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By: Kelly C. Rogers, PharmD, FCCP

  • Professor, Department of Clinical Pharmacy, University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy, Memphis, Tennessee


Update on interventional electrophysiology intervention on patients knowledge of Atrial brillation and anticoagulant ther in congenital heart disease: evolving solutions for complex hearts treatment using drugs is called best 800mg neurontin. Warfarin knowledge in patients with atrial brillation: implica ablation of atrial utter: clinical course and predictors of atrial brillation occur tions for safety medications 1040 generic 400mg neurontin with amex, ef cacy 5 medications cheap neurontin 800 mg without prescription, and education strategies xerogenic medications neurontin 800 mg on line. Int J Cardiol 2013;168: the effect of atrial brillation on outcomes in patients undergoing carotid end 1422–1428. Philippart R, Brunet-Bernard A, Clementy N, Bourguignon T, Mirza A, Babuty D, forpeoplefacinghealthtreatmentorscreeningdecisions. Elwyn G, Frosch D, Thomson R, Joseph-Williams N, Lloyd A, Kinnersley P, Valley Atrial Fibrillation Project. Valvular heart disease among non-valvular atrial making: a model for clinical practice. Completely thoracoscopic bilateral pul search Forum on the Treatment and Prevention of Atrial Fibrillation, Washing monary vein isolation and left atrial appendage exclusion for atrial brillation. J Thorac Car Antiplatelet drugs or no antithrombotic drugs after anticoagulation-associated diovasc Surg 2010;139:1269–1274. A randomised controlled trial to in study protocol for a randomised controlled trial. Arrhythmic complications after electrical cardioversion of acute with pre-existing atrial brillation. Ef cacy and safety of ablation for patients with non Electrophysiol Rev 2003;7:359–365. Catheter ablation in patients with persistent atrial brilla salicylic acid for patients undergoing carotid endarterectomy: a randomised tion. Each meeting between a physician and a child is an oppor Serious neurologic syndromes include unexplained focal tunity to assess developmental and behavioral issues. Focal Lesions Rules of thumb are principles with broad applications that A focal lesion must be considered in a seizure disorder. The rules are Focal lesions are likely in hemiparesis, ataxia, and blurred or easily learned and easily applied. As in children with autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, children with global the purpose of this article is to outline red flags and to developmental delay virtually never have focal lesions. Regression and Stagnation When there is regression or marked stagnation, delayed the Role of Parents in Assessing Development development is a concern (Figure 1. Most presentations of A thorough history is essential to understanding develop global developmental delay result from a previous injury or mental concerns. William Osler once said, “Listen to the patient; he is trying to Chronological Age (years) Normal tell you the diagnosis. Developmental screening using Illness/Trauma parental reports or other instruments can be more accurate than clinical judgments. Promptly refer a child who has an established diagnosis associated with developmental delay (such as Saltatory Loss Neurodegenerative Down syndrome or autism. There are comprehensive lists of organic and psycho-social risk factors, but among the most Chronological Age (years) worrisome are a very low birth weight, a clear case of asphyxia, and neonatal complications. If childrens abilities do not improve with time, those Red Flags in Development children might be regressing. It is important to recognize When assessing a childs development, it is essential to pay that developmental delay or regressing skills can be caused attention to serious neurologic syndromes or other by raised intracranial pressure secondary to a tumor, conditions that raise important red flags. It might include such presentations as a child losing the ability to walk or an unexplained change in mental status (such as occurs in a school-aged child with adrenoleukodystrophy who fails to respond to psychostimulants for attention problems. Absent reflexes or a positive Gowers sign can be signs of spinal muscular atrophy or Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Midline lumbosacral abnormalities, such as sacral dimples, might indicate occult spinal dysraphism; other spinal or orthopaedic abnormalities can suggest a neuromuscular cause of delay. Seizures Psychomotor regression is often a feature of severe epilepsies, such as Lennox-Gastaut syndrome or infantile fetal alcohol and Down syndrome. Infantile spasms are a variety of generalized, signs of a neurocutaneous disorder, such as hypo or myoclonic seizures marked by brief motor spasms of the head hyperpigmentation — should be noted. The worry is that there might be an the skin for cafe au lait macules or ash-leaf spots enhanced underlying neurologic disease, such as tuberous sclerosis, with a Woods lamp examination can help diagnose neuro cerebral dysgenesis, and hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy. The fundi might show a cherry-red spot with hepatomegaly and alert clinicians to the Head Circumference presence of a lysosomal disorder, such as Tay-Sachs. Developmental delay occurs when Macrocephaly, delay and regression might suggest there is a “substantial delay in one developmental domain Canavan/Alexander, Krabbe or metachromatic leuko or more. Microcephaly with delay and regression might be equal to or greater than two standard deviations below a clue to Rett syndrome or infantile neuronal lipofuscinoses. Note that developmental quotients are reported as and whether it crosses percentiles. Any attempt to be more accurate — for example, to differentiate a 71 from a 70 — can only lead to error. Skin and Facial Features Other features on physical exam ought to give cause for Another rule of thumb is that delays in one developmental concern. Main syndromes with typical facial