criminals when they strategically withheld initially and at regular intervals thereafter, if needed?only incriminating evidence than when they confronted the with authorization from a supervisor of detectives. Although more systematic actually made; an alibi who did not actually implicate the research is needed, it is clear that investigative interviewsuspect;? On the basis of its inquiry on voluntariness but not a reason to disqualify converging evidence from actual false confession cases, the resulting confession. Although some state courts have basic principles of psychology, and forensic research, the distinguished between mere false assertions, which are existing literature suggests that certain interrogation pracpermissible, and the fabrication of reports, tapes, and other tices alone and in combination with each other pose a risk evidence, which are not, the Supreme Court has not to the innocent?whether they are dispositionally vulnerrevisited the issue. Focused in this way, but stopping short of From a convergence of three sources, there is strong making speci? These three sources are: (1) the aggregation of actual false confession cases, Custody and Interrogation Time many of which involved use of the false evidence ploy; (2) one hundred-plus years of basic psychology research, As noted earlier, the human needs for belonging, af? Prolonged isolation from sigmotivations, emotions, attitudes, memories, self-assessni? One way to achieve this of false evidence increase the rate at which innocent compromise would be to curtail some variants of the false research participants agree to confess to prohibited acts they evidence ploy but not others?or in the case of some susdid not commit. This particular is also worth noting that the National Research Council distinction seems arbitrary. To this argument, two confession produced by telling a traumatized 14-year-old important points must be noted. Yet in a position paper on false confessions, the Wisconsin Criminal Justice Study Commission (2007) Minimization Tactics concluded that Experienced interrogators appear to agree that false evidence ploys are relatively rare (p. Second, A third area of concern involves the use of minimization it is instructive that in Great Britain, where police have techniques (often called themes, scenarios, or long been prohibited from deceiving suspects about the inducements?) that can communicate promises of evidence, relying instead on the investigative interviewing leniency indirectly through pragmatic implication. While tactics described earlier, there has been no evidence of a American federal constitutional law has long prohibited the decline in confession rates (Clarke & Milne, 2001; Gudjuse of explicit promises of leniency (Bram v. Illinois, 1963), In light of the demonstrated risks to the innocent, we uses of minimization are less clear. There is some legal believe that the false evidence ploy, which is designed to support for the proposition that implicit promises of thrust suspects into a state of inevitability and despair, leniency are also prohibited in federal constitutional law should be addressed. The strongest response would be an (White, 1997), although a majority of states hold that a outright ban on the tactic, rendering all resulting confespromise of leniency is only one factor to be considered in sions per se inadmissible?as they are if elicited by determining whether a confession is involuntary (White, promises, threats, and physical violence (such a ban cur2003). In 1991, Fred Inbau wrote that special Hilton, 1995); and (3) experiments speci? As with the It is uniformly clear to all parties that vulnerable suspect false evidence ploy, there are several possible approaches populations?namely, juveniles and people who are cogto the regulation of minimization techniques?ranging nitively impaired or psychologically disordered?need to from the recommendation that no action be taken to an be protected in the interrogation room. Between these extreme terms, we believe that there are two possible ways to positions one might argue that some uses of minimization protect these vulnerable populations.

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