98% of the money that's raised goes to these people - there aren't many charities like this in the world.

Support Us

One way of helping Kenya is by becoming a 'Friend of MEAK' and in return you will be kept informed as to what your money is being carefully invested in through the regular MEAK newsletter.

Ways to contribute include:-

One-time donations - Neither Mike nor Dee Belliere accept any remuneration for their work for the charity. However, MEAK still needs funds to meet its operating expenses and to organise ongoing medical missions (for example, £35 can restore sight to a blind Kenyan suffering from cataracts). Contributions should be made to MEAK (Medical and Educational Aid to Kenya).

Corporate Support – MEAK would welcome joint ventures with any company wishing to raise their profile in Africa or wishing to make contributions to a third world country. Any company donating over £5,000 will be offered the opportunity to send a person to join us on a mission to Kenya, if required

Educational Aid – MEAK is always happy to receive educational equipment such as pens, pencils, exercise books, drawing paper and chalk as well as more advanced items such as calculators, computers and classroom furniture.

Medical Aid – Most hospitals in Kenya are dramatically short of the most basic items of equipment. In consequence, MEAK would be pleased to receive most items of medical hardware including beds, mattresses, ward or theatre equipment as well as the more high tech items, providing they are in good operating condition. Medical consumables such as syringes, dressings, gloves, needles etc are also very much in demand.

If you are interested in becoming a friend of MEAK, please visit our Donations page.