features include domain can impair development in another and can impair 2 the clinicians ability to evaluate those skills. Autism usually occurs as overlapping waves, so that a child may appear to manifests as language delay. The key message is that, when progress in one area of development but then forego interest there is worry about a childs language delay, assess hearing in that area while working on another developmental domain. When A rule of thumb is that, in the first year of life, a child who deafness is suspected, only a complete hearing test is is two months delayed beyond the expected mean for that conclusive. Red flags of language development especially worrisome because it indicates hypotonia, which necessitating referral include: can be a sign of an underlying congenital myopathy. Shuffling or hitching delays the onset • A loss of language or social skills at any age3, 15 of walking. A rule of thumb for atypical verbal or auditory language Children with benign congenital hypotonia walk late, as do milestones is that one ought to refer a child who, at 2 years of children with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Check creatine age, has a vocabulary of fewer than 50 words and creates no phosphokinase levels in all boys who are not walking by 18 two-word sentences. In evaluating expressive language development, the rule of Generally, myopathies cause proximal weakness, and four is a particularly useful rule of thumb: disorders of peripheral nerves lead to distal weakness. Walking will be delayed in children who intelligible to about 50 percent of strangers. As a rule of thumb, children who have an intelligible to about 75 percent of strangers. As a rule of thumb, language comprehension nearly always comes before language expression. When comprehension is the following red flags in motor development might be early much more advanced than expression and a child has signs of cerebral palsy. A child who rolls at younger than 3 difficulty executing oral movements but has intact auditory months might be hypertonic, and opisthonic posturing might comprehension skills, however, consider childhood apraxia appear as an effort to roll. At 6 months, the persistence of primitive reflexes, which should have When reviewing language development, do not overlook integrated and disappeared by then, is a troublesome sign. Deaf babies gurgle and coo, and their early language At 7 months, the fact of W-sitting spasticity and hypotonia development might appear to be normal. A child who is not sitting well should be screened for hearing loss by 1 month of age and at 9 months or not pulling to a stand by 12 months is a child have any hearing loss diagnosed by at least 3 months of age. Remember that cerebral palsy is the most common neuro motor disability in childhood. When there is no motor delay, Language assessment is the most sensitive indicator of there is no cerebral palsy. A child with moderate cerebral palsy requires aids and Behavior Problems appliances. A child with severe cerebral palsy is mobile only A rule of thumb for social and behavior problems is that a in a wheelchair. The average age of walking in the different childs social and emotional development correlates with forms of cerebral palsy is hard to gauge, because intelligence language development. All babies Summary with apparent visual impairments should be seen by an If there is the slightest doubt about a childs developmental ophthalmologist. Observing the autism, or conditions such as Mobius syndrome or myotonic rate of change in development is essential. Hand dominance prior to 18 months of age is a instances, judgment about a childs development must be red flag. Some important milestones concerning visual skills include Developmental diagnosis is difficult.

It was the frst signifcant contraction in the market over a six-month period since the Bank for International Settlements began keeping statistics in medications descriptions generic neurontin 100 mg. Dealers bear additional risks when markets are illiquid treatment mastitis order 400mg neurontin free shipping, and they pass the cost of those risks on to market participants medicine 94 buy discount neurontin 100 mg on line. As a result medicine list discount neurontin 300mg overnight delivery, they began charging more to sell contracts (raising their ask price), and the spread rose. With assets of billion as of June,, WaMu thus became the largest insured depository institu tion in U. Con cerns about Wachovia—then the fourth-largest bank holding company—had also been escalating for some time. The Fed did not accede; staff be lieved that Wachovias cash position was strong and that the requested relief was a “want rather than a “need. So Wells and Citigroup came to the table with proposals predicated on such as sistance. He also raised concerns about potential global implications and reduced confdence in the dollar. Bair remained reluctant to inter vene in private fnancial markets but ultimately agreed. Im not completely com fortable with it but we need to move forward with something, clearly, because this in stitution is in a tenuous situation. They faced tremendous pressure from the regulators and the markets to conclude the transaction before the following Monday, but the deal was complicated: Citigroup was not acquiring the holding company, just the bank, and Citigroup wanted to change some of the original terms. This administrative ruling, issued just two days earlier, allowed an acquiring company to write off the losses of an acquired company immediately, rather than spreading them over time. How ever, Wells said this “was itself not a major factor in its decision to bid for Wachovia without direct government assistance. I think if that deal had gone through, Citigroup would have had to have been bailed out again. Steel added that the “deal enables us to keep Wachovia intact and preserve the value of an integrated company, without government support. A congressional report estimated that repealing the notice saved about bil lion of tax revenues over years. It could not replenish fnancial institutions capital, which was quickly dissolving. Uncertainty about future losses on bad assets made it difcult for investors to determine which institutions could survive, even with all the Feds new backstops. On Thursday, September, the Fed and Treasury proposed what Secretary Paul son called a “comprehensive approach to stem the mounting crisis in the fnancial system by purchasing the toxic mortgage-related assets that were weighing down many banks balance sheets. The modest length of that document—just three pages—belied its historical signifcance. It would give Treasury the authority to spend as much as billion to purchase toxic assets from fnancial institutions. I think it is extraordinarily important to understand that, as we have seen in many previous examples of different countries and different times, choking up of credit is like taking the lifeblood away from the economy. The spread between the interest rate at which banks lend to one another and interest rates on Treasuries—a closely watched indicator of market confdence—hit an all-time high. Would frms holding these assets agree to sell them at a fair price if doing so would require them to realize losses Together, these nine institutions held more than trillion in assets, or about of all assets in U. Specifcally, Treasury would purchase senior preferred stock that would pay a dividend for the frst fve years; the rate would rise to thereafter to encourage the companies to pay the government back. Firms would also have to issue stock warrants to Treas ury and agree to abide by certain standards for executive compensation and corpo rate governance. For that reason, the capital injections took the form of nonvoting stock, and the terms were intended to be attractive. The second provided deposit insurance to certain non-interest-bearing deposits, like checking accounts, at all insured depository institution. However, there were no specifc requirements for those banks to make loans to businesses and households. Of that amount, billion had been re paid, billion remained outstanding, and. It still had two big holes to fll, despite the billion loan from the New York Fed. This enabled those subsidiaries to pay back their securities lending counterparties, bringing to. The inspector general said that seven of the top eight counterparties had insisted on coverage and that the New York Fed had agreed because efforts to obtain concessions from all counterparties had little hope of success. The banks stock fell in the following week and, by November, hit single digits for the frst time since. In vestors clipped almost another off the value of the stock, its largest single-day drop since the October stock market crash. Credit defaults swaps on Citigroup reached a steep, annually to pro tect million in Citigroup debt against default. In effect, this was a loss-sharing agreement between Citigroup and the federal government. He said the deal was struc tured to “give the market comfort that the catastrophic risk has been taken off the table. The federal government would assume responsibility for of all losses above that amount. In return, Citigroup agreed to grant the government billion in preferred stock, as well as warrants that gave the government the option to purchase additional shares. I hope that all of the regulators, all of us, including Treasury and the Fed, are looking at these situations in a balanced manner, and I fear there has been some selective creativity exercised in the determina tion of what is systemic and whats not and whats possible for the gov ernment to do and whats not. The announcement beat the opening bell, and the markets responded positively: Citigroups stock price soared almost, closing at. In December, Treasury announced the sale of its fnal shares of Citigroups common stock. The merger would create the worlds largest brokerage and reinforce Bank of Americas position as the countrys largest depository institution. Treasury would invest the full billion in Bank of America only after the Merrill acquisition was complete. And then secondly, you had a major hole be ing created in the capital base with the losses—that dramatically reduced [Merrill Lynchs] equity. Paulson reminded Lewis that the Fed, as its regulator, had the legal authority to replace Bank of Amer icas management and board if they embarked on a “destructive strategy that had “no reasonable legal basis. Yet despite Bank of Americas recourse to these many supports, the regulators worried that it would experience liquidity problems if the fourth-quarter earnings were weak. A one notch downgrade in the new Bank of Americas credit rating would contractually obligate the posting of billion in additional collateral; a two-notch downgrade would require another billion. Although the company remained adequately capi talized from a regulatory standpoint, its tangible common equity was low and, given the stressed market conditions, was likely to fall under. In this case, Bank of America would be responsible for the frst billion in losses on the pool, and the government would cover of any additional losses. Should the government losses materialize, Treasury would cover, up to a limit of. Lack of transparency contributed greatly to the crisis: the exposures of fnancial institutions to risky mortgage assets and other potential losses were unknown to market participants, and indeed many frms did not know their own exposures. The government also provided substantial fnancial assistance to nonfnancial corporations. This concentration places greater responsibility on regulators for effective oversight of these institutions. Millions of families entered foreclosure and millions more fell behind on their mortgage payments. The surge in foreclosed and abandoned properties dragged home prices down still more, depressing the value of surrounding real estate in neighborhoods across the country. Even those who stayed current on their mortgages found themselves whirled into the storm.

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This finding suggests that exclusivity may create development incentives mueller sports medicine order neurontin 400 mg with amex, as the time from licensing to the introduction of a product on market appears shorter with exclusivity than without it symptoms quad strain cheap 100mg neurontin with amex. There are many caveats to this finding that exclusively licensed technologies bear royalty income sooner on average than those that are licensed nonexclusively medicine 95a purchase neurontin 800 mg with amex. First and foremost symptoms estrogen dominance neurontin 300mg on-line, because the study was focused only on royalty-generating tests, the study necessarily missed the large percentage of genetic tests that are developed without a patent or royalty-generating license soon after a published genetic finding. Therefore, this study finding does not imply that exclusively licensed tests reach the market faster than tests developed without exclusive rights. In those cases, the patent was simply used to narrow or clear the market of tests that were already available. This greater involvement by university inventors could explain why their exclusively licensed inventions reach the market faster. Third, the limited number of data points and wide variance between them created large standard deviations for the data on university-owned inventions. As a result, the difference between the two licensing approaches for university-owned patents has not been demonstrated to be statistically significant. A separate finding from this study was that it was difficult to determine from examining issued patents whether rights associated with that patent came to be licensed for use in genetic testing. Neither a search algorithm nor scientists with biology expertise could reliably identify, when looking at patents alone, those patents whose rights had been licensed for use in a genetic test. This finding suggests that policy recommendations relating to patents and genetic tests should not focus on the patents themselves, but on their uses or their licensing. In fact, none of the Committees recommendations focus on the patents themselves; they instead concern the use of patents on genes—as defined in this report—for testing and research. Nine Points to Consider in Licensing University Technology In 2007, a group of research universities and the Association of American Medical Colleges issued points to consider in managing intellectual property in the academic environment (see Box C. The Board of the Association of University Technology Managers has endorsed these points. Despite these guidelines, problems in patient access to patent-protected genetics have arisen, as described in this report. Journal of the Association of University Technology Managers 11:51-66; and V Ramakrishnan, J Chen, and K Balakrishnan. Point 2: Exclusive licenses should be structured in a manner that encourages technology development and use. Point 9: Consider including provisions that address unmet needs, such as those of neglected patient populations or geographic areas, giving particular attention to improved therapeutics, diagnostics and agricultural technologies for the developing world. Previous Policy Studies Four previous policy reports addressing the issue of patenting genes or biotechnology inventions merit attention, because they contain sections specific to genetic tests. Federal Trade Commission has issued a report on patent policy that included discussion of biotechnology patents. The Nuffield Council on Bioethics, which is funded by two nonprofit charities and the U. In this way, at the very least, rights over entirely unrelated uses could not be subsequently asserted. The scope of the monopoly awarded would, therefore, be commensurate with the 300 actual contribution by the inventor. There are arguments suggesting that the exclusive licensing of patents relating to medical genetic testing 304 may have adverse consequences, depending on the behavior of licensees. These guidelines were developed in response to a 2002 workshop that investigated the impact of patents and licensing strategies of genetic inventions on access to information, products, and services for researchers, clinicians, and patients. The report makes a number of recommendations aimed at restoring the balance between competition and patent policy and improving patent quality (e. The report also recommends new mechanisms to make it less onerous to challenge invalid patents and new procedures to allow increased access to pending patents for the purpose of business planning and avoiding infringement. To promote innovation: the proper balance of competition and patent law and policy. They shared test samples representing normal and variably sized expanded alleles in order to ascertain that all the laboratories were using the same techniques and getting comparable results. Testing quality control by 311 sending around test samples has been done periodically ever since. Congress should consider whether it is in the interest of the publics health to create an exemption to patent infringement liability to deal with situations where patent 312 owners decline to allow independent verification of their tests. To be precise, the claims concern not the sequence as abstract information, but a 313 molecule which has the defined sequence and function. The effect of these provisions is that researchers do not need license rights to conduct research on a patented gene, and anyone whose 317 discovers a new application of the gene may patent that application. It is not clear, however, whether a gene patented for diagnostic application could be freely used by others for the kind of research described in this report—that is, using a gene in test runs of an improved genetic test. Interpretation of German and French law is beyond the expertise of the Committee; nor were any articles found discussing this narrow question. According to German policy analyst Ingrid Schneider, in enacting these provisions, Germany and France argued that patents which were “too broad in scope would “over-compensate the inventor, would be counterproductive both scientifically and economically because of their potential to stifle the generation of new scientific knowledge, and would reduce the incentives for inventors working downstream in research and 318 development. Genetic Inventions, Intellectual Property Rights and Licensing Practices: Evidence and Policies. Patents on human gene sequences in Germany: on bad lawmaking and ways to deal with it. Comparing the scope of patent protection for gene sequences between the United States and Germany. One provision is an expanded research exemption that makes clear that a patent holders rights do not extend to research on or with the subject 321 matter of the invention. The scope of this research exemption is wider than that of other 322 European countries, which permit only research on a patented invention. The other Belgian provision allows for the government to grant nonexclusive compulsory licenses for public health 323 reasons to patents protecting diagnostic methods, devices, and products. According to Geertrui Van Overwalle and Esther van Zimmeren, this provision “was largely inspired by the restrictive licensing policy of the company Myriad Genetics, which refused to grant reasonable licenses to 324 centres for genetic testing and hospitals. Therefore, one question that arose during Committee discussions was whether legal changes affecting either the patent eligibility of genes and associations or the enforceability of patents on genes and associations would be inconsistent with the U. The Committee determined that there is no cause for concern as there is ample authority in the Agreement to support changes that promote access to, and research on, genetic testing. First, nations may elect to exclude from patentability diagnostic methods for the treatment of humans, 325 plants, and animals other than microorganisms. They can also exclude “inventions, the prevention within their territory of the commercial exploitation of which is necessary to protect 326 ordre public or morality. Reshaping Belgian patent law: the revision of the research exemption and the introduction of a compulsory license for public health. In that case, a dispute resolution panel held that the phrases in Article 30 are cumulative, requiring the respondent nation to justify an exception under each clause separately. Preparing for the genetic revolution—the effect of gene patents on healthcare and research and the need for reform. Changes in the Enforceability of Patents on Genes A change in law making patents on genes unenforceable for diagnostic uses would create a limited exception. Whether the provision would also have to comply with the technological neutrality principle of Article 27 is another issue. Now that the Ministerial Conference has confirmed the special treatment to be accorded to patents involving health care, a neutrality requirement no longer makes sense. But even if Article 27 continues to be applicable, Canada-Pharmaceuticals suggests that a provision could be framed in a way that passes muster. The law challenged in that case appeared to be nonneutral in that it was devised to permit generic drug companies to develop premarket clearance data during the patent period. Nonetheless, the panel reasoned that because any industry that was subject to premarketing approval could avail itself of the measure, 337 Canada met the neutrality requirement of the Agreement. Although the analysis in this report was limited to gene patents, if Congress is concerned about meeting the requirements of Article 27, it could frame the exemption more broadly so that it provides relief to any industry experiencing the same problems that prompted this recommendation (for example, the impossibility of inventing around and the potential for deep 338 patent thickets. Since the proposed exemption is, however, limited to gene patents, a challenge could be brought on technological neutrality grounds. But as explained above, such a challenge is not likely to succeed in the health care arena.

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After graduation and a fnal day of training reviews treatment 5 alpha reductase deficiency purchase 100 mg neurontin fast delivery, the trainer interviews programme graduates and provides training for the monthly booster sessions treatment 5 of chemo was tuff but made it cheap neurontin 300 mg amex. Training of trainers minimum of four facilitators; 25-75 per cent of team members with supervision is offered to communities in order to promote must be local parents working in partnership with a drug abuse local sustainability over time medicine 6469 cheap neurontin 300 mg free shipping. Eight hub teams can serve up to Parent leaders attend booster sessions over two years symptoms ketosis order neurontin 600mg with visa, after 80 families at one school. Over time, the proportion of parent which they work to improve their local community. However, programme integrity standards (which are non-negotiable) include the requirement that teams of local Lynn McDonald, PhD (Programme Developer) Professor of Social Work parents, young persons and professionals represent the culture Department of Mental Health and Social Work of the families at the local school, inter alia, in terms of University of Middlesex language, religion, immigrant status, ethnicity and income level. Archway Team members must be familiar with local issues of importance London to the families and are encouraged to adapt group activities to United Kingdom the local culture. The required two days of team training are followed by Madison Wisconsin supervised implementation. Implementation of the eight weekly United States of America multi-family group sessions is required for training to be E-mail: pdavenport@familiesandschools. A certifed trainer Telephone: +1 608 213 9557 attends three of the eight sessions to observe and supervise the Website: In Conduct Disorders in Childhood and Adolescence, Jonathan Hill and Barbara Boyd-Franklin, Nancy. Families and schools together: Therapy: Home-Based, School, and Community Interventions. New an experimental analysis of a parent-mediated, multi-family group York: Guilford, 2000. Families and schools together: an experimental study of multi-family support groups for children at Bronfenbrenner, Urie. Cambridge, Strengthening Interventions: Learning From Evidence-Based Massachusetts: Abt Associates, 2001. Impact of a family and Empowering Families: Principles and Guidelines for Practice. Science Programs, Offce of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, Based Prevention Programs and Principles 2002: Effective November 1999. United States Department of Health and Human randomized controlled trial involving low-income, urban, Latino Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services children. Community-based practices: integrating dissemination and adolescent problem behavior: implications for child and family theory with critical theories of power and justice. The programme focuses on strengthening Risk level family bonds and establishing clear standards of behaviour, Universal helping parents to manage their teenage childs behaviour more appropriately and, at the same time, to encourage the childs independence. In this way, the programme seeks to address Age of children specifc risk factors in the family and peer domains, including 12-17 years drug abuse by a parent or sibling, parental tolerance of drug abuse, poor and inconsistent family management practices, family confict, lack of family communication, involvement and bonding and association with delinquent and drug-abusing peers. Parents and their children Outcomes Sessions (number, length and interval) Parent outcomes In a waiting list control trial, results for parent participants 7 two-hour sessions for parents and children indicated that the group in treatment showed a statistically signifcant improvement in three areas: family discipline, family Languages non-tolerance of antisocial behaviour and level of family English bonding. In addition, risk factors such as poor family supervision and low parental commitment to school were shown to have Countries diminished in the treatment group following the trial. Overall, United States the evaluation indicated that the programme had the potential to infuence risk and protective factors in families (Pollard et al. Child outcomes Description of content An independent randomized control trial tested the programme in two formats: a self-administered intervention and an the programme is led by a facilitator and implemented over 7 intervention administered to parents and adolescents in weekly two-hour sessions held once a week. Both formats had a small to moderate effect in fexible and can be implemented by schools, health-care discouraging favourable attitudes towards drug abuse among organizations, civic organizations, social service organizations young persons. Parents and their teenage children attend the self-administered intervention reported a moderate decrease sessions together and are given a family workbook consisting in violent behaviour compared with control-group counterparts. The video No effects were found on drug abuse or delinquency among follows four ethnically diverse families as they struggle with those who participated in the interventions. The programme is structured around three major topics: the Lastly, a combined outcome measure of initiation of alcohol, importance of risk and protective factors, the power of tobacco or drug use and/or sexual activity found African communication and family management. American teenagers who participated in both the administered page 77 of 128 and the self-administered intervention signifcantly less likely Staff are required to have experience in working with families. The workshop leaders undergo 20 hours of training by the principal investigator and intervention coordinator in the specifc content of the programme and in the implementation of standardized intervention protocols. Group sessions are led by Description of materials two workshop leaders, typically one European American and one African American. Contact details the family workbook is suitable for persons with a reading For information on studies: ability equivalent to grade 8. For information on materials and implementation: Additional materials for programme participants: $55 per set Channing Bete Company (bulk discounts available. Parenting and adolescent problem References: behavior: equivalence across African Americans and European Americans (under review. Changes in and correlates of racial Care: effects on key outcomes at 24-month follow-up. The 1 independent randomized control trial programme, designed for parents and their children aged 3-8 1 randomized control trial years, is based on the theoretical assumption that non-compliance in children is a key factor contributing to the development of 16 quasi-experimental studies conduct problems and that faulty parent-child interactions also 12 pre and post-intervention evaluations play a signifcant part in the development and continuation of those problems. Risk level Parents attend sessions with their children and trainers teach the Selective, indicated parents the skills they need to increase compliance in their children. The intervention generally takes place in a therapeutic Age of children playroom and parents learn skills through instructions, models, 3-8 years role play and practice with their child. The parent must demonstrate profciency in one skill Target group before moving on to the next. Parents of children who are non-compliant or have other con the programme consists of two phases. During the “differential duct problems attention phase, parents learn to increase the frequency and range of types of attention given to the child and to reduce the frequency of competing verbal behaviour. A major goal is to break out of the coercive cycle by establishing a positive, Sessions (number, length and interval) mutually reinforcing relationship between parent and child. Sessions are attended once or twice a use the so-called “clear instructions sequence whereby they week. Parents also learn how to implement the parenting skills in situations outside the home (e. Countries Canada, United Kingdom and United States Outcomes Description of content Studies over the past 30 years indicate the following Sessions are typically conducted with individual families rather outcomes: than in groups (although the programme has been adapted for use in groups. Parents (both mothers and fathers whenever Child outcomes possible) and children participate in weekly sessions of 60-90 • Long-term (2 months to 3. The programme focuses on a series of parenting skills: child behaviour; behaviour comparable to non-referred increasing positive attention in response to appropriate child peers after 11 years (during adolescence) and after 16 behaviour; ignoring minor inappropriate behaviours; providing years (during young adulthood) clear instructions to the child; and responding appropriately to • Observed change also in behaviours not specifcally compliance (positive attention) and non-compliance (“time targeted by the intervention out. Skills are taught using extensive demonstration, role plays • Programme may be associated with positive change in and direct practice with the child at the training location and childs behaviour at school page 81 of 128 • Programme works equally well with children across the Training videotape: $29. Parent Training for the Noncompliant Parent outcomes Child: A Guide for Training Therapists. South Burlington, • Changes in observed parent and child behaviour in the Vermont: ChildFocus, 1994. Parenting the Strong-Willed • High levels of parent satisfaction Child: the Clinically Proven Five-Week Program for Parents of • Decrease in symptoms of depression in mothers Two-to-Six-Year-Olds, revised and updated ed. Parenting the Strong-Willed • Programme works equally well with disadvantaged Child: Leaders guide for the six-week parenting class. The use of a one-way radio device can be a useful supplement Staff in training sessions but is not necessary. If resources permit, the participation of a co-trainer can increase the trainers fexibility Cost of materials in demonstrating various skills to the parent and can serve as a useful in vivo training experience for new trainers. Trainers manual: $29 (paperback) (bulk discounts available; please contact publisher. The trainer should have a background in psychology or education and should be familiar with social learning principles and their McMahon, Robert J. Ideally, the trainer should have Noncompliant Child: Family-Based Treatment for Oppositional experience working with young children (3-8 years old) with Behavior, 2nd ed. In addition, Self-guided programme for parents trainees are required to read and study the trainers manual prior Forehand, Rex, and Nicholas Long. Child: the Clinically-Proven Five-Week Program for Parents of Two to Six-Year-Olds, revised and updated ed.

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She realized her danger and ran toward them in a vain attempt to break through professional english medicine generic 400mg neurontin with amex, but they forced her back symptoms your dog has worms discount neurontin 600 mg online, heedless of her pleas as she strained against them medications on backorder purchase neurontin 800mg otc. She managed to push a short path through them medicine 4h2 pill buy neurontin 600 mg free shipping, but the great numbers before her were unconquerable, pushing her back, back into the waiting sea. And in point of fact, it is explicit scenes of horror and violence like the one just described which have made Herbert the focus of a great deal of criticism in his native England. He told me that he finally got sick enough of the "Do you write violence for the sake of violence I was with an advertising firm then, and sitting in the office of my creative director, who was a rather dull man. And all of a sudden it occurred to me: `What would happen if this man just turned, walked to the window, opened it, and stepped out I liked working with my main characters, but I also liked the vignettes because when I got tired of what my heroes were up to, I could go off on just about any tangent I liked. Holman, the hero, is our representative from a saner Apollonian world, and to do Herbert full justice, he manages to make Holman a good deal more interesting than the zeroheroes played by William Hopper, Craig Stevens, and Peter Graves in various of the Big Bug films. I suppose that popular fiction divides itself quite naturally into two halves: what we call "mainstream fiction" and that which I would call "pulp fiction. Many of these modern pulps would have been printed as multipart serials in the pulp magazines that existed roughly from 1910 until about 1950, had they been written during that period. The ingredients are all there, from the inevitable violence to the inevitable maiden in distress. The critics who have regularly toasted Hailey over the coals are the same critics who—infuriatingly enough—see the novel as divisible only into two categories: "literature," which may either succeed or fail upon its merits, and "popular fiction," which always fails, no matter how good it may be ( every now and then a writer such as John D. MacDonald may be elevated in the critical mind from a writer of "popular fiction" to a writer of "literature," at which point his body of work may be safely reevaluated. To condemn pulp writing out of hand is like condemning a girl as loose simply because she comes from unpleasant family circumstances. The fact that supposedly reputable critics both in the genre and outside it continue to do so makes me both sad and angry. At that time the Depression was in full swing and Gardner was writing westerns for a penny a word, selling to such publications as Western Round-Up, West Weekly, and Western Tales (whose slogan was "Fifteen Stories, Fifteen Cents". Gardner admitted that he made a habit of stretching the final shoot-out as far as it would go. Of course the bad guy finally bit the dust and the good guy strode into the saloon,. He said that Gore Vidal was the Rolls-Royce of historical novelists; that he himself was more in the Chevrolet Vega class. What Jakes so modestly left unstated was that both vehicles will get you where you want to go quite adequately; how you feel about style is between you and you. James Herbert is the only writer discussed in these pages who is squarely in the pulp tradition. He specializes in violent death, bloody confrontation, explicit and in some cases kinky sex, strong and virile young heroes possessed of beautiful girlfriends. He has consistently refused, from the very first, to be satisfied with characters who are nothing more than cardboard cutouts which he moves around the playing-field of his novel; in most cases we are given motivations we can identify with and believe in, as in the case of poor, suicide-bound Mavis. Mavis reflects with a kind of pitiful, deranged defiance that "She wanted them to know she had taken her own life; her death, unlike her life, had to have some meaning. The Fog is his second novel; those that follow show a gratifying development in the writer, culminating perhaps in the Spear, which shows us a writer who has stepped out of the pulp arena altogether and has entered the wider field of the mainstream novel. Closing with Ellison is perhaps almost mandatory because in his short stories of fantasy and horror, he strikes closest to all those things which horrify and amuse us (sometimes both at the same time) in our present lives. He has quite deliberately provoked a storm of controversy over his own work—one writer in the field whom I know considers him to be a modern incarnation of Jonathan Swift, and another regularly refers to him as "that no-talent son of a bitch. How do you ever expect serious people to take you seriously if you keep turning out a book a year Any writer who only produces a book every seven years is not thinking Deep Thoughts; even a long book takes at most three years to think and write. In addition to all the stories published under his own name, Ellison has written as Nalrah Nosille, Sley Harson, Landon Ellis, Derry Tiger, Price Curtis, Paul Merchant, Lee Archer, E. Jarvis, Ivar Jorgensen, Clyde Mitchell, Ellis Hart, Jay Solo, Jay Charby, Wallace Edmondson—and Cordwainer Bird. Since the *All quoted in the Ellison entry by John Clute and Peter Nicholls in the Science Fiction Encyclopedia. In pulp terminology, a "house name" was the name of a totally fictional writer who was, nevertheless, extremely prolific. To this should be added that Ellison has since acknowledged all of his pseudonomous work, and has published only under his own name since 1965. The apocryphal, which I first heard at a science fiction bookstore, and later at several different fantasy and science fiction conventions: It was told that Paramount Pictures had a preproduction conference of Big Name Science Fiction Writers prior to shooting on StarTrek: the Movie. The purpose of the conference was to toss around ideas for a mission that would be big enough to fly the Starship Enterprise from the cathode tube to the Silver Screen. One writer suggested that the Enterprise might be sucked into a black hole (the Disney people scoffed that idea up about three months later. Another suggested that Kirk, Speck, and company might discover a pulsar that was in fact a living organism. Peering through at them, bathed in an incredible white light, is the face of God Himself. His one idea, done six or seven times in the series and again in the feature film, is that the crew of the Enterprise goes into deepest space, finds God, and God turns out to be insane, or a child, or both. I devised a storyline and Gene liked it, and set up a meeting with Trabulus for ii December (1975. It involved going to the end of the known universe to slip back through time to the Pleistocene period when Man first emerged. I postulated a parallel development of reptile life that might have developed into the dominant species on Earth had not mammals prevailed. I postulated an alien intelligence from a far galaxy where the snakes had become the dominant life form, and a snake-creature who had come to Earth in the Star Trek future, had seen its ancestors wiped out, and who had gone back into the far past of Earth to set up distortions in the time-flow so the reptiles could beat the humans. The Enterprise goes back to set time right, finds the snake-alien, and the human crew is confronted with the moral dilemma of whether it had the right to wipe out an entire life form just to insure its own territorial imperative in our present and future. The story, in short, spanned all of time and all of space, with a moral and ethical problem. Then he said, `You know, I was reading this book by a guy named Von Daniken and he proved that the Maya calendar was exactly like ours, so it must have come from aliens. It is not the purpose of this book to talk about people per se, nor is it the purpose of this chapter on horror fiction to fulfill a "personal glimpse of the writer" sort of function; that is the job of the Out of the Pages section in People magazine (which my youngest son, with unknowing critical acuity, insists on calling Pimple. But in the case of Harlan Ellison, the man and his work have become so entwined that it is impossible to pull them completely apart. In many of the out-and-out horror tales there is more than a whiff of those Tales from the Crypt/Vault of Horror ghastlies where the climax so often involves the evildoer having his crimes revisited upon himself. Carol, the woman who has had the abortion, flips out and demands that the protagonist go and find the fetus. Trying to placate her, he goes out into the street with a crowbar, levers up a manhole cover. The kid who got the Bator would keep it for a few weeks, then the tiny alligator would all of a sudden not be so tiny anymore. It was not so farfetched to believe that they might all be down there on the black underside of our society, feeding, growing bigger, waiting to gobble up the first unwary sewer repairman to come sloshing along in his hipwaders. As David Michael points out in Death Tour, the problem is that most sewers are much too cold to sustain life in fully grown alligators, let alone in those still small enough to flush away. It is a rotted log on which has been placed, carved from fine cherrywood, a book and a hand. The book is open, and the hand rests on the book, one finger touching the single word carved in the open pages. Used to swimming in placental waters, in their own way as primitive and reptilian as alligators themselves, the fetuses have survived the flush and live here in the dark, symbolically existing in the filth and the shit dropped down on them from the society of our overworld. They are the embodiment of such Old Testament maxims as "Sin never dies" and "Be sure your sin will find you out. How they eat, what they eat, how they manage to survive, and have managed for hundreds of years, these are all things I learn day by day, with wonder surmounting wonder. The protagonist is a rotter who has casually impregnated a number of women; the abortion on Carol is not the first one his friends Denise and Joanna have performed for this irresponsible Don Juan ( although they swear it will be the last. The Just Revenge is that he finds his dodged responsibilities have been waiting for him all along, as implacable as the rotting corpse which so often returned from the dead to hunt down its killer in the archetypical Haunt of Fear story ( the Graham Ingles classic "Horror We

